Spring Cleaning - Even For Jewelry!

By: Admin

As we move toward the end of a strange weather winter and look forward to this spring, we are all busy getting those nagging things in our lives in order.  Some are a definite chore, like our taxes.  Some are definitely cathartic, like readying our yards for the new bulbs and plants to bloom.  We even have a name for this time of year - "Spring Cleaning!"  We, at Ellis Jewelers, want to remind you to include your jewelry in your spring cleaning endeavors!  You may have some pieces that are in desperate need of repair, rings that need to be sized so you can wear them, loose diamonds or colored gemstones in need of a home, or just plain pieces that you will never wear again and can be sold for cash or put toward the purchase of a new piece! Jewelry Repair When you search through your jewelry box for those beautiful pieces you remember enjoying wearing but maybe the clasp broke or the ring is just too small or too big now (we all change finger sizes throughout the course of our lives!), remember that most can be repaired.  We are a full service jewelry store, which means that we do all types of jewelry repair.  We will give you our  repair price right in the store or if it's a bit more complex, we will give it to our jeweler to estimate a cost.  There is no charge to our clients for the estimate, and we will never do any work unless we have your approval.  Sometimes a piece may not be worth the expense of repair.  If the piece is of sentimental value, it most definitely is worth the cost, but sometimes that may not be the case.  We are happy to advise you in this situation.  Bring your pieces in, and, together, we will take a look at them. Selling Old Jewelry If you are not wearing the gold and silver pieces in your jewelry wardrobe, and they are not of sentimental value, maybe it's time to sell them.  At Ellis Jewelers, we have been buying gold and silver for nearly five years.  We offer cash based on gold and silver prices that day, as precious metal prices change from day to day.  Another option is our "trade" policy.  If you are interested in a new piece of jewelry in our store, we will increase our gold cash value by 50% toward that purchase.  A terrific opportunity to find something to replace your old pieces.  Not sure if your pieces are gold or silver??  No worries at all.  We are happy to take the time to let you know what your pieces are made of and whether or not we can buy them. Custom Piece Design Noticing that some of your jewelry may be looking a bit outdated?  Jewelry styles change just like clothes styles and car styles and hair styles.  Maybe you have inherited some loose diamonds or colored gemstones?  Even if they are mounted in a piece that you're not going to wear, remember that these stones can be removed to create a brand new piece while preserving the sentiment.  Our sales associates also pride themselves in being excellent jewelry designers.  We can help you envision a new piece of jewelry from an old piece.  We have examples in the store of our custom design work and many catalogs to look through to arrive at creating something you'll treasure. Springtime is a great time to clean up some of our loose ends and start fresh.  It can be a great time to pull out all those fine pieces of jewelry from your jewelry wardrobe and reassess their meaning.  If you have jewelry you love you should be wearing it!  If there are things that are just sitting there, make a change!  Come in to our store, and we will listen to what you'd like to do.  We will give our best advise and find the right answers for you.  Then presto! another spring cleaning item accomplished and crossed off the list!