Budgeting Your Holiday Time - Ellis Jewelers Style

By: Admin

It is the holiday season!  Time for family, time for friends, time to be grateful, spiritual, and reflect on the past year.  With so many things going on at this time of year, at Ellis Jewelers we wanted to help you plan your schedule for certain types of jewelry custom design and repair.  Lots of clients do not realize the amount of time that ordering, creating, and repairing fine jewelry takes.  But it does take time to fix jewelry that you may want to wear for the season and to order those special pieces that you want to give this season.  We will always bend over backwards to accommodate all of your jewelry needs, but some things require just a little forethought and just plain time!  In other words, NOW is the time!! Ring Resizing At this time of year especially we all want to be wearing our best, and that would include our finest jewelry.  Maybe your wedding rings just don't fit, but you still want to be sporting them for the holidays.  Please come in NOW.  Sizing a ring takes TWO WEEKS.  The length of time has to do with the volume of repairs that we give to our master jewelers.  And at holiday time, you can imagine that the number of repairs would increase if everyone is thinking the same thing - my rings don't fit, and I want to wear them at Christmastime. Jewelry Repair Remember that gold chain that broke last year?  It holds your Christmas pendant that you would only wear at this time of year.  I know firsthand because this has happened to me.  I have a yellow gold Christmas pendant that I wear throughout the season.  It is one of two things that I have from my beloved grandmother, whom I actually never had the chance of meeting.  Years ago, before I was in the jewelry business,  I pulled it out and the chain was broken.  Not realizing how long it would take to repair, I ended up purchasing a new chain so that I would be able to wear for a the whole season, not just a couple of weeks.  Please plan on these repairs taking TWO WEEKS.  Again, with the volume of repairs that we have at any given time, there will always be clients ahead of you. Special Orders At Ellis Jewelers, we make special orders for our customers every single day.  Whether it be a special charm for a charm bracelet, a monogrammed necklace and matching earrings or our fingerprint jewelry.  For these items, we are pretty much at the mercy of the company.  All of the companies we use are extremely reputable and create quality jewelry pieces.  They try to plan accordingly during the holiday season to increase their stock, but sometimes between volume and special requests, receiving the jewelry may take just a bit longer.  Sometimes there are circumstances out of our control.  Last year it was the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  Many jewelry companies were severely impacted.  When we call to make these orders we will give you a pretty firm delivery date. Custom Jewelry Christmas is wonderful time to give special gifts.  If you have some beautiful stones and would like to make a special jewelry piece to give your wife, your daughter, or your granddaughter or have a vision of a new piece for that special someone, our expert designers at the store can assist you.  Once you've found the design that you love, we will have our master jewelers make it for you.  Please allow TWO WEEKS for the creation of your new custom piece. All that being said, there are, of course, exceptions to every rule.  Some repairs may happen a little quicker, and some custom design work or special orders may take just a bit longer depending on the requests.  Come in, tell your needs, and we will listen and take care of you!