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Diamond Rings for Men According to their Professions

Jewelry and accessories are not only meant for women, men as well accentuate their individual persona with these accessories. The difference is that very less and selective range is available in the jewelry world. These ranges include rings, bands, cuff links, bracelets, and timepieces. When it comes to selecting rings or bands for men, besides style and personality, the most important thing you should consider is Profession.


We know that narrowing down your selection according to the profession is quite a daunting task? Worry not, through this article, we are bringing a guide to choose a handpicked selection of elegant Diamond Ring and Band for men according to their profession.



For a doctor, wearing hand jewelry is not so easy. It is important for them to keep their hands free from germs. As jewelry like the diamond ring is considered to be placed where germs hide out in its setting easily. So, this is the reason that doctors avoid to wear rings at their workstation. Thus, for this specific guidelines are made that define that what kind of jewelry a doctor can wear in his profession.

If your partner is the doctor, you can consider giving the simple yet stylish ring with inset diamond. This ring locked the setting space and keep germs away from it. Furthermore, you can also buy the finely engraved ring.



In this profession of Mechanics, the person undoubtedly has to come in contact with the germs as their hands covered with the toxic substances like grease, oil and much more. Their hands come into contact with the oil and greasing, in such situation wearing a ring is almost impossible. These substances can mar the design detailing of the ring.

To avoid such problem, always choose simple design ring with the smooth finishing. Make sure that avoid intricate detailing because the harmful substances can end up in every corner of the ring. Simple design ring will give no place to toxic dirt to hide.



Construction Worker

If your man is Construction Worker or handymen like the renowned constructor, electrician, or plumber, then while selecting the ring for him, you should focus more on durability. The chances of scratches are more in such occupation. Thus, in such case, you should avoid metals like gold because it is not durable and fit to wear while doing such hard tasks.

So, if your man is involved in such kind of services, then you should consider buying something heavy and durable. For this, you can think of Platinum and Tungsten Ring without any second thought because these types of ring are durable and scratch resistant.


Sports Player or Athletes

Sportsperson or Athletes need to do the more physical workout that involves hands like muscular exercise, Cardio, push-ups, and much more. Thus, they avoid wearing fancy accessories like ring or bracelet that can affect their performance. Thus, you should choose something simple and elegant and avoid large diamond ring.

If your fiance is a dedicated sports player or an athlete by profession, then you can consider buying the white gold diamond ring with the pave setting. This ring is comfortable to wear and will not affect the performance level of the player.


These were the few major suggestions that can help you to select the impeccable pieces for your man without any inconvenience. Implementing these guidelines can not only leave your man with the elegant Diamond ring but also with the amazing experience.


Get an exotic and timeless range of Men’s Diamond Ring at Ellis Fine Jewelers. Created with the ethically sourced quality-grade diamond and metal type, Our every ring exudes perfect look and style that goes well with every outfit. Visit our store located at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025 to try your hands on our awe-inspiring collection of the Diamond Ring.

Cash For Gold – Do’s and Don’t

We all love the gold jewelry that we have as an ornament to adorn our self. Little do we know that these gold ornaments are not just a possession, but a valuable possession, which can be of great use when in dire need of cash. One can always turn to monetize their gold: either in the form of ornaments or in the form of coins.

But one drawback that most people experience when selling their gold for cash is that they tend to get the amount much lower than they have expected. Here, we have listed a few points to be considered before you head to sell your gold.

  • Bill:Whenever you intend to sell your jewelry always carry the respective bill or invoice as it would eliminate any dispute regarding the purity and weight of the ornament.
  • Know the Worth: Gold jewelry has no standardized assessment patterns for evaluations, so it is always better to check the worth of your ornaments by visiting at least three to four stores and then settle for the one offering the highest price.
  • Hallmark: A jewelry that bears the 916 hallmark is always preferred by a jeweler than one that does not bears the mark as it means that the jewelry is 91.6% purity of gold in 22 karat gold. But if one has jewelry without the hallmark then one can always avail the services of a store that has karat meter and can establish the karat and purity of the gold.
  • Actual Price: It is a known fact that the selling price of a gold ornament is always less than its current market cost price. A jewelry shop will determine the price of the ornament by first melting it in a blast furnace and then evaluating the price of pure gold. The jewelers do charge a fee for this evaluation process which is very nominal and mostly deducted from the price that they offer. Also, making charges and taxes that one pays during the purchase of gold jewelry is entirely lost at the time of selling bringing the actual amount 8-9% less than the estimated price.
  • The best place to sell: Ellis Fine Jewelers.  A visit to a reputed jewelry shop is the best shot at getting the right worth of your gold and be saved from any malpractices of a pawn shop.

