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Today, more and more people are moving toward the online market. Cheaper prices and easy transactions attract a lot of contemporary buyers. Consequently, we get a lot of inquiries and emails from people looking for advice on buying diamonds online. However, what I’ve found is that a lot of the ‘online crowd’ are first-time buyers and know little to nothing about diamonds in the first place.

While preparing to write an article to guide people on the basics of buying and assessing diamonds, I came across a rather impressive article on Every Girl website. It covers all of the points I wanted to make, the contributors are as follows:

What you really need to know about buying an engagement ring.

We're guilty of the occasional impulse purchase as much as the next girl, but there are a few specific occasions where shopping requires some extensive research: Purchasing a home, a new car, baby gear, or investment jewelry, to name a few. Whether you're shopping for an engagement ring with your significant other or treating yourself to a slice of luxury that can be passed down for years to come, buying a diamond can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. So what do you REALLY need to know before you take the leap? We found out! Thanks to Johanna Tzur, CMO of James Allen, we're breaking down exactly where to begin in the buying process, how to maximize your budget to get the best quality diamond you can afford, and which trends in the diamond industry are still evolving.  See full post here:

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