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Yes! We Still Have It!

The rush is on!  With the countdown to Christmas getting smaller and smaller, we want you to know that at Ellis Jewelers we are still ready!  We can still find the perfect gift to put that smile on her face on Christmas morning.  Our selection this holiday season is extensive and gorgeous.  We have no doubt that you’ll find the piece that you are looking for.

Spectacular Diamond Engagement Rings

If it’s an engagement you’re wanting to celebrate this holiday season, we are the place to come.  Right now we have several beautiful and unique diamonds mounted and ready to go out the door.  We have worked hard to find engagement ring styles that are one of a kind so you’ll both feel special.  Please come in and look out our new Carizza diamond collection.  We have an incredible emerald cut diamond mounted in a double halo which is just exquisite.  In the same line we have a gorgeous pear mounted also in halo style with a split shank.  For the couple looking for something just a bit different in diamond shape, there are no prettier rings.

If you are looking for tradition in your engagement ring, we have many solitaire diamonds in white gold and yellow gold ready to be placed on her finger.  Or if custom design is your wish, there is still some time to pick out the perfect stone and with our huge in-store selection, choose the mounting of your choice.

Amazing Right Hand and Fashion Rings

This year in particular, we have worked hard to find the most beautiful rings designed to wear on your right hand.  We have a fire opal ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds that would look lovely on any lady’s finger.  For those of you not familiar with the fire opal, it is an amazing orange color.  We also just added a thick band with emeralds and diamonds in a two-tone white and yellow gold to our showcase.  It’s the perfect colored ring for this holiday time of year!  We also have a beautiful rose gold and morganite ring which would add an unexpected look to her jewelry wardrobe.  And these are just three of our large selection of right hand and fashion rings all still available at the store.

Extensive Selection of Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Between our new selection and our estate selection, this year we have almost everything you could ask for.  Ruby bracelet?  Got it?  Lapis earrings?  Got it.  Pink tourmaline necklace?  Got it.  We have just about every colored gemstone in the store in your favorite style of jewelry – be it a necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring, or a bracelet.  Come in and see our beautiful color.

Lots of Stocking Stuffers

If it’s just a smaller, staple items that you need, we have those too.  We have a large selection of gold and sterling silver chains and charm bracelets.  Plus, the charms or pendants that go with those chains.  We have sports jewelry for moms that cheer on the sidelines and for the daughters that play.  Also, we have a huge assortment of Karisma charms to choose from if your lady has some pieces already.

It’s not too late to come in and let us help you find the perfect gift for that lady in your life.  Our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates are ready to listen and make suggestions.  We are open on Christmas Eve until about 4:00pm.  And don’t forget to let us do the wrapping!

What’s the Occasion? The Occasion is “just because!”

Recently, we had a young man come in to the store to sell some gold.  When he was done, he moseyed over to our Sweetheart sterling silver necklaces.  He told me that he was looking for a gift for his girlfriend.  When I asked him what the occasion was – something I normally ask to offer the best advice to our clients, he said that there was no occasion.  He just wanted to tell her that he loved her and had appreciated her support for him in the past few months.  I was tickled to help him, and he chose a cute pink heart pendant that said “love” on it.  I wrapped it up for him, and he left all smiles, eager to present the gift.

That got us thinking at Ellis Jewelers … have you ever thought of giving your lady or man a beautiful gift of fine jewelry “just because?”  Outside of the birthday, anniversary, or holiday reason?  Sure we all love to receive those thoughtful pieces for special occasions.  They make that special time even more marked and memorable.  But what about such a gift for no reason at?  Simply one just to say, “I love you.”   You can run the gamut in your choice of jewelry – from a ladies right hand diamond ring to a cute Hershey Kiss Sterling Silver Necklace.  And typically it’s the ladies we think of when giving that jewelry, but don’t forget, men are no exception to the “just because” rule.  Even ladies can can reap the benefits and treat their man to some wonderful jewelry gifts.  How about a right hand signet ring with his initials or some trendy stainless steel cuff links?  The choice is yours to decide just how extravagant your “just because” gift should be.  We can show you around the store at a price range that’s comfortable for, and below are a couple of other ideas to get you thinking about a gift for no occasion at all!

Ellis Brand or Citizen Watch

Although a watch can work for the ladies, to, for the “just because gift, we are thinking a stylish watch for the men.  We offer our own brand of watch – the Ellis Watch.  These watches are made of Swiss components and assembled in the United States.  They come in a variety of handsome styles – from leather to stainless with various features.  They are imprinted with the Ellis name and are battery driven.  Or choose our Citizen Brand watch.  Most are EcoDrive which do not require a battery and operate on light sources.  These, too, come in a variety of styles.  Either choice would make a fantastic “just because” gift for your man!

Estate Jewelry

For ladies, a gift from our estate case can just add to that “just because” feeling.  These are pieces that I like to call “previously loved,” meaning that they have been owned and enjoyed before.  They are gorgeous pieces that are old but have such appeal even today.  Our estate changes weekly, so you never know what you might find, just that they are one of a kind.  The selection is extensive, and we have everything from earrings to necklaces to rings and even the occasional brooch.  A fine jewelry piece from this case is sure to please!

No matter your choice, big or small, giving a “just because” gift is such a wonderful thing to do for the one you love.  You’re sure to make your love feel incredibly special and grateful and you’ll get all kinds of kudos and be the talk of the town!  And once you choose your “just because” gift, we will wrap it up for you with just the right paper and bow.  At Ellis Jewelers we do pride ourselves in our bow-making to help you present your wonderful gift with just a little something extra for your beloved.  We want you to enjoy giving your special gift!  We will check up on you to see how the presentation of your gift went, but don’t forget to come back in and let us know.  We love hearing the updates on gift giving!  That way we make sure that we keep providing you the fine jewelry pieces, the advice, the service, and the customer care that you expect.