Oh No! Her Birthday Is In December, Too!

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So many of us have birthdays right around the holiday time.  Some of us enjoy the blending of the holidays, and others wish their birthday celebration was a bit separate from the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day and all the preceding parties. For those of us looking for gifts for our loved one this time of year, we at Ellis Jewelers would like to recommend a birthstone piece of jewelry to mark her special day.  They'll be no doubt that this present will be marking her birthday.  There are three stone choices to choose from each lovelier than the next: the most common, blue topaz, the on to tanzanite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and blue zircon. December Birthstones History of the December Birthstone According to the website ehow.com here are some interesting facts and history about the December birthstones: • Turquoise has been used by various cultures throughout history as protection.  In the past it served as protection from evil and enemies.  United States cowboys wore the gem to protect themselves from falling off their horses.  Today turquoise is worn to ward off depression. • Topaz has also been thought of as protection against enemies, bad luck, and sudden death.  In Greek history, it was believed that wearing the gemstone would make men more attractive and women fertile. • Tanzanite is actually a newly discovered gemstone, being founded in 1967 in Tanzania.  It became one of the December birthstones in 2002.  Being so new, it lacks the historical myths and legends that other gemstones possess.  It is worn for its unusual color and stunning beauty. • Lapis Lazuli has ancient roots, being first mined more than 6,000 years ago in Afghanistan.  The stone represents truth and friendship, and it is believed that the wearer of this stone will be a free thought thinker and will enjoy harmonious relationships. • Zircon comes in many colors but it is the blue version that represents the December birthstone.  It has a rich history, as well, being part of Aaron's Breastplate and admired by the Hindu poets.  The gemstone is believed to help with sleeping and bring prosperity, honor, and wisdom to its owner. Galatea Blue Topaz Jewelry We have some absolutely gorgeous blue topaz jewelry in the store designed by the artist Galatea.  It is truly exquisite and is based on Davinchi's color principles.  A ruby and emerald are place behind the blue topaz and the light effects are amazing.  The pieces are available in necklaces and earrings and must be seen to be truly appreciated.  Any of these pieces would be a wonderful choice to make the birthday girl feel extra special. Tanzanite Jewelry The tanzantite gemstone has a lovely purple-blue hue. We have both new pieces and estate pieces in our store collection right now.  This gemstone is quite popular with our clients and at this time of year it's hard to keep the pieces in our showcase.  We recommend that you come in to see them as soon as you can. Lapis Lazuli Just added to our estate collection is a lovely pair of snap-back pear shaped lapis earrings in yellow gold.  If your birthday is in December and you love this gemstone, these are the earrings for you! Blue Zircon Blue Zircon jewelry is a rarer requested gemstone in our store.  We have received some pieces in our estate case in the past, but they are quickly purchased by our clients because it's such an unusual, beautiful color.  Of course, custom design is always something that we love to do.   If this is the gemstone for you, then we are happy to find you the perfect blue zircon and make a gorgeous piece of jewelry for you! Birthdays are special and the perfect occasion to give your lady a piece of jewelry, even if that birthday falls right around Christmas.  Come in to Ellis Jewelers, and we can help you find the right piece of December gemstone jewelry for her.  If you'd like to give her a piece of jewelry for Christmas, too, we can help you choose a beautiful matching piece to compliment her birthday gift.  We ladies do love matching pieces!