Now you are ready with all the knowledge needed for selling gold for cash.

Walk the Oscars Red Carpet on Your Own Terms

Imagine if you were a celebrity – the most talked about celebrity on the red carpet of the 88th Academy Awards – would you dress in black? Would you braid your hair? What kind of jewelry would you wear?

Statement Earrings - Dallas Wardrobe:

Image – Pinterest

Cathleen McCarthy knows exactly what she would flaunt, should she ever get a chance to walk the red carpet:

Oscar jewelry: what I would wear on the red carpet

I don’t hold out much hope of tripping down a red carpet in this lifetime – did I say trip? That’s probably exactly what would happen. Hollywood is not calling my name and it wouldn’t matter anyway. In my fantasy world, I’d be up for something unglamorous like writing a script or producing a documentary. Let’s face it, the Oscar spotlight is on the actresses.

But man, what I would give to have their pick of jewels for the big night! How many times have you watched the red carpet coverage and thought, “Really. That’s the best you could do?” That invisible diamond stud? Where is the lariat necklace for that plunging neckline! Where is the bracelet stack on those lovely slender arms? See full post here

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Image – Pinterest

How much do you agree with her choices? Have jewelry of your own that you would like to show off? Tell us about it in the comments.

Looking to make some jewelry purchases of your own? Compliment your collection with the products on sale on our website:


The excitement is building at Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord!  We are embarking on a ground-breaking journey – trying something new – AN ONLINE ESTATE AUCTION!  From 7:00pm Friday, September 12th though 8:00pm, Friday, September 26th, we are featuring 85 gorgeous estate jewelry pieces, available for purchase on our auction website –

For the first time our Estate Jewelry will be available to our local community as well as to our out-of-town fans across the country and even the world!  We are very proud of our Estate Collection and love the thought of sharing all these beautiful pieces we acquire with as many as we can.  Also included as part of the 85 pieces are 15 exclusive pieces that have never be available to our clientele.  There is truly something for everyone!  We have spectacular loose diamonds, incredible earrings, handsome men’s jewelry, designer pieces, and many gorgeous colored gemstone items.   We have bracelets, rings, pendants, and so much more!  Even a unique lobster pin is among the items on which to bid!

To make the event extra special, we are thrilled to be teaming with The Community Free Clinic of Concord.  This non-profit organization helps to provide health care to those with none.  A portion of the proceeds from our auction will be given to the Clinic, with a guaranteed donation of $500.  Please click on the link above to learn more about the Clinic as we are proud to feature this fine group of people, most of whom donate their time and energy to help others in our local community.

Bidding Instructions

Visit the auction website RIGHT NOW to scope out the pieces.  However, place your bids no earlier than 7:00pm on September 12th.  You will see that the price of each piece starts off at an amazingly low bid.  Once bidding begins that evening, simply place your bid with the instructions provided, paying attention to the minimum increment required for the next bid.  If you are outbid, you will receive an email immediately, thus giving you the chance to bid again!  Bids may continue until 8:00pm, September 26th.  At the end of the auction, the person with the highest bid will be the winner of the piece.  Yay!  If you just must have the piece right away and do not want to be involved in a bidding war, then bid the “BUY NOW” price at any time during the auction, and the piece is yours!  Yay, again!  Payment will be made as easy as possible, by either paying in person at the store, or by using our PayPal system.  Details are available on the website.

