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Tips to Choose Daily Wear Jewelry

Jewelry is the most impeccable way to embellish the overall look of the wearer. When it comes to getting ready for the party, women wear the most inspiring piece that can add a wow element to her style. But, what about Daily Wear Jewelry, are heavy pieces suitable to wear on the daily basis?


So, to solve your queries, OneNecklace have brought incredibly detailed guide to choose everyday jewelry. This 6 point guide will let you choose a perfect Daily Wear Jewelry that complements your casual outfits.



By OneNecklace


It can be difficult choosing daytime jewelry for yourself – sometimes we end up waiting for a friend to treat us with a jewelry gift. It’s not just that we can’t afford it but simply because we can’t decide. There are so many options out there with trends frequently changing so it can be a difficult decision, we get lost in bundles of designs and styles. I do think there is an element of costs too, even the high street brands add up once you have added a few different items to the basket.


What do you generally prefer to be wearing when it comes to everyday jewelry – there are a few different categories – one you will fall right into and others you either never enter or will only slip into now and again. Figure out your style and what jewelry to wear by following our fashion tips for everyday:




The first thing you must consider is your wardrobe and the kind of jewelry that you prefer to wear – what style does it represent, what kind of image do you carry and what kind of lifestyle do you lead. Here are some options, find the one that matches you:


Sentimental – Are you the kind of person that has that one single piece that you wear every day and never take off? It makes it difficult when you are emotionally attached to one item for you to take it off and swap it for something else. It can also be difficult to match anything else with it. I think the key here is to find pieces that you can layer with your sentimental piece to complement it. For example if you wear a gold locket on a long chain you can add pieces around it such as a bar necklace on a shorter chain, which will balance out the look.


Elegant – Do you dress up everyday? Is your style the kind where your day outfit is the ‘casual’ person’s evening outfit? I’m thinking diamonds and pearls, heels and handbags, fancy clothes, hair styled and make-up fixed. Basically, you don’t do casual but you do tone it down for the day. If your fallback is usually heavy bling then try to soften the look by adding a simple bracelet or cuff.


Preppy – You always seem well put together with a geeky sort of schoolgirl look about you. The preppy look is all about being well groomed and adorably chic. Monograms and heart necklaces are a great addition to your cute outfit.


Statement – People who wear statement pieces should be wearing plain, simple clothing and not overly exciting patterns or colors. What you are trying to do is allow your jewelry to stand out and give your outfit the wow factor – Your statement piece can be either a necklace, earrings and in some cases the bangle or bracelet. You can even match the bracelet to the necklace – but remember never to overdo it. Make sure to stock up on statement pieces so you have enough to swap each day and can match to each of your basic daytime outfits.


Here’s how to wear statement necklaces: A statement necklace should be bold and big in size – The greatest beauty of it is that you don’t need to think what to put with it, you just need that one gorgeous, stand out piece. The necklace should fit with the neckline of your top or dress and can be matched with a pair of earrings or a bangle. Do not choose opposite types of statement pieces or they will clash, they should be of the same style / design otherwise you will overdo it.




You must make sure you are comfortable. When you wear for the day it can be a long time so you wouldn’t want to be too heavy, have sharp edges and you must love it – don’t wear something that really is not you or you will feel uncomfortable.



 Consider how much you are able and willing to spend – then choose stores that meet that budget. If your budget is high you can be smart with your money and invest in real gold that will last forever. If you are on a smaller budget you can buy high street jewelry and get lots of different pieces, including gold plated and sterling silver items. You can build your jewelry box over time, so don’t worry if you are on a low budget, you can treat yourself every paycheck with a new piece or two. This is a great technique for everyone since new styles are coming out you should always be adding to your collection. Eventually you will have plenty to choose from.


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Celebrate Your Unceasing Friendship With the Love Jewelry

After life and parents, another gift that God has given us is different relations. With these different relations, people can share their happiness, sorrow, and feelings. Friendship is one of the most adorable relations among all. The strong and incredible bond of the friendship will work as a supporting pillar in the hard days. Thus, it is essential to pamper your friend. Give them an unforgettable gift of love, something that they always remain close to them.


