5 Different Types of Rings & Its Significance in Our Lives

5 Different Types Of Rings & Its Significance In Our Lives

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5 Different Types of Rings amp Its Significance in Our

A ring is not only the jewelry or accessory that can embellish your finger. Along with monetary value, rings also hold great sentimental and traditional value. This makes ring a perfect connotation to symbolize the serenity and purity of love and relationship. The significance of the ring is so indispensable in human life, that designers across the world have designed various types of rings that allow them to celebrate their different major events like Engagement, Wedding, Baby Shower, Birth of the baby, Anniversary, and much more. These different types of rings have their own significance. So, with regards to providing you with the in-depth knowledge regarding Types of Rings, today we will educate you with the 5 different types of Rings and its significance:  


 1.Promise Rings

Promise Rings

As the name suggests, Promise Ring means ring that symbolizes your unceasing commitment you made to your partner before Engagement Ring. Thus, wearing a promise ring is a part of the customary ritual for engaged-to-be couples. Nowadays, Promise rings can be given to the friend as well as a token of unending friendship.

Significance - A Promise Ring is a symbol of timeless commitment and love between two people. This is a romantic symbol that exudes your love efficiently.

2.Engagement Rings

Eng Rings

This is the ring that completes the meaning of Engagement. In fact, a kid knows very well that Engagement means exchanging rings with each other. According to the customary rituals, this ring is exchanged by both the partners to share their engagement vows. This timeless piece has gained immense popularity among couples because of its great sentimental values. In order to embellish their engagement rings with the perfect brilliance, young couples largely prefer Diamond Engagement Ring.

Significance – This traditional “Circle of Trust” symbolize the promise of wedding and commitment to the lifelong association as husband and wife.

3.Wedding Rings/Bands

Wedding Rings

This ring/Band represents that couples have exchanged their wedding vows with each other. Usually, this ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand because it is being believed that vein of the left finger is directly connected to the heart. These rings are available in both diamond and non-diamond form from simple white gold Wedding Band to classic princess cut Wedding Ring.

Significance – Wedding Band/Ring represent the endless circle that works as a perfect symbol of never-ending love and passion.

4.Anniversary Bands

Anni Rings

As the name suggests, Anniversary Band/Ring is specially meant to celebrate the special moments like first, Fifth, Tenth or Twenty-Fifth wedding anniversary. Every anniversary has its own significance in human life. Everyone looks for different gifts that can leave their partners amazed. To achieve this, couples largely prefer Diamond Anniversary Rings/ Bands to share their anniversary vows.

Significance – The ring that will symbolize your love and marriage or the ring that will symbolize your continued love for one another, our anniversary and wedding ring collection is timeless and incredible.


5.Birthstone Rings

Birthstone Rings

In the line of Ring varieties, another ring that holds great value as a family jewelry is Birthstone Rings. Usually, birthstone rings can be gifted to anyone. Most of the people prefer to gift Birthstone jewelry including charms & rings on the special occasions like Baby Shower and baby birth.

Significance – Birthstone Rings are made with different color stones that have its own significance in the human life and horoscope. People wore Birthstone Rings with believing that the power of auspicious colors can keep them away from negative vibes.

These were the top 5 types of Rings with its significance. Thus, from the above points, we can conclude that every ring, be it Promise or Wedding or Birthstone Rings plays the crucial role in human life. Thus, shop for the timeless collection of Diamond Rings that add a fine line of elegance to your beauty and make your celebration more special. Save