Earth Grown Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

Earth Grown Diamonds Vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

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Technology has changed everything about our world. The way we make purchases, the way we learn and communicate, and it has even changed the way we create diamonds. Yes, you heard that, technology has made it possible to get diamonds from a lab, not limiting us to the earth’s crust.

So, what is the difference between a diamond created in the lab and a diamond we mine from the ground? Honestly, that is the big difference, where they are made. The properties of the diamonds and chemical makeup are essentially identical, and both are real diamonds. Here is your guide to earth grown vs. lab grown diamonds to ensure you are making the most informed decision possible!

Earth Grown

Earth grow diamonds are the naturally existing stones we traditionally know and love. Our natural diamonds are created in the Earth’s crust by immense heat and pressure underground. These stones are mined and primed to be put on to your hand! There is a sentimental value know that you have a truly one of a kind stone created as one of the worlds natural wonders.

Lab Gown Diamonds

Lab Grown

Our lab grown diamonds are also made using extreme heat and pressure it is just done in a lab as opposed to by mother nurture. Due to the machine component of the lab grown diamonds they are somewhat on demand. This increased accessibility does lower the cost significantly. Price is the most tangible difference when it comes to these two types of diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are up to 40% less expensive than earth grown diamonds allowing many customers to get a more extravagant stone.

What do we think?

Here at Ellis Jewelers, our goal is never to make a decision for you. Our staff has a number of diamond and gemstone certifications along with years of experience. We aim to present that facts, so you are comfortable and excited about your purchase.  Want to get your hands on some product? Come visit us or give us a call to get the full Ellis Jewelers Diamond buying experience!