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What Our Happy Client Says About Our Custom Designed Jewelry

Ellis Fine Jewelers is a renowned and reliable name across Union Street South, Concord, NC when it comes to owing stylish and quality-grade Diamond and Non-Diamond Jewelry.

Our prestigious customers and visitors visit our store because at this place they could find stylish pieces wrapped in the remarkable designs. These awe-inspiring pieces not only help them to get tonnes of the glance but also help them to attain a signature look.

Be it Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, or Baby shower, we always strive to become their true Jewelry and gift partner. We not only provide our customers with the exotic collection of jewelry but also showcase an exclusive collection of fine gift for every occasion.

In today’s blog, we will share an experience story of one of our happy client, who has appreciated not only for our exquisitely designed custom jewelry but also for our premium and reliable jewelry services.

Chris B was one of our customer, who approached us when he was at the doorstep of his engagement. Chris visits our store to purchase a Diamond Engagement ring for her fiance (now wife).

As he doesn’t have any idea about jewelry and diamond, especially that what kind of design & style a girl prefer to wear. In this case, Dan helped him to understand each and every nooks and cranny of the diamond and engagement ring.

Dan has explained all the process including setting, styles, and types of an engagement ring. It takes a whole day to explain the anatomy of an engagement ring, Chris was looking quite satisfied with this session.

In the next morning, he visited us again with the new style and design to select an Engagement ring. After spending much time, he could not find that matched his requirement, so, he finally came to a conclusion that he will go for custom design engagement ring.

Chris wanted us to design an awe-inspiring customized design engagement ring for her fiance. As his fiance love large diamond look and vintage style ring, so we proposed him for Vintage Halo Engagement Ring.

For this, we have arranged multiple meetings