We are pleased to include you in this inaugural event.  Note that all pieces are available for viewing in the store, beginning on the opening day of the auction and many right now, too.  Bids will also be taken in the store and over the phone if you feel you are not so computer savvy – no worries about that!  Feel free to call the store with any questions at 704 782-9314.  Enjoy all the fun……and


A Great Big Thank You!

As we move into 2014, we would like to thank all of our clients who have helped mold and shape  what Ellis Jewelers is today.  Your support and loyalty has proudly allowed us to celebrate a milestone sixty years as your hometown jewelry store in downtown Concord.

We have clients coming in on a regular basis letting us know that they, their parents or even their grandparents bought their wedding rings at our store oh so many years ago.  Some even remember the price they paid for their wedding set – $40 we have heard some people tell us was the price back in the day.  Who would have realized that the price of gold would soar so high today?  We also have clients who bake for us!  Thank you so much for bringing in those delicious goodies!  Our stomachs appreciate it, too!  We also receive many visits from people asking about our founder, Ellis, who started the business in 1953.  We are pleased for you to know that he is retired now and leading a happy and healthy life .

Today, we believe that our strong customer service allows us continued success.  We strive to listen, recommend, and follow through on all of your jewelry needs.  Our best form of advertisement is your testimonials to others.  Thank you for continuing to recommend us to others for your jewelry needs.  We will continue to be a full service fine jewelery store, specializing in diamond engagement rings, custom design, and jewelry repair.  Yes, we have moved into the high technological age with Facebook, Twitter, mobile texts, blogging (ha!), but we always maintain our small town store face to face interaction as well.  You will find us in the store wanting to hear about your day and what’s new in your life.  We love our relationships with you!  You will also find us out in the community, supporting other local businesses and charities.

Over the years our store’s look and store’s selection have surely changed, but the one thing that will never change is our continued commitment to our clients.  We will always strive for you.  As we always say “we are in the happiness business.” – Dan is the “Smile Maker” and our sales associates are the “Dream Makers.”  As we approach the next sixty years, we feel humbled, and would again like to thank you again for continuing to choose Ellis Jewelers as your fine jewelry store.  We will be here when you need us and all the best for 2014.

Come Meet Us at the Charlotte Bridal Showcase

This Sunday, January 26th, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, come down to the Charlotte Bridal Showcase and meet the people of Ellis Jewelers at Booth 304.  The Charlotte Convention Center will be magically transformed into a beautiful room of flowers, table settings, bridal dress boutiques, hair stylists, caterers, and of course dazzling bling!  All the specific details can be found at the Charlotte Bridal Showcase by clicking here.  Information at the website includes information about registering, directions, prizes, and booth locations.  The event is sponsored by Belk, Party Reflections, and The Knot.

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!  We are excited to meet you and to show you our collection of sample engagement rings, ladies wedding bands, and gentlemen’s wedding bands.  While most of you will have already received your engagement rings, finding the right wedding band to fit your diamond ring can be tricky.  We will have a host of wedding bands for every style of engagement ring – halo, antique, solitaire – you name it!  It’s one of the things we specialize in.  And we also are there to give our expert and advice on fit and style should you ask for it.

Engagement Rings

We always bring a large assortment of engagement ring samples.  As I said before, we do know that most of the brides-to-be already have their engagement rings, but you’d be surprised how much fun it is for their      mom’s, grandmom’s, bridesmaids, and friends to come and try on our selection of samples!  And since all of our engagement rings are paired with a matching wedding band, it helps us to look at the bride’s ring and make a comparison to find the perfect matching wedding band.  We’ll showcase a cz sample selection of a wide variety of stone shapes in the latest mounting styles.



Ladies’ Wedding Bands


We will also have a large assortment of sample cz wedding bands on hand to complement your engagement ring.  Once you’re engaged, it’s NEVER too early too early to pick out your wedding bands and tuck them away for safe keeping.  It’s one less thing to worry about at such a busy time!  We are experts in finding the perfect fitting wedding band for your engagement ring.  Stop by our booth and try some on to get ideas what will look great and to rule out what doesn’t.



