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Fashion or costume jewelry can be a good way to spruce up your wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket. It looks good, feels good and what else do you need! Unlike fine jewelry, the materials used in fashion jewelry look good only at the surface. Metals used are usually copper, nickel, or other non-precious metals coated with precious metals by plating, dipping, filling and rolling.Certain high quality fashion jewelry pieces can be hard to distinguish from fine jewelry even upon close inspection.

Fashion jewelry has its roots in the technique of enamel jewelry in early 19th century. Designers employed this technique to enhance non-precious metals and it found a huge market in people who were eager to experience high fashion without the means to pay for it.

Now fashion jewelry holds its own in the jewelry industry and with all you need to know about it, here is Jeff Molenda

Fashion jewelry can complete your wardrobe without breaking the bank. It is created from inexpensive metals and imitation gemstones. Fallalery, fake jewelry, junk jewelry, costume jewelry and trinkets are some other unflattering names given to this kind of jewelry.

Unlike “real” or fine jewelry, fashion jewelry is strictly used in fashion. It may be rather flashy and gaudy. High end fashion jewelry is more subdued and is designed to simulate upscale jewelry.



What it is made up of?


Fashion jewelry is made from base metals, acrylic, plastic, glass, synthetic stones, wood, or leather. Inexpensive simulated gemstones that are used include rhinestones or lucite; and the jewelry’s stones are showcased in pewter, sterling silver, nickel or brass settings. The main reason behind the use of sterling silver and other base metals is that they resemble platinum. Today, fashion jewelry is designed with high end synthetic gemstones; such as crystal and cubic zirconium. The base metals used include gold and silver plated brass, vermeil and sterling silver.


What is the right way to use it?


Fashion jewelry can make or break someone’s personality. For those who believe that wearing fashion jewelry makes them look cheaper, here is how to use this kind of jewelry the right way:


Avoid looking overdone


Regardless of the kind of fashion jewelry you are wearing, it is easy to look overdone. The best way to avoid coming off cheap is to follow one simple rule: “Less is more”. Too many rings, bracelets, chains and choker with the same gem theme can become a fashion jewelry nightmare. Keep your jewelry selection simple. “More” is not always “Better.” For example; a fashionable person wearing one gold necklace speaks Elegance, while that same person draping ten gold necklaces around his neck screams “OVERDONE.”


Size, color and outfit


Besides limiting your jewelry to a few well chosen pieces, you can look fashionable by keeping three things in mind- size, color, and outfit.


Size: Stay with smaller, tasteful pieces of jewelry. A diamond ring sporting a gem of the size of a lemon cries out cheap.


Color: Elegance is destroyed if the choice of color is not right. Wearing jewelry that sports a gem in an unreal color cries gaudy.


Outfit: When choosing the best jewelry for your outfit, spend some time reading fashion magazines to know some fundamental do’s and don’ts of fashion. Wearing a 10 carat emerald with a grubby workout costume will shout “No Fashion Sense!!”


Try getting the right size

 Everyone has their own unique aesthetic preferences when it comes to wearing chokers, necklaces or chains. Also, individuals must take into account their unique physical characteristics when purchasing jewelry that hangs around their neck. We are not all the standard sizes, nor do we have the same taste in jewelry. For those who may believe that a customized size must be ordered for a particular set of fashion jewelry, just trying the next larger standard size may be your answer. In the event you feel that you need a smaller, customized size, ask the jeweler if the necklace or chain can be shortened by removing some of the links. Remember to store those removed links for future use. Ordering a customized version might be inevitable if a jewelry piece is not at all available in your size.

If you are unable to decide on the kind of fashion jewelry you should wear, just follow the celebrities or some other fashion icon you have in mind. This will certainly help you make the right decision.

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Viva Las Vegas!

A major part of our job at Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord is choosing the unique and beautiful jewelry we know that you, our clients, are asking for and wanting to wear.  This is the exciting time of year when Dan takes his annual trip to Las Vegas, to the amazing JCK jewelry show.  The massive event takes place on three levels of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.  Jewelry vendors from all around the world gather in the western city to sport their jewelry lines.  The latest trends in jewelry are on display for buyers to see, feel and touch.  Dan gets to get the “skinny” on what’s hot and what’s not and bring all his findings back to the store!

But no man is an island, so to help prepare Dan for the Las Vegas show, our sales associates have been busy listening closely to our clients to find out what they are asking for.  We have also been combing our jewelry store catalogs and magazines to check out the latest trends, fashions, and styles in the jewelry industry.  We have been making lists and pulling photographs of gorgeous pieces we hope Dan will seek out at the show.  In return, Dan will email and call us back at the store to discuss what he’s seeing.  He will send pictures of the latest jewels – the things we like and new things that he is seeing and also likes.  We are anxious to see what gemstone is hot for the year, new designs in sterling silver and what color gold – white, yellow, or rose – is gaining the most momentum.   Once back from Las Vegas, Dan and his associates will use all the information and we will all collaborate to narrow in on the best new styles for our clients.  So also look for a follow-up blog which will report on EXACTLY what is the latest news in jewelry design and what to look for in the upcoming months at Ellis Jewelers.

Preparing for the Las Vegas show is a fun time in our store.  To see more about the jewelry show, be sure to track Dan on Facebook.  We will be posting pictures and information as Dan journeys through the numerous booths and displays of the all those jewelry vendors.  Look for the unusual, latest trends and also for the classics in the Facebook posts.  And please, please, please do comment on what you fancy and what you would give the thumbs down!  If you are not yet a fan of Ellis Jewelers on Facebook, you can click here to become one.

Bon Voyage, Dan, and happy jewelry hunting!


Brand new and in our downtown Concord store…..Angelica!  Ellis Jewelers is proud to announce that we are featuring this line of stackable bracelets.  They allow you to express yourself in wonderful, new way.  Uniquely crafted by Royal Chain, these jewelry pieces are the latest items to hit our store!


Angelica “LOL” Bracelet

Besides their obvious beauty and individuality aspects, there are several features and benefits associated with the bracelets.  All are spoken about based on information provided by Royal Chain.

Termed as “Angelica:  Expressions of the mind, heart, and soul,”  this jewelry is designed and made in the USA.  It is manufactured from recycled materials and offered in silver, gold and the very popular “rose” colors.  The line offers over 500 bracelet choices.  Styles range from inspirational to spiritual to love to family to name just a few.  They are meant to be stackable so each person can wear a unique set based solely on her life and her experiences.  Each themed bracelet also includes a mini-heart charm as well as an eco-friendly charm to remind us just how and why they are made, and each also comes with a bio-degradable pouch.  The pieces are adjustable to fit just about every sized wrist.

One of the special notes about this jewelry is the support that it provides to a cause.  Twenty-five cents of every bracelet sale will be given to Generation Rescue – a program which supports the improvement of the quality of life for those affected by autism.

We invite you to come see this new jewelry that everyone is talking about at Ellis Jewelers!  It is definitely a must-have for those who like current trends in jewelry and those who like to express their individuality.  At a terrific price point as well – most $25; some at $28-$30 – they make a terrific gift for a birthday or even “just because.”