Do Our Wedding Rings Need To Match??

By: Admin

At Ellis Jewelers in Concord we often are asked if the wedding rings of a couple should match.  Our answer is simple.  If you think that the wedding rings should match, then they should.  However, today, because there are so many different choices today of diamond engagement ring styles for brides, as well as so many metal choices for grooms, we believe that you should explore all options.  A better idea may be to find rings that you love the look of but that also compliment each other's choice. Diamond Wedding Rings If you are looking to match your wedding rings one of the easiest way is to both choose diamond bands!  Some men are a bit gun shy when it comes diamonds in their band, but we say go for it!  Diamond rings look great on a groom's finger.  They are very handsome and can compliment a bride's diamond wedding band superbly. Gold Wedding Rings If it's classic and traditional wedding rings that you are looking for, then gold wedding rings can be a perfect match.  Whether it is white gold or yellow gold and even rose gold, our selection is extensive and can be found in all sizes and widths for you.  From the simple polished band and expanding to brushed, satin, or even milgraining, we have it all. Alternative Metal Wedding Rings In the past few years, the choice for gentleman's bands has grown tremendously largely due to alternative metals.  Tungsten, titanium, and silver have all become choices in wedding bands that men now have.  Their popularity has increased both because of their look, durability and price point.  These metals can even be engraved now on the inside with personal messages and dates, which is a tradition that many couples still like to do for each other. Custom Wedding Rings If matching wedding rings are something you feel strongly about, and you have an idea that doesn't match what we have in our store, it's no problem at all.  We will help you custom design matching bands.  If you can imagine it, we can make it!  We have master jewelers that can turn your ideas into beautiful his and her wedding rings.  Simply come in tell us what you envision, and we'll take care of the rest. Keep in mind that sometimes the bride's engagement ring is of a very specific shape.  And there may be only a few wedding bands that will match the engagement ring itself if custom design is not an option.  In this case there may be no "perfect" match for wedding bands.  But we always say not to rule anything out until you've tried on several.  You'd be surprised how many of our clients were "sure" that they wanted matching bands but then were happy to agree on rings that were in the same color family.  Come in our downtown Concord store and try on as many bands as you like until you find the ones that's are right for you both.  We are happy to give you advice and help you find the best look for you as a couple.