Gentlemen’s Wedding Bands


Even though this is a “Bridal” showcase, we must not forget about the grooms!  They are, of course, the other half of the equation.  Many brides bring their faithful groom to this event, and we would be remiss if we didn’t have bling for them to try on!  We will be there with sample cz gents wedding bands as well.  A lot of times it can be the first time the gentleman has even put on a ring!!  And most are very unsure of their wedding ring finger size.  We’ll help you out with this, too.  We will have a set of finger sizers to help you determine your size, which is definitely a must know for the bride.  Traditionally, it is the she who purchases the groom’s wedding band.  Some guys will go for a bling ring like the one shown on the left.  We love that look!  Others will go the more conservative route, choosing a plain white or yellow gold band, and, today, alternative metals such as tungsten and titanium are very popular.


Come out of the cold this Sunday and warm with up with us by our sparkling, fire-filled samples of rings.  And come show us your beautiful rings!  We are always interested in seeing what you have chosen for your forever ring.  Safe travels, and we’ll see you then.




Just a Little Jewelry Education for You

At Ellis Jewelers we pride ourselves on being excellent listeners.  Each client that comes in to our store in downtown Concord receives the same attentive service.  We know that we need to listen to you very carefully to find out exactly what your needs are.  We also aim to educate you to on some jewelry facts to help you in your decision making, be it for choosing designing a piece of jewelry or selling us some of your old, unwanted jewelry.  Below are some facts about jewelry that you may or may not know.  We hope they come in handy!

Gold Facts

• Gold comes out of the ground with a yellow color.  Man alters gold to change its color using other metal alloys.  Some of the most common colors we alter gold to are white, rose, and black.

• 24 Karat (24K) gold is what is termed “pure” gold or 100% gold.  When gold is traded on the stock market daily, the gold is 24K.

• ALL Karat determination is based on 24K gold.  18 Karat (18K) gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal alloys.  14 Karat (14K) gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metal alloys.  10 Karat (10K) gold is 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metal alloys.

Gold vs Sterling Silver

•  The value of gold is much higher based on stock market value than sterling silver.  At the time of the writing of this blog gold’s market value per ounce is $1233.50 and silver’s $19.80.  Gold is considered the more precious metal, thus the higher price.  And then, thus the higher price on gold jewelry and the higher price offered when selling your gold.

•  While white gold is silver in color, it is a completely different metal and value to sterling silver.

Diamond Facts

•  The weight of a diamond is measured in Carats.  As if to confuse us, this is a completely different meaning than Karat which is used for gold.  In addition, Carat represents a weight, not size.  In other words, not all one carat diamonds are the same size.

•  For diamonds, we truly believe that “seeing is believing.”  While listing the characteristics of a diamond, such as its 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat) is a helpful guide to describing the appearance of a diamond, it does not tell the whole picture of the stone.  Picture this,  if you are house-hunting and we tell you that a house is 1800 square feet, 2 story, white, and has 4 bedrooms, you cannot tell if you like the house or not.  You must “see” it to know.  The same is true of a diamond.  You must “see” it before you know if it is beautiful and full of fire.

Jewelry Styling

•  The typical length of a chain on a necklace for a woman is 18 inches.  For some this is perfect, for others shorter or longer is better.  At Ellis Jewelers, we want you to have the length chain that best suits you.  If a necklace of ours has an 18″ chain but it is 20″ that is your preferred length, we will work hard to find you the correct chain.

•  New rings for women that we have in the store will most typically be a 6.5 to a 7.  This is the average size of a woman’s ring finger so this is the size that companies make.  For a gentleman, it is a size 10.  But there are no worries at our store.  We size all of our gold rings complimentary with no charge to you.  For our sterling silver rings, most can be ordered in your exact finger size.  If not, there is a minimal charge.

We hope that we have given you a small dose of jewelry education with the above facts.  If there are more things that you have questions about, never hesitate to ask our jewelry associates.  We are all very experienced and skilled in answering your questions informatively and to the detail that you desire.  We want you to be as knowledgeable as you can so you feel comfortable making you jewelry purchases with us or selling your gold to us.


Oh No! Her Birthday is in December, too!