Today, we will share different Love Jewelry which you can consider to gift your friends, which can efficiently epitomize your love and unceasing bond:




When it comes to exuding relation through jewelry pieces, Bracelets are considered to be the perfect option. It seems like love sign or friendship symbol are wrap in the line of brilliance. In the jewelry world, this gorgeous piece is available in a diverse design that complements the style and preference of the modern fashionably conscious person. Be it Modern, Classic or Vintage design, every style of bracelet works best as a love jewelry.


Different Styles of Bracelet


  • Bangle – Usually bangles are worn for cultural ties motives. But wearing a traditional sort bangle may mar your contemporary style. So, bangles in the bracelet style can kill two birds with one stone. First, it fulfills your traditional motives and second it really accentuate your contemporary style efficiently.


  • Charm – If you want to convey your love message or feeling to your friend or girlfriend, then Charm bracelet is the best option. Through this, you can gift your friend something symbolic. If your friend loves the vintage piece, then you can consider gifting vintage charms bracelet.


  • Cuff – Another awe-inspiring piece that works best as friendship connotation is cuff bracelet. The simple and elegant design of cuff bracelets can not only a perfect gift, but it also adds a vibe of uniqueness and elegance to the style of the wearer.




Good and genuine friends are like family to us who always stand by your side not only in your good days but also in your hard days as well. So, pampering your bestie with a family jewelry is a great idea to reflect their importance in your life. This gorgeous jewelry will not leave your friends with ultimate surprise and happiness, but it allows you to celebrate closeness in your relation. Thus, family jewelry is all about expressing familial bonding that can solidify connections between two friends.


Different Styles of the Family Jewelry


  • Birthstone Jewelry – Birthstone Jewelry including Birthstone Rings, Pendants has its own significance as a family jewelry. People admire to get birthstone jewelry as a gift because along with the style attributes, it also holds various astrological benefits. Be it birthstone ring, pendant, bracelet, birthstone pieces are considered to be the most valuable gift.


  • Initial Jewelry – Initial pieces are not a new concept, it is a vintage way to exude the closeness in a relation. Holding the initial of the special person close to heart is really an amazing experience. Initial jewelry adds a vibe of emotions to your sentiments that efficiently seal the unconditional love and bond between two friends.


  • Dangle Charms – Think to symbolize your endless friendship with cute and elegance small symbols through Dangle Charms. The wearer can wear these symbols as a cuff bracelet or can use it as a pendant. Dangle Charms are available in the different styles including cute animals, floral motifs, stars, religious charms, and much more.




Special friends need special jewelry. The best way to achieve uniqueness in the jewelry is Custom Design Jewelry. Bespoke jewelry provides you with the limitless possibilities that allow you to execute your piece according to your idea. All you need to do is just visit a proficient Custom Jewelry Designer and share your ideas. So, if you want to gift something special to your friend, then go for personalized jewelry without any second thought.


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What Diamond Jewelry will you Give Her this valentine’s Day

The day to celebrate love is just around the corner and the whole world is ready to engage themselves in the cute conspiracy of the love. So, If you have decided to team up the orchids and chocolate with Diamond Jewelry, then you are going in right direction. This will definitely make your ladylove happy and your valentine’s day memorable. But not decided yet which diamond jewelry you will gift her? Worry not, Ellis Fine Jewelers has brought a guiding catalogue that exudes the different jewelry ideas for Valentine’s day.

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Romantic Style Earrings

To exude her perfect looks embellished with the great confidence, a lady needs an elegant pair of Earrings. This gorgeous piece can not only add a value to your facial features but also complete your overall personality. For buying perfect diamond earrings for your wife, you need to do few things like considering her style and design taste, skin tone, and last but not least ear shapes. Choose the style and size of earrings that complement the overall style and face of the wearer.

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Chick Style Bracelet

If you are less with the ideas, then you can consider to treat her with a beautiful sleek diamond bracelet. Women love to carry a symbol of love and when it comes exuding brilliance of the love, women prefer to wear a diamond bracelet. There are various factors that are responsible for buying a perfect diamond bracelet including quality of diamonds, metal type, style & design and much more. It is being suggested that always choose jewelry that is perfectly created by premium-quality diamond which is ethically sourced from leading gemological institute.

