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Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned Rolex from Ellis Fine Jewelers

Pre-Owned Rolex

Gone are the days when people wore watches to know the time, but nowadays this timeless piece has become a style symbol among youngsters. Normally people are very selective about watches, especially when it comes to Pre-Owned Rolex. Many buyers thought that investing in the pre-owned watch is nothing but a waste of money. But, the fact is that owning a pre-owned watch is the wisest and budget-friendly option.


It has been 64 years that we, at Ellis Fine Jewelers are dedicated to providing the comprehensive range of the premium-quality Diamond Jewelry and the large collection of pre-owned Rolex. Our experts with their technical skills and extensive experience have able to ensure you with the pre-owned watches that cannot only accentuate your wrist but also save your pocket.


So, without taking much of your time, we will highlight a few advantages of buying pre-owned Rolex from our store:


  • Quality & Durability

Most of the people buy new things and avoid pre-owned just because of its quality & durability. But, here we provide premium-quality and durable pre-owned Rolex watch that can ensure you with unmatched quality and durability. This can definitely refine your shopping experience and add a vibe of audacity to your style and personality.


  • Budget-Friendly Option

One of the noticeable advantages of buying a pre-owned Rolex is that you can get it at a great discount price that cannot put any adverse effect on your budget. In fact, it is considered as the budget-friendly option that can make an ample saving for you.


  • Great Investment Value

Most people think that purchasing a Pre-owned Rolex watch is better than buying a new luxury watch. Pre-owned watch ensures you with great investment value because luxury Rolex manufacturers’ model acquires low depreciation on buying pre-owned Rolex.


  • Discounts

When you purchased new Rolex from the authorized dealer, they depreciate it about 10% to 11%, which is a huge amount. Buying a Pre-owned Rolex is a perfect way to avoid such situation. Make sure that purchase pre-owned Rolex from reliable and renowned providers like Ellis. Along with quality and value, we ensure you with great discount.


  • 2 Years Warranty

We strive to ensure you with the highest level of the performance piece and to achieve this, we sell meticulously serviced pre-owned Rolex with a Two Year Warranty.


Hope these 5 points can help you to realize the importance of buying Pre-owned Rolex instead of a new luxury Rolex. Explore the fresh collection of Pre-owned Rolex at Ellis Fine Jewelers.

Replace Your Watch Gasket in Just 4 Easy Steps!

Jewlery and Watches are considered to be one of the indispensable accessories for both women and men. It will never go out of the fashion, in fact, it always adds charm to your personality and style. Be it a business meeting or casual office party, watches always enhance your personality and make you look absolutely fantastic.


Since watches are daily wearable accessories, incisions and scratches are the common part of wearing it. But deeper scratches and incisions may not only deteriorate the look of the glass facing, it also weakens the glass face and leads to more cracks and breaks. This cracks and breaks make the watch dial the home of dirt and water and will make your watch worse beyond repair.


So, if you are looking for a better replacement for your watch gasket, this blog will for sure help you. In today’s blog, you’ll come across 4 easy steps that help you to acknowledge exact replacement for your watch gasket.


Gaskets are the most important in watches that act as a water resistance. Many proficient watch repairers use a compression fitted crystal gasket, this will restrict the flow of water.

Hour Time Timer Minutes Watch Clock Countdown

Material Required – A new watch crystal gasket, toothpick or pegwood, toothbrush and a soapy water.


Step 1 – Open your watch carefully and then remove movements, crystal and old gasket delicately. If you unable to remove gasket due to its hardness you may use peg wood to remove it or you can also use warm soapy water. Soak your case and then rub the watch case with toothbrush gently. Make sure that your watch case should completely dry before proceeding to further steps.


Step 2 – Now press the new gasket into the groove, for this, you can also use peg wood for this procedure. The best thing about crystal gasket is that it does not require any lubrication, but you need to be a little patient as it required a long time. Make sure that press the crystal gently until you find the right amount of pressure.


Step 3 – Once the gasket fitted into the groove in the flat position, now fit the new crystal with the help of crystal press.


Step 4 – After fitting crystal, now insert the watch movement back carefully and then close the watch back. Now your new dust and water-free watch are ready to use.


Hope these points will help you to replace your watch gasket without any hassle. Still, if you are unable to replace or if you think that you can’t replace your watch gasket, worry not, we, at Ellis Fine Jewelers, are dedicated to ensuring you with foolproof watch repair solutions. Be it fixing all problems with the watch face, band, and internal workings, our proficient artisans are expert in the watchmaking and repairing business.

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

The market for pre-owned things is big. The wristwatch market is no exception.  Even though a wristwatch is a personal item, at some point, people are willing to part with it and buy something more expensive or more special to them. This week, we at Rolex Watches, offer some guidance on where and what to look for.

Before we begin, it is essential to understand that the market for pre-owned watches can be categorized into, those being fairly new watches and vintage watches. At the moment, the discussion will be on pre-owned Rolex watches from the 1990’s and later. Things before the 1990’s can be considered “Vintage”, even though some define vintage as meaning before to the 80’s or even before.
Why are drawing this line? Buying old watches needs a bit more expertise and explanation. We will cover the subject of vintage watches in another article. Why would you want to buy a pre-owned Rolex watch?

Well, there could be a chance that a watch you really like is not in production and is not available anymore. Under such circumstance, the only way to obtain such a watch would be in the pre-owned market, unless you hope to come across a never used model at a dealer who has never sold in the place, the chances of that happening are pretty thin.

Service history

It is not so important if the watch is only one or two years old, always ask about the service history of the watch and for the invoice. Since servicing a mechanical watch cost you quite a bit, chances are slim that the seller discarded this important document. If there is no invoice, then understand that the watch hasn’t had a service overhaul.  Calculate the cost of paying for the service yourself and add it to the watch’s price.  Decide whether it is still worth going forward. Ask for the official service cost at a renowned dealer.

Scratches and Dents

A watch should be worn. We have little use for those who put their new watch in a safe and never wear it again. Not every watch is meant for everyday wear, but it is sad to see most of these elegant watches disappear in collections that never see daylight. Of course, a watch that has been worn will have a few tiny hairline scratches, a few deep scratches and an occasional dent.

Ask yourself what sort of shock or bump a watch must have received if a scratch is deep or has several dents.  You may still buy it, especially if you have checked to see that all its functions still work, but remember that damages could go deeper than what is seen on the surface.
With all the information given above, I hope you are satisfied.  If you still have a bit of confusion, contact Ellis Fine Jewelers for further information.