Tips to Take Care of Your Watch

Jewelry for a woman and watch for a man is the same thing. Women are very much particular about their jewelry, its maintenance, and cleanliness. Similarly, men also love to keep their timepieces maintained & clean. There are various elements like dirt, moisture, dust, UV rays that can slowly ruin the look and freshness of the watch. With the inception of new technology, we have seen a drastic improvement in the design of watches. Nowadays, we can easily find the shockproof watches. But it doesn’t mean that your watch does not require any maintenance, it needs proper maintenance & repair treatment time to time.

So, today we highlight a complete guide that can enlighten you with the detailed insight into Watch Repair & maintenance. The below tips will cover every nook and crannies.

Cleaning Etiquette

To maintain the aesthete and durability of your watch give a soft and gentle clean to your watch regularly. This will not allow the dirt, dust, moisture settled in your watch. For this, take a soft cloth and wipe the band. This will remove the unwanted elements from the watch. If you are unable to remove the dust from cloth, then in that case, soak your watch in the soap solution and then rub it gently with soft cloth. Make sure that use lukewarm water for this, otherwise it may ruin the face of your watch.

Keep Your Watch Wound

If you want to keep your watch long lasting and look fresh you need to wind your watch carefully. Even though modern watches are technical-grade that comprise the long-lasting lubricant, still it gets dry over the time. Appropriate winding will spread the lubricants that it enables watch to work longer and efficiently. So, try to wind your watch at least once in a month. The watch can be wind manually or automatically. Avoid wind your watch on your wrist because this creates pressure on the stem and will break it.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

After cleaning the watch people usually keep it in the direct exposure to the sunlight in order to dry it quickly. This is the biggest mistake we commit that ruin the newness and look of our watch. The sun rays can not only affect the color of the watch, but it can also shorten the battery life of the watch. So, if you want to dry your watch, keep it open at the clean surface rather than in exposure to sunlight. Whether you are drying or storing watch, make sure that place it away from magnet because it can adversely affect the timekeeping.

These were the 3 major tips that you should for sure consider while maintaining or repairing a watch. If you need to repair your watch, it is better to visit your watchmaker or watch repair service providers, but never open watch by yourself because it may make your timepiece a home of dust and dirt. So, if you want professional Watch Repair services, then you can visit Ellis Fine Jewelers. Our 57 years of professional experience and proficiency can leave you with the ultimate repair experience.