What's New For The Season At Ellis Jewelers

By: Admin

We are heading into the spring season, the most beautiful time of the year in downtown Concord.  At Ellis Jewelers we are busy in the store doing our own spring cleaning and sprucing up the store with beautiful new jewelry.  We have been spending a lot of time choosing the latest in fine jewelry from the many jewelry shows we attended during the winter season.  We have also been updating our fine fashion jewelry collections, too!  If you have not been in the store in a few months, it's worth the trip to come on in, check out, and try on all the new styles. Diamond Engagement Rings Not any one season during the year is the most popular time to become engaged.  For this reason, we are constantly updating our engagement ring line.  Spring is NO exception.  With the styles constantly changing and new twists being put on the "classics," we want to make sure that we have it all for you!  Our store selection right now includes many new choices.  We have rose gold engagement rings, two toned engagement rings with yellow and white gold, as well as the most popular - white gold engagement rings.  The halo style is still quite popular.  The newest styles have infinity styled bands and detailed engraving.  Milgraining detail, which is a small beaded gold look on the edges of bands is also quite popular and many new styles feature this beautiful look.  If spring is your "season" to propose to that special someone, we can help you find that everlasting diamond engagement ring to last a lifetime! Colored Gemstones The colored gemstones we have in the store right now are absolutely stunning. With such a large selection of your favorites, you're sure to find the right one to add to your jewelry wardrobe.  Look for our garnet and diamond necklace and ring done in the most current halo style, and our purple amethyst earrings and ring featured in rose gold!  All must-have pieces!  Our Estate Cases are also filled with the most colorful assortment of the most popular colors including blue sapphires, red rubies, and green emeralds.  Whether you like necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets, this selection does not disappoint.  And the value truly cannot be beat! Belle Ètoile and Elle We are still in love with our Belle Ètoile and Elle sterling silver lines.  These companies make high quality fine fashion jewelry and are constantly updating their styles. They keep the look fresh and unique!  Belle Ètoile just added many new pieces to their collection so that you won't get bores.  This fashion forward line has pieces that will have people on the street stopping you to take a closer look and to ask you where you got it.  Elle provides those "go-to" pieces, providing beauty with everyday pieces.  The color they've added to their line for this season are gorgeous!  And many times these two jewelry makers offer a "gift with purchase," making their pieces even more attractive.  Right now Belle Ètoile offers a beautiful star pendant necklace and gray silk cord with a $300 purchase and Elle has free CZ earrings for you with a $200 purchase. Visit us on Union Street in downtown Concord to let us show you our latest and greatest finds in jewelry this spring season.  Whether you need something for a special event, an anniversary or birthday, or if it's time for you and your beloved to become engaged, we would love to help you.  In our 61st year as a family-owned business, we would love the chance to help you choose a timeless piece of jewelry and put a smile on your face!