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Earth Grown Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

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Technology has changed everything about our world. The way we make purchases, the way we learn and communicate, and it has even changed the way we create diamonds. Yes, you heard that, technology has made it possible to get diamonds from a lab, not limiting us to the earth’s crust. So, what is the difference …

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Diamond Rings for Men According to their Professions

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Jewelry and accessories are not only meant for women, men as well accentuate their individual persona with these accessories. The difference is that very less and selective range is available in the jewelry world. These ranges include rings, bands, cuff links, bracelets, and timepieces. When it comes to selecting rings or bands for men, besides …

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5 Different Types of Rings & Its Significance in Our Lives

A ring is not only the jewelry or accessory that can embellish your finger. Along with monetary value, rings also hold great sentimental and traditional value. This makes ring a perfect connotation to symbolize the serenity and purity of love and relationship. The significance of the ring is so indispensable in human life, that designers …