So many of us have birthdays right around the holiday time.  Some of us enjoy the blending of the holidays, and others wish their birthday celebration was a bit separate from the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day and all the preceding parties. For those of us looking for gifts for our loved one this time of year, we at Ellis Jewelers would like to recommend a birthstone piece of jewelry to mark her special day.  They’ll be no doubt that this present will be marking her birthday.  There are three stone choices to choose from each lovelier than the next: the most common, blue topaz, the on to tanzanite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and blue zircon.

December Birthstones

History of the December Birthstone

According to the website here are some interesting facts and history about the December birthstones:

• Turquoise has been used by various cultures throughout history as protection.  In the past it served as protection from evil and enemies.  United States cowboys wore the gem to protect themselves from falling off their horses.  Today turquoise is worn to ward off depression.

• Topaz has also been thought of as protection against enemies, bad luck, and sudden death.  In Greek history, it was believed that wearing the gemstone would make men more attractive and women fertile.

• Tanzanite is actually a newly discovered gemstone, being founded in 1967 in Tanzania.  It became one of the December birthstones in 2002.  Being so new, it lacks the historical myths and legends that other gemstones possess.  It is worn for its unusual color and stunning beauty.

• Lapis Lazuli has ancient roots, being first mined more than 6,000 years ago in Afghanistan.  The stone represents truth and friendship, and it is believed that the wearer of this stone will be a free thought thinker and will enjoy harmonious relationships.

• Zircon comes in many colors but it is the blue version that represents the December birthstone.  It has a rich history, as well, being part of Aaron’s Breastplate and admired by the Hindu poets.  The gemstone is believed to help with sleeping and bring prosperity, honor, and wisdom to its owner.

Galatea Blue Topaz Jewelry

We have some absolutely gorgeous blue topaz jewelry in the store designed by the artist Galatea.  It is truly exquisite and is based on Davinchi’s color principles.  A ruby and emerald are place behind the blue topaz and the light effects are amazing.  The pieces are available in necklaces and earrings and must be seen to be truly appreciated.  Any of these pieces would be a wonderful choice to make the birthday girl feel extra special.

Tanzanite Jewelry

The tanzantite gemstone has a lovely purple-blue hue. We have both new pieces and estate pieces in our store collection right now.  This gemstone is quite popular with our clients and at this time of year it’s hard to keep the pieces in our showcase.  We recommend that you come in to see them as soon as you can.

Lapis Lazuli

Just added to our estate collection is a lovely pair of snap-back pear shaped lapis earrings in yellow gold.  If your birthday is in December and you love this gemstone, these are the earrings for you!

Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon jewelry is a rarer requested gemstone in our store.  We have received some pieces in our estate case in the past, but they are quickly purchased by our clients because it’s such an unusual, beautiful color.  Of course, custom design is always something that we love to do.   If this is the gemstone for you, then we are happy to find you the perfect blue zircon and make a gorgeous piece of jewelry for you!

Birthdays are special and the perfect occasion to give your lady a piece of jewelry, even if that birthday falls right around Christmas.  Come in to Ellis Jewelers, and we can help you find the right piece of December gemstone jewelry for her.  If you’d like to give her a piece of jewelry for Christmas, too, we can help you choose a beautiful matching piece to compliment her birthday gift.  We ladies do love matching pieces!

Yes! We Still Have It!

The rush is on!  With the countdown to Christmas getting smaller and smaller, we want you to know that at Ellis Jewelers we are still ready!  We can still find the perfect gift to put that smile on her face on Christmas morning.  Our selection this holiday season is extensive and gorgeous.  We have no doubt that you’ll find the piece that you are looking for.

Spectacular Diamond Engagement Rings

If it’s an engagement you’re wanting to celebrate this holiday season, we are the place to come.  Right now we have several beautiful and unique diamonds mounted and ready to go out the door.  We have worked hard to find engagement ring styles that are one of a kind so you’ll both feel special.  Please come in and look out our new Carizza diamond collection.  We have an incredible emerald cut diamond mounted in a double halo which is just exquisite.  In the same line we have a gorgeous pear mounted also in halo style with a split shank.  For the couple looking for something just a bit different in diamond shape, there are no prettier rings.

