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Just a Little Jewelry Education for You

At Ellis Jewelers we pride ourselves on being excellent listeners.  Each client that comes in to our store in downtown Concord receives the same attentive service.  We know that we need to listen to you very carefully to find out exactly what your needs are.  We also aim to educate you to on some jewelry facts to help you in your decision making, be it for choosing designing a piece of jewelry or selling us some of your old, unwanted jewelry.  Below are some facts about jewelry that you may or may not know.  We hope they come in handy!

Gold Facts

• Gold comes out of the ground with a yellow color.  Man alters gold to change its color using other metal alloys.  Some of the most common colors we alter gold to are white, rose, and black.

• 24 Karat (24K) gold is what is termed “pure” gold or 100% gold.  When gold is traded on the stock market daily, the gold is 24K.

• ALL Karat determination is based on 24K gold.  18 Karat (18K) gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metal alloys.  14 Karat (14K) gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metal alloys.  10 Karat (10K) gold is 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metal alloys.

Gold vs Sterling Silver

•  The value of gold is much higher based on stock market value than sterling silver.  At the time of the writing of this blog gold’s market value per ounce is $1233.50 and silver’s $19.80.  Gold is considered the more precious metal, thus the higher price.  And then, thus the higher price on gold jewelry and the higher price offered when selling your gold.

•  While white gold is silver in color, it is a completely different metal and value to sterling silver.

Diamond Facts

•  The weight of a diamond is measured in Carats.  As if to confuse us, this is a completely different meaning than Karat which is used for gold.  In addition, Carat represents a weight, not size.  In other words, not all one carat diamonds are the same size.

•  For diamonds, we truly believe that “seeing is believing.”  While listing the characteristics of a diamond, such as its 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat) is a helpful guide to describing the appearance of a diamond, it does not tell the whole picture of the stone.  Picture this,  if you are house-hunting and we tell you that a house is 1800 square feet, 2 story, white, and has 4 bedrooms, you cannot tell if you like the house or not.  You must “see” it to know.  The same is true of a diamond.  You must “see” it before you know if it is beautiful and full of fire.

Jewelry Styling

•  The typical length of a chain on a necklace for a woman is 18 inches.  For some this is perfect, for others shorter or longer is better.  At Ellis Jewelers, we want you to have the length chain that best suits you.  If a necklace of ours has an 18″ chain but it is 20″ that is your preferred length, we will work hard to find you the correct chain.

•  New rings for women that we have in the store will most typically be a 6.5 to a 7.  This is the average size of a woman’s ring finger so this is the size that companies make.  For a gentleman, it is a size 10.  But there are no worries at our store.  We size all of our gold rings complimentary with no charge to you.  For our sterling silver rings, most can be ordered in your exact finger size.  If not, there is a minimal charge.

We hope that we have given you a small dose of jewelry education with the above facts.  If there are more things that you have questions about, never hesitate to ask our jewelry associates.  We are all very experienced and skilled in answering your questions informatively and to the detail that you desire.  We want you to be as knowledgeable as you can so you feel comfortable making you jewelry purchases with us or selling your gold to us.


What’s the Occasion? The Occasion is “just because!”

Recently, we had a young man come in to the store to sell some gold.  When he was done, he moseyed over to our Sweetheart sterling silver necklaces.  He told me that he was looking for a gift for his girlfriend.  When I asked him what the occasion was – something I normally ask to offer the best advice to our clients, he said that there was no occasion.  He just wanted to tell her that he loved her and had appreciated her support for him in the past few months.  I was tickled to help him, and he chose a cute pink heart pendant that said “love” on it.  I wrapped it up for him, and he left all smiles, eager to present the gift.

That got us thinking at Ellis Jewelers … have you ever thought of giving your lady or man a beautiful gift of fine jewelry “just because?”  Outside of the birthday, anniversary, or holiday reason?  Sure we all love to receive those thoughtful pieces for special occasions.  They make that special time even more marked and memorable.  But what about such a gift for no reason at?  Simply one just to say, “I love you.”   You can run the gamut in your choice of jewelry – from a ladies right hand diamond ring to a cute Hershey Kiss Sterling Silver Necklace.  And typically it’s the ladies we think of when giving that jewelry, but don’t forget, men are no exception to the “just because” rule.  Even ladies can can reap the benefits and treat their man to some wonderful jewelry gifts.  How about a right hand signet ring with his initials or some trendy stainless steel cuff links?  The choice is yours to decide just how extravagant your “just because” gift should be.  We can show you around the store at a price range that’s comfortable for, and below are a couple of other ideas to get you thinking about a gift for no occasion at all!

Ellis Brand or Citizen Watch

Although a watch can work for the ladies, to, for the “just because gift, we are thinking a stylish watch for the men.  We offer our own brand of watch – the Ellis Watch.  These watches are made of Swiss components and assembled in the United States.  They come in a variety of handsome styles – from leather to stainless with various features.  They are imprinted with the Ellis name and are battery driven.  Or choose our Citizen Brand watch.  Most are EcoDrive which do not require a battery and operate on light sources.  These, too, come in a variety of styles.  Either choice would make a fantastic “just because” gift for your man!

Estate Jewelry

For ladies, a gift from our estate case can just add to that “just because” feeling.  These are pieces that I like to call “previously loved,” meaning that they have been owned and enjoyed before.  They are gorgeous pieces that are old but have such appeal even today.  Our estate changes weekly, so you never know what you might find, just that they are one of a kind.  The selection is extensive, and we have everything from earrings to necklaces to rings and even the occasional brooch.  A fine jewelry piece from this case is sure to please!

No matter your choice, big or small, giving a “just because” gift is such a wonderful thing to do for the one you love.  You’re sure to make your love feel incredibly special and grateful and you’ll get all kinds of kudos and be the talk of the town!  And once you choose your “just because” gift, we will wrap it up for you with just the right paper and bow.  At Ellis Jewelers we do pride ourselves in our bow-making to help you present your wonderful gift with just a little something extra for your beloved.  We want you to enjoy giving your special gift!  We will check up on you to see how the presentation of your gift went, but don’t forget to come back in and let us know.  We love hearing the updates on gift giving!  That way we make sure that we keep providing you the fine jewelry pieces, the advice, the service, and the customer care that you expect.