According to, a push gift is a “present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child.”  Commemorating the birth of a child with a gift is thought to have begun in England and India.  It first appeared as a “coined” phrase in publication in 1992.  At Ellis Jewelers, we often have a client coming in looking for just the right “push gift” for the mother of his child.  We have such a wonderful selection of fine jewelry and fine fashion jewelry to help you mark this incredible event, and will give you our expert advice and opinion on what the new mom would like.  Once you’ve told us a little bit about her and your new baby, we will show you just the right thing.  We have included below some excellent ideas that we think will be just perfect.

Birthstone Jewelry

Often, it is a great idea to mark the occasion with a piece of jewelry that has the birthstone of the month that the new baby is born.  For this, the month of October, the birthstone of the month is the gorgeous opal.  We have a wonderful collection of opal jewelry online as well as in our store. You can find earrings, rings, and necklaces.  Whatever your favorite!  And you might even come in to look at our stunning new fire opal ring.  It’s red in color surrounded by diamonds!  Truly a one of a kind piece!

Diamond Anniversary Band

What an incredible and unexpected surprise it would be to be given an anniversary band for the birth of a child!   I know that it happened to me!  Check out our huge selection of diamond anniversary bands which we also have online and in our store.  Choose from any number of stones you’d like in any color of gold to match your beloved’s wedding set; yellow, white, or even rose.  If you’d prefer platinum, we also have those.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Another special idea that we have for a push gift is our timeless fingerprint jewelry.  It’s actually an easy process to help you get the fingerprint of your newborn.  Call the store or come on in for details.  And once we have the fingerprint, simply choose the type of jewelry that you would like to imprint; from a pendant for a necklace to a charm for a charm bracelet.  We will have it made for you in a week’s time.  It’s a unique and heartfelt gift that the new mom will be sure to love and preserve her child’s fingerprint forever.

The birth of a child is such a joyous and momentous occasion.  If you think a “push gift” is something you’d like to surprise the new mom with, please come in to Ellis Jewelers. Let us help you find just the perfect fine jewelry gift.  And as always, let us wrap it for you.  Have you seen those incredible bows that Carolyn makes?