If you are looking for tradition in your engagement ring, we have many solitaire diamonds in white gold and yellow gold ready to be placed on her finger.  Or if custom design is your wish, there is still some time to pick out the perfect stone and with our huge in-store selection, choose the mounting of your choice.

Amazing Right Hand and Fashion Rings

This year in particular, we have worked hard to find the most beautiful rings designed to wear on your right hand.  We have a fire opal ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds that would look lovely on any lady’s finger.  For those of you not familiar with the fire opal, it is an amazing orange color.  We also just added a thick band with emeralds and diamonds in a two-tone white and yellow gold to our showcase.  It’s the perfect colored ring for this holiday time of year!  We also have a beautiful rose gold and morganite ring which would add an unexpected look to her jewelry wardrobe.  And these are just three of our large selection of right hand and fashion rings all still available at the store.

Extensive Selection of Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Between our new selection and our estate selection, this year we have almost everything you could ask for.  Ruby bracelet?  Got it?  Lapis earrings?  Got it.  Pink tourmaline necklace?  Got it.  We have just about every colored gemstone in the store in your favorite style of jewelry – be it a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring, or a bracelet.  Come in and see our beautiful color.

Lots of Stocking Stuffers

If it’s just a smaller, staple items that you need, we have those too.  We have a large selection of gold and sterling silver chains and charm bracelets.  Plus, the charms or pendants that go with those chains.  We have sports jewelry for moms that cheer on the sidelines and for the daughters that play.  Also, we have a huge assortment of Karisma charms to choose from if your lady has some pieces already.

It’s not too late to come in and let us help you find the perfect gift for that lady in your life.  Our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates are ready to listen and make suggestions.  We are open on Christmas Eve until about 4:00pm.  And don’t forget to let us do the wrapping!

Ellis Jewelers – One Stop Holiday Shopping!

Ahhh!  The holiday shopping rush is upon us once again.  The most joyful season can also be the most stressful.  Coming up with new and creative ideas that are also in your budget for some of those “hard to buy” people on your Christmas gift list  can create some unwanted stress.  At Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord, we want to be your one stop for holiday shopping!  Our expert sales associates along with our smilemaker, Dan, are up to the challenge!

Your Female Friend

For those of us that give gifts to our special female friends, we have some great and affordable choices.  Even the smallest budget can find something special in our store.  We have a large assortment of sterling silver charms for either a bracelet or a necklace in many themed areas – sports, beach, family, etc.  For those charms that we do not have in the store, we can special order them and need only a small window of time and for a minimal shipping charge.  We also have fashionable sterling silver chains and bracelets and Fourteen Karat stud earrings in yellow, white, and rose gold.  All of these gifts are under $50.

Your Male Friend

Our jewelry store is a terrific place to find a classic and affordable gift for that male friend on your Christmas list.  We have chains and crosses in sterling silver and stainless steel, the latter being less expensive.  How about a billfold or key chain?  They make thoughtful as well as practical gifts.  For a small charge, these can be engraved as well.  We just need a bit extra time (about a week) for our expert engraver to complete it.  For a little more expense, a gentleman’s bracelet or some cuff links

make terrific gifts.

The Teenage Girl

We have some terrific ideas for a teenage young lady.  How about a “mini” shoe to hold her rings?  These cute pieces have rhinestones and glitter and several cushioned slots to hold all of her rings.  Plus they make a great decoration in her room!  The Karisma jewelry by Royal Chain is one of our unique favorites!  It is a sterling silver line that comes in pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets.  It’s a way to change up your jewelry every day.  Using a magnetic system, charms can be swapped out for different looks with the same “base” piece.  It’s a great way for teenagers to start on the path of jewelry in an affordable way.  Come in to the store, and we can show you how it works!

There are usually at least eight people on our Christmas shopping lists.  Let it begin and end at Ellis Jewelers!  We’ll find gifts for all those eight!  We have listed just three types of people that you may have to buy for, but we know there are aunts, uncles, teachers, hairdressers not to mention your spouse, mom, dad, etc that are on your lists.  At this time of year when there’s just so much, let us help.  And remember, we do all the wrapping, too!  Happy Holidays!