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Jewelry Repairs

Dan Levinson

Professional Local Jewelry Repair in Concord, NC

Has your jewelry seen better days? Whether your necklace chain has snapped or your once-sparkling ring has grown duller with age, at some point in your life, you’ll probably need jewelry repairs. Don’t give up on your broken or damaged pieces. Instead, bring them to the experts at Ellis Jewelers for repairs. 

Jewelry Repair Near You: Our Services

We offer repairs for many common jewelry problems, including:

Ring Resizing

This is one of the most frequently requested jewelry repairs. Many people will eventually need their rings resized, and we are happy to help! 
Some people are anxious about the idea of parting with their wedding rings. Thankfully, ring resizing is typically a quick and easy repair. Our team will efficiently and carefully resize your rings so that everything fits perfectly again. You’ll have your jewelry back before you know it. 

Pearl Restringing

Pearl necklaces are elegant and classic, but they’re also delicate. Thin strands of thread or wire hold pearls together, and even with the utmost care, they will eventually degrade and break. If you have pearls, you will need a pearl restringing at some point. It’s an important part of jewelry upkeep. 
Don’t wait for your strands to snap and risk damaging–or losing–your precious pearls. Bring them in for regular maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to have your pearls restrung once a year if you wear them very often. If you only wear them occasionally, you can bring them in every 2-3 years.

Broken Chain Repair

It can be scary when the chain or clasp of a beloved necklace breaks. A necklace that can’t be securely fastened is easy to lose. Get the problem taken care of quickly with some help from the experts at Ellis Jewelers. We can replace clasps, solder broken chains back together, and return your necklace to you even stronger than before. 

Gem and Diamond Replacement

Whether your prongs wear away or you accidentally knock your ring against something, it’s certainly no fun to lose a diamond or gemstone from your jewelry. Fortunately, it’s fixable. Bring the damaged piece to us and we will gladly replace the stone for you. We can also take care of any underlying issues that may have caused it to fall out in the first place.

Retipping Prongs

The diamonds and gemstones in your jewelry are held in place by tiny metal prongs. Though you can hardly see them, they do an important job day in and day out. Over time, the prongs will degrade, and they’ll need to be replaced in order to keep your stones secure. Here at Ellis Jewelers, we can retip your prongs so that your jewelry is safe to wear once again. 

Free Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

Jewelry is an investment, and like all investments, it needs care and maintenance to stay in top condition. It’s a good idea to bring your jewelry in for cleaning and inspection about once every six months. 
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