Is Estate Jewelry for Me?

Is Estate Jewelry For Me?

By: Admin

We answer the question with a resounding "YES!!"  Do you like uniqueness?  Do you like beauty?  Do you like incredible value?  Yes to all or one, means that Estate is definitely for you!  One of the things that makes us such an interesting and fresh store to shop in is our incredible Estate Collection.  At Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord, we spend a lot of time sorting through Estate Jewelry and the pieces that people sell to us for those "diamonds in the rough" (please excuse the obvious jewelry pun....couldn't resist).  We choose only about 1 out of each 100 pieces as the most unique and beautiful, make sure they are in excellent condition, and place them in our cases for you to enjoy.  Since they have been "loved" before, we are anxious to give them their next happy home. Unusual Pieces

Our Estate Collection is known for its one of a kind pieces.  Without doing too much research, we can usually tell which pieces appear to have been custom made.  The platinum diamond ring shown in the picture embraces a lot of what we consider to be "Estate."  Besides being gorgeous, it is an incredible antique-styled setting with a 1.25 carat diamond as its center.  Since the metal used was platinum, it could have easily been designed and the diamond set, thus us believing that there's a good chance it was a custom piece.  It has that old look which remains classic today. "New" Estate Pieces

Estate Diamond Necklace

Once a Set of Earrings[/caption]   Many of our sales associates also have the gift of jewelry design as well.  We are able to look at a piece of jewelry and imagine it as something else.  When you have a piece of jewelry that you just are not wearing, whether it's a ring that you inherited that's just not your style or you're an earring person but were given a bracelet as a gift, it's possible to turn it into something else.  Right now in the store, we have "recreated" several of our Estate pieces.  Recently we acquired several different-styled earrings.  Some were missing its pair.  The one in the picture had been an earring that we reworked to become a beautiful necklace.  The diamond drop necklace features three marquise cut diamonds, each surrounded by a sparking halo.  Truly gorgeous and a piece that was "reinvented" from the forward thinking of our staff member. Budget Friendly Pieces

Blue Topaz Estate Ring     Our Estate Collection offer such value!  Because we they have been previously owned, these pieces are half, sometimes more, the cost of a piece that is brand new.  And since most of these pieces would have to be custom made anyway because they are just not made anymore, the value is even greater!!  This gorgeous blue topaz and yellow gold ring has an amazing depth to it, making it a fascinating and extremely budget conscious piece.         These pieces are just a fraction of our store selection.  If the thought of these Estate treasures appeals to you or has raised your curiosity, please come down and see what we have.  We are proud of these pieces and are always wanting to show them. Be the first to be in the know...we are currently planning our first ever Estate Auction in just a couple of months.  The staff at the store has been busy preparing for this new event.  We will be auctioning off many of our gorgeous Estate pieces.  The auction will be available on-line and bids will also be taken over the phone and in person in the store.  More details will be coming in the near future.  It will be a chance to have some fun bidding on the items that you already have had your eye on and purchase them at tremendous value.  We look forward to having you join us in this unique endeavor.