Walk The Oscars Red Carpet On Your Own Terms

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Imagine if you were a celebrity – the most talked about celebrity on the red carpet of the 88th Academy Awards – would you dress in black? Would you braid your hair? What kind of jewelry would you wear?

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Image - Pinterest Cathleen McCarthy knows exactly what she would flaunt, should she ever get a chance to walk the red carpet: Oscar jewelry: what I would wear on the red carpet I don’t hold out much hope of tripping down a red carpet in this lifetime – did I say trip? That’s probably exactly what would happen. Hollywood is not calling my name and it wouldn’t matter anyway. In my fantasy world, I’d be up for something unglamorous like writing a script or producing a documentary. Let’s face it, the Oscar spotlight is on the actresses. But man, what I would give to have their pick of jewels for the big night! How many times have you watched the red carpet coverage and thought, “Really. That’s the best you could do?” That invisible diamond stud? Where is the lariat necklace for that plunging neckline! Where is the bracelet stack on those lovely slender arms?

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