Explore the Stylish Diamond Bracelets

Gorgeous Pendants

The pendant is the indispensable part of the jewelry collection that helps a woman to accentuate her most sensual part that is Neck. So, this valentine’s day you can surprise your valentine with the gorgeous Pendants. When it comes to selecting style & design, you have limitless possibilities. Be it heart-shaped, cross-shaped, or pear-shaped, diamond pendants are available in any shape & size. Make sure whatever metal type you are selecting that should be premium-quality and skin-friendly.

Grab the most exciting Heart-Shaped Pendant


Stylish Rings

Ring is one of the known symbols of the endless love. The enclosed figure of the ring signifies the never-ending story of your endless love and unceasing trust. Women always expected to upgrade their existing ring or buy new rings. So, you can also consider gifting gorgeous stackable rings or stylish diamond rings that can efficiently accentuate her finger. If you want to go beyond uniqueness along with the simplicity, then you can also ponder to buy colored stones ring.

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How To Choose Anniversary Bands According to wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Bands have become a popular choice for numerous couples. In the past few years, we have noticed that traditional anniversary gifts like frames, perfumes are now replaced with other modern options like Anniversary Bands. They largely preferred to buy Anniversary Rings because it can not only accentuate the wearer’s finger, but also give them a chance to wear something new and fresh.


Wedding Band is a perfect choice as an anniversary gift. So, if you are planning to get Anniversary Band for your partner, two things you need to keep in your mind – First, Your Partner’s Style and Secondly, Way to select Anniversary Bands for your First, Fifth, and tenth anniversary.


In today’s blog, we will highlight a few ways to choose perfect Anniversary Bands for your first, fifth and tenth anniversary.


First Anniversary – Gold Anniversary Band

First wedding anniversary, plays a significant role in couple’s life because this can be a perfect time for them to celebrate all their precious memories. Gold Anniversary band embellished with diamonds is the perfect romantic connotation that makes your partner happy. If you want something unique and more elegant, then you can also try for white and rose gold, this can enhance the style of your anniversary band.


Fifth Anniversary – Gemstone Anniversary Band

On fifth wedding anniversary, a couple is no longer a newlywed. Usually, fifth traditional anniversary gift includes wood, silverware. Wood symbolizes strong relationships and silverware represents connectivity. When it comes to jewelry, Sapphire gemstone anniversary Band/Ring play a significant role. Wedding band gilds with sapphire symbolizes loyalty and truth in a relationship. A wide range of hue is available, including feminine pink, regal blue and much more that can highlight your style.


Tenth Anniversary – Diamond Anniversary Bands

A tenth wedding anniversary, a milestone occasion calls for the diamond because ten years of a relationship deserve to be shine like a diamond. Thus, Diamond Anniversary Band is the perfect anniversary gift that commemorates all your lovely moments. Diamond symbolizes true love. Nowadays, multiple varieties of Diamond Anniversary Bands are available on the market that can enhance your partner’s style.


Where to Buy the Perfect Anniversary Band

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Diamonds and Secrets

Diamonds are associated with strength and courage but they’re also associated with privacy and class. A diamond is a mysterious substance and one that has the beauty to match it. One could spend minutes just looking at it and wondering what it could tell if it had a way to. Here are some things that aren’t written on a diamond’s face.

Only one diamond in a million weighs more than or equal to 1 carat

Naturally-occurring large diamonds are rare, like really rare. Taking into consideration how each natural diamond has formed over billions of years deep within the Earth, it is no surprise that they are usually small and sparsely found. Large diamonds like the Cullinan are not only rare but extremely valuable. So, of all the diamonds that make it to the top of our rings, very few are actually large enough to match or surpass the standard weight measure for diamonds – a carat.

The largest uncut diamond ever found weighed 1.36 pounds

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found weighing 3,106.75 carats or about 1.36 pounds. King Edward VII famously had the large rough diamond cut into several polished gems, many of which stayed very popular over the years.

The largest clear cut diamond is the Cullinan I

Also known as the Great Star of Africa, the diamond weighs 530.2 carats and forms part of the 9 major diamonds derived from the single rough diamond, the Cullinan. It is now set at the top of the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross (which was redesigned in 1910 to accommodate the stone).


