Don't Wait! Come Checkout Our Estate!

By: Admin

Beautiful and unique Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord we pride ourselves in being able to provide our clientele with just those pieces.  One of our most popular and exquisite lines would have to be our Estate Jewelry or as I like to call it "jewelry that's been loved before."  It's a line that we can't special order, can't predict it's inventory, and can't really recreate.  We never know when and what pieces we will come across but we work hard to find them and provide you with  an extensive collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches from other times and eras.  Our Estate collection is a feast for the eyes made up of some truly timeless and unusual fine jewelry, and our store truly stands apart from others in being able to provide these treasures for you. Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Our Estate Collection is filled with unusual and affordable diamond engagement rings.  Some are definitely styles that are just not made anymore.  We have them in white gold which is so popular now and in yellow gold which definitely is making a comeback and still appeals to many.  And we offer different shapes and sizes, although the selection is constantly changing.  We also offer many different styles of Estate weddings bands to match either an engagement ring that you already have or the Estate engagement ring that you choose.  If it's a gents wedding band that you need, we have those in our Estate collection, too. Unique Diamond Right Hand Rings This part of our collection is truly unique.  We have very vintage and old styled pieces.  Some with gold filigree, some in platinum, some with colored gemstones and almost all with diamonds.  It's worth a sightseeing trip just to view some of these one of a kinds. Colored Gemstone Jewelry Almost everybody can name their favorite colored gemstone - ruby, sapphire, emerald, purple amethyst - and the list goes on and on.  We have a large selection of Estate jewelry in all different colors and in all the different styles of jewelry, be it ring, necklace, etc.  And if it's a birthstone that you need to narrow in on for a gift for someone or even yourself, we try really hard to make sure that we have all the months represented in Estate. Tennis Bracelets Contrary to belief, tennis bracelets are still in fashion.  If you were hesitating, be reassured.  We know because we are asked to show them everyday at the store.  They are still popular and still such a classic addition to anyone's fine jewelry wardrobe.  So we make sure that we seek out these bracelets when we are searching for estate pieces.  Our selection is impressive, and we have them in white, yellow, and two-toned gold. Our Estate Jewelry commands a lot of attention.  We have many regular clients who come in to the store to keep current on our selection.  It changes on a weekly basis.  If you are the least bit curious, please come in and try on some pieces.  Remember, the jewelry comes at a great value, as it has "been loved before."  And if it's a ring that tickles your fancy, also remember that we size to whichever finger you need it for complementary!  And finally, remember, that Estate pieces can turnover very quickly.  If you have to have it, be careful that you don't delay.  These are one of a kinds and can't be duplicated without extreme cost.  We will help you find the best way to own it, so that the vintage piece can be yours!