Jewelry Repair Tools & Techniques

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The Jewelry is very important for women, they find it as the perfect way to express themselves, their styles and of course endless beauty. Along with this, they are also particular about jewelry care and to achieve this, they seek different methods and remedies to repair and do best possible care of it. But jewelry repair is a tough nut to crack. So, in today’s blog, eBay has compiled a few Jewelry repair tools and techniques to use those tools. These tools and techniques can make jewelry repairing a hassle free task.

Jewelry Repair Tools and Tips

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Jewelry repair can be such a hassle! Whether it’s fixing chains or modifying beads there are many tools that can take the frustration out of it and make it fun! Having the proper tools to repair jewelry will also save loads of time and anyone can do it! Be sure to grab these products before your next jewelry project.

Eye Loupe

An eye loupe is crucial when it comes to jewelry repair to see small details closely. Hands-free eye loupes with LED are the best option because they allow you to get a closer look and use both hands while you repair. The Hands-Free LED Eye Loupe comes with an adjustable head strap, 6x magnifying lens, and an LED light for ultimate precision and visibility. The Hands-Free LED Double Eye Loupe is also perfect for jewelry work. Simply put them on like glasses and the dual loupes feature a magnification power of 10x. The loupe locations are adjustable to fit person to person. Be sure to grab an eye loupe so you can pay close attention to detail while you repair your pieces.

Heavy Duty Shears

Having a durable pair of shears is important when it comes to jewelry repair. When you want to repair the formation of beads you will have to cut the piece of jewelry. Find a durable pair of stainless steel shears strong enough to cut through string or thin chain with ease.


Stainless steel pliers are great for picking up beads. Snifter squeeze bottles are also useful for picking up jewelry and other small pieces as well but pliers will help you get into those difficult to reach spots. You can use them to work with fine wire or to make small loops and curves. Mini pliers are about 3” long and are perfect for jewelry repair and other craft projects. Larger pliers can be extremely bulky and throw off precision. This mini pliers set comes with 5 different styles of pliers: needle nose, the combination with cutter, split ring, flat bent nose, and round nose pliers. These pliers will handle a lot of your jewelry repair needs and it comes with a plastic case for storage.

Bead Tubes

When you have thousands of beads to keep track of, bead tubes are a life saver! Get organized by assorting beads by color, style, pattern, whatever you wish! It’ll cut your bead browsing time in half! If you have a piece in mind, you can store its contents in a bead tube and come back to it later to complete or tweak it. Read Full Post You can’t repair your jewelry yourself and are looking for professional Jewelry Repair services? Visit us at Ellis Fine Jewelers today! We have a team of certified jewelers, diamontologists, and experienced goldsmiths, who can easily repair your jewelry easily. Our jewelry services include a wide range of activities like re-cutting a gemstone, polishing, fix ring bands, and much more. To explore more about our jewelry collection & services, visit our store located at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025 or you can also give us a call at 704-782-9314.