Summer's Coming! Check Your Jewelry!

By: Admin

Boy the past year has been nothing short of "interesting" when it comes to weather!  We have seen just about everything, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the strangeness.  After a few nights in May with temperatures in the forties (this IS Concord, NC, right?), possibly the temperatures are going to level off, and we can have the peace of mind that the official beginning to summer is upon us.  At least, at Ellis Jewelers, we hope so! In speaking of the summer season that's upon us, we would like to give some helpful hints and tips for jewelry care for summertime.  Sometimes we neglect our precious pieces, so we would like to remind you that your jewelry may need some special attention. Inspection and Cleaning As you head out for your family outings or vacations this summer, we recommend that you stop by Ellis Jewelers to have your diamond rings inspected and cleaned.  There is no charge for this.  We are happy to make sure that your treasured pieces are wearing as they should be and that there is no danger of losing a stone.  As Dan always says, "Sure, we'd love to sell you a diamond, but not because you lost the one you had!"  Our sales associates are qualified to check for loose stones and missing or damaged prongs on your jewelry and want to make sure your pieces are all safe to wear during an active outdoor season.  If we see a problem, we will let you know and give you our recommendations.  If your rings are in good condition, we would love to give them a good bath.  You'd be amazed how dirty our rings get from the oils in our hands and all the lotions and soaps we use during the day.  Lots of people don't realize how incredible their diamond is until we "uncover" it from all those things.  Diamonds are meant to sparkle, scintillate, and reflect.  A good cleaning will really show it off. Home Cleaning Jewelry Cleaning jewelry at home is OK too if you really read the directions on the products carefully.  We have a liquid cleaner at the store available for purchase that you can clean your rings in that is meant strictly for diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold.  Dipping pieces in this will help to rid them of the lotions and oils that have accumulated.  Other metals and stones should NEVER be used with this cleaner.  Another handy cleaner is our diamond stick.  It travels well, fitting easily in a purse or toiletry bag.  The stick has a brush at the tip and can be used for a quick touch up to your diamond if it's not showing its regular sparkle.  We also offer silver polishing cloths to touch up tarnished silver pieces.  Today most sterling silver jewelry is treated with a "rhodium" finish to prevent tarnishing, so they really only need the cloth to rub away fingerprints and dusts that have adhered to them.  For those pieces without the rhodium finish, use the cloth and rub the pieces until you see that original silver sheen coming through. Jewelry and Activities Use good judgement when wearing your jewelry.  Certain summer activities may be too rough for delicate pieces of jewelry and gemstones.  Feel free to call or come in for our recommendations if you have any questions about how to wear your pieces well and keep them in the best condition possible.  Our knowledgeable staff will give you are best advice and also let you know our cleaning tips. This summer keep an eye out for your jewelry pieces.  Make sure they are fitting well and are not showing signs of age or wear.  Should you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to bring them in for us to check.  There's no appointment necessary.  Our staff is happy to check your pieces and clean them to bring out their beauty.  Enjoy yourselves this summer.  Do not work to hard and stop by and see us!