A rough diamond usually looks like an ordinary pebble

Most people will just walk past the unseemly rock without glancing twice at it. A popular fable in Asia told by a black coal-ish stone refers to the refining of an ordinary looking stone into a sparkling diamond through pain and tribulation on the polishing wheel. However, many people don’t consider the idea that they might not know a diamond at first sight. Think of how many diamonds were left undiscovered until the right person with an eye for it came along.


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Diamond Jewelry Trends in 2016

The devil is in the details and so is elegance. When was the last time you treated yourself to splendid, exotic jewelry pieces that look best on you – none sooner. Take vintage diamond jewelry for example. Can you ever run out of unique designs from bygone eras?

Learn what is trending this season with American Gem Society

Vintage Inspired Pieces

 Diamond jewelry inspired by the unmistakable designs of the Victorian, Edwardian and art deco eras have always enjoyed a faithful following. Look for pieces featuring the intricate scrollwork and architectural designs of art deco jewelry or the floral romance of Victorian style necklaces, bracelets and rings.


Provenance diamond jewelry contains a diamond with a rich history, which is recorded in books, pictures or notes. Knowing that you are wearing something with an amazing background and story makes the jewelry even more of a conversation piece.


Fanciful Flowers and Magical Moons

 From sweet buds to lush blossoms, flowers are ultra-hot among today’s diamond jewelry customers. Bejeweled insects, yellow diamond roses, glittery butterfly wings and lucky four-leafed clovers are among the whimsical nature-inspired fashions of some of the newest diamond designs.


You can give your beloved the moon and the stars with this year’s dazzling celestial pieces. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings with astrological signs, moons and stars are skyrocketing in popularity and make wonderful gifts for special occasions.


Diamond Brooches

Whether twisted up in your hair, anchoring the bust line of a favorite frock or adding a bit of glitter to any jacket from denim to cashmere, diamond brooches are super-chic this year. From high-couture runways to Saturday at the flea market, these posh pins are making a big comeback, especially worn in innovative ways. Secure a scarf, adorn a beret or add a bit of sparkle near your hemline. Whether big and flashy or tiny and sweet, a diamond brooch is a perfect mix of modern and antique, with designs running the gamut from classic diamond and pearl combinations to quirky little animals and insects.


Custom or Personalized

 When a piece of jewelry was designed just for you, or contains a secret message engraved on the inside of the band, you can feel proud knowing that it’s something uniquely yours.


Custom designs can start with an heirloom piece you wish to update, or come to fruition through a drawing and some loose stones. For example, a mother may want to incorporate the birthstones of her children into stacking rings. To personalize the design even more, each child’s name and birthdate can be engraved inside the bands.


Colored Diamonds

 Truly unique and beautiful, colored diamonds are a fun and lovely trend.


Pretty pink diamonds are the ultimate in gemstone femininity, while sunny canary yellow stones add a bright pop of color. For women who want to make a bold statement using warm, earth tone colors, richly hued chocolate and champagne diamonds are a perfect choice.


Myriad Metals

 Not only are metal choices becoming more extensive, it’s now on-trend to mix golds and other metals in diamond pieces.


A dazzling and dynamic complement to the clear white glitter of diamonds, silvery-white platinum continues to rule the market, while the continuing growth of vintage-inspired diamond jewelry is bringing back rose and yellow gold in a big way.

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Today, more and more people are moving toward the online market. Cheaper prices and easy transactions attract a lot of contemporary buyers. Consequently, we get a lot of inquiries and emails from people looking for advice on buying diamonds online.

However, what I’ve found is that a lot of the ‘online crowd’ are first-time buyers and know little to nothing about diamonds in the first place.

While preparing to write an article to guide people on the basics of buying and assessing diamonds, I came across a rather impressive article on Every Girl website. It covers all of the points I wanted to make, the contributors are as follows:

What you really need to know about buying an engagement ring.

We’re guilty of the occasional impulse purchase as much as the next girl, but there are a few specific occasions where shopping requires some extensive research: Purchasing a home, a new car, baby gear, or investment jewelry, to name a few. Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring with your significant other or treating yourself to a slice of luxury that can be passed down for years to come, buying a diamond can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. So what do you REALLY need to know before you take the leap? We found out! Thanks to Johanna Tzur, CMO of James Allen, we’re breaking down exactly where to begin in the buying process, how to maximize your budget to get the best quality diamond you can afford, and which trends in the diamond industry are still evolving. See full post here:

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