What's New At Ellis Jewelers For The Holiday Season 2013

By: Admin

At Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord, we strive hard to keep our store fresh and new!  We are always updating our jewelry selection to make sure we keep up with YOU and to make sure you don't get bored with us.  This holiday season we have some exciting new lines to let you know about.  They are gorgeous and fashionable and trendy but classic.  Fine pieces to add to your jewelry wardrobe. Dazzling Diamonds Our Dazzling Diamonds collection is brand new to our store and just beautiful.  It's a unique line that features diamonds that move and shimmer and catch the light from different directions.  We like to think of it as "diamonds in motion like the beat of her heart!" As you move, so will the diamonds!  Prices start at just $299 for these white gold and diamond pieces.  We have many pendants to choose from and have personally chosen the chains to match.  Several have matching earrings.  A perfect addition to any lady's Christmas list. Carizza Diamonds Brand new in our store are some absolutely beautiful diamond rings from the Carizza line.  They are 18K gold rings with high quality diamonds.  The diamonds are hand selected and go through a rigorous inspection.  All the rings have a "euro-shank" which helps to prevent the rings from spinning on your finger. In the store, we have engagement rings already mounted with diamonds ready to go for the holidays, along with the matching wedding band.  We also have diamond right-hand rings and stackable rings.  They are truly spectacular, definitely worth coming in to try on. New Additions from Belle Étoile, Elle and Karisma Several of our fine fashion jewelry lines such as Belle Étoile, Elle, and Karisma are always updating and designing and creating new pieces.  That is why we love having them in the store.  Always new eye candy with the same great quality.  And selection is everything.  If you already own pieces of these lines, it's worth another look to see what's new.  Belle Étoile is a great sterling silver line that has uniquely bold pieces to build your outfit around and also refined pieces that match every outfit you have.  Elle is that 'go to' sterling silver jewelry, that is beautiful and matches absolutely everything!  It is fashioned after the women's magazine Elle and each piece has a symbolic ruby.  Karisma provides a way of having a different piece of jewelry everyday by changing the charm from your base piece.  So many charms to choose from, too.  Each of these lines has something new for the holidays! Colored Gemstone Jewelry We have the prettiest selection of colored gemstone jewelry.  Such a feast for the eyes.  Whether it's rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that you are looking for, we have added so many special pieces.  We have sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.  We have fire opal, morganite, and pink tourmaline.  And we have so many more that all deserve a look. Stop by to our store to try on what's new.  We are more than happy to take you throughout the store so that you can see what the trends are for this season.  Remember that we size all of our rings complimentary, and we also wrap our jewelry if it's a gift.  Happy December!