The Ultimate Wedding Band Setting Guide

The Ultimate Wedding Band Setting Guide

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Finally, you have decided to seal your relationship with the pious wedding vows, but stumbled upon the style & setting of the Wedding Band? Worry not, today, Ellis Fine Jewelers have brought an ultimate guide for you to choose the perfect setting & metal for your wedding band.

This guide will allow you to get the best wedding band in terms of design & style that too without going heavy on your pocket:


 When it comes to choosing the wedding band setting, it is important to understand the types of setting. So, here we are presenting different styles of the setting of wedding band:

Prong Setting

Prong is the common setting that is perfectly ideal for both engagement ring & wedding band. Simply put, in the prong setting, there are three or six claws that grab the center diamond/stone tightly. The best thing about this set is that it exudes maximum brilliance as maximum light can pass through it easily. Thus, it is a perfect way to show off the elegance of diamond.

Channel Setting

If you would be better half have a desire to own a complete diamond look wedding band that complements the engagement ring, then choose channel setting. This setting represents diamonds in the most beautiful way that add a wow element to the overall look & feel of the wedding band. Thus, channel setting is the perfect option to exude more diamond look in the wedding band.

Bar Setting

Bar Setting is one of the best ways to set diamonds in the band in an excellent way. Simply put, in this setting, small diamond stones are arranged separately in between vertical bars of the metal in a synchronized way. As diamonds are arranged beautifully in the separate vertical bar, so, it exposed diamond from both the side and exude perfect brilliance.

Bezel Setting

In this setting, the rim of the diamond or center stone is completely wrapped with the metal edge. Bezel setting is considered to be the most ideal setting because along with timeless elegance, it ensures you with the ultimate security of your diamond or center stone.

Pave Setting

Through the pave setting, one can add a royal look to his/her style. In this setting, the surface of the wedding band is embellished with the small & shiny diamond stones. As wedding band crafted in the pave setting exude the perfect amount of the brilliance, so, it has become an ideal setting to achieve the signature look.


Before jump on to the final conclusion or wedding band, consider few things of the wearer like fashion preference, wearing style, embellishing style, taste, and overall personality. Wedding band chosen over above parameters can help you to choose a perfect wedding band for your future wife.

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