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Pairing your Wedding Rings

When the marriage rings of the few must complement we frequently are requested. The solution is straightforward. They must if you were to think the marriage rings should complement. Nevertheless, to-day, since you will find so many alternatives that are different today of a lot of steel alternatives regarding bridegrooms, in addition to gemstone gemstone designs for women, we genuinely believe that many choices should be explored by you. A much better concept might be to locate bands that you simply adore of but that additionally enhance every other’s option the appearance.

Diamonds Wedding Rings

If you should be seeking to complement your marriage rings among the simplest way would be each to select gemstone rings! When it comes gemstones within their group several males really are a tad gun-shy, but we are saying do it now! Gemstone bands appear excellent on the hand that is groom’s. They certainly will enhance a bride’s gemstone wedding ring fantastically and are really fine.

Silver Wedding Rings

If it’s conventional and traditional marriage rings that you’re searching for, next platinum marriage rings could be a best complement. Whether it’s yellowish gold or bright gold as well as rose-gold, our choice is substantial and certainly will be present in sizes and most dimensions for you personally. In the easy refined group and growing silk, to blown, and on occasion even milgraining, we’ve everything.

Alternative Material Wedding Rings

In the couple of years that were past, the option regarding rings that were gentleman’s is continuing to grow greatly mostly because of alloys that were option. Titanium, tungsten, and gold most have become options in wedding rings that males are in possession of. The recognition offers elevated each due to sturdiness, their appear and price-point. These alloys can also be etched today inside using times and individual communications, which is really a custom that lots of partners nevertheless prefer to do for every additional.

Personalized Wedding Rings

Also you possess a concept that doesn’t complement what we’ve within our shop, and if coordinating marriage rings are anything you are feeling clearly regarding, it’s not a problem at-all. We shall assist you to custom-design coordinating rings. We are able to create it if you’re able to picture it! We’ve learn dealers that may change your suggestions into stunning her and his marriage rings. Merely are available we’ll look after the remainder, and in reveal that which you visualize.

Bear in mind that occasionally the bride’s gemstone is of the form that is really particular. And there might be just a few bands that’ll complement alone to the gemstone if custom-design isn’t a choice. There might be number “perfect” complement for wedding rings. But we usually state to not guideline away something until you’ve attempted on numerous. You’d be surprised many of our customers were “sure” then although they desired coordinating rings were pleased to agree with bands which were within the colour household that was same. Are available in our Harmony shop that is downtown and try-on as numerous rings before you discover the types that’s are correct for you personally each while you like. We’re pleased to give guidance to you and assist you to find a very good search for anyone like a few.
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Matching Your Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

So you’re happily engaged to the person of your dreams. It all went smoothly – it was a wonderful surprise, a dream come true and you got the perfect engagement ring! Well, now you’re getting married and it’s time to make the moment even more special. Continue the charm of your engagement and find a wedding band that compliments your engagement ring – just like your wedding compliments your engagement.


Stephanie Chan from Brilliant Earth with her two cents on matching your wedding band with your beautiful engagement ring:


Today, jewelry specialist Stephanie Chan shares the advice she gives Brilliant Earth customers who are trying to decide how their engagement rings and wedding rings should complement each other, and whether to custom design a wedding ring:

Choosing an engagement ring that embodies your unique style, feels timeless, and suits the kinds of activities you engage in on a daily basis can be challenging enough; on top of these considerations, I also see ring shoppers worry about whether they will find a wedding band that sits flush with the engagement ring. When my customers get brow-furrowingly concerned about it, I like to remind them that this decision is like any other they have made in their relationship: Be true to your style and values, and the rest always falls into place. Choose the engagement ring of your dreams, and the wedding ring will work itself out—and we’re here to make sure of it!

The first step to choosing a closely fitted wedding band is determining whether your engagement ring can sit flush with a straight wedding ring. Many classic engagement ring styles are already designed to sit flush with a straight band. Look for an elevated head that allows the center gemstone to sit above the band. See full post here


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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

It’s always bridal season at Ellis Jewelers!  There are couples always coming in to shop for diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other gifts for their upcoming weddings.  After all, if you think about it, everyday is some wonderful couple’s anniversary!  This is our business, our forte, and what we love to do.  But by thinking outside the “ring” box, we can also start you on your way to some other fine and memory-filled jewelry for your wedding day.  If you recall the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” jewelry can be the perfect item(s) to fulfill all those requirements!

Something Old

There are a several ways that we can help you with “something old.”  We can take stones or mountings that you already have or that have been passed on from family and transform them into other pieces.  Old diamonds can become so many things:  pendants, stud earrings, dangle earrings.  Jewelry that can be worn with your wedding dress and beyond!  And if there’s a special ring that has been passed on to you but it just doesn’t fit, and you’d like to wear it on your right hand or maybe a finger other that your ring finger, we can size it for you!

Something New

On your wedding day, it may be time for a classic, new piece of fine jewelry.  May we suggest pearls.  Pearls are still current.  They still complete the look of any bride’s wardrobe.  At our store, we have a great pearl look for any budget.  Our looks range from modern to classic and include sea and freshwater.  Stop by and describe your dress or show us a picture, and we will match the perfect sized strand or set of stud or dangle pearls earrings to complement your look.

Something Borrowed

This may be the one category where you might think that at Ellis Jewelers may have met our match!  But ha!  There is at least one way that we can help with “something borrowed.”  If there is a jewelry piece that someone special has let you borrow for your special day, we can CLEAN it!! Come in and let us spruce it up for you.  If it’s just needs a simple cleaning, we will just put it in the ultra sonic.  No charge at all for that!!  If the piece needs a little more treatment, our master jeweler will give it a little more attention at a minimal charge.

Something Blue

Recently, one of our sales associates made a beautiful, custom piece for a bride.  It actually encompassed something old and new (her grandmother’s diamonds and a new pendant mounting),  but I am including it under blue, because the piece also included sapphires – something BLUE!  A mother had us make the necklace which she then presented to her daughter (the bride) at the rehearsal dinner.  Truly a meaningful and gorgeous gift.

At Ellis Jewelers, we are always here to help you with your wedding rings, of course, but look forward to helping you create some other pieces as well.  Whether you are in need of something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue for your special day, we have just the expertise and skills you need to make your wedding jewelry dreams come true.  If it’s repairing an old treasured piece passed down for generations to a brand new piece just waiting to attain that “same” status in the family for future generations, we will share our advice to help you purchase or create perfect, fine jewelry pieces.  We aim to make you happy!  After all, that’s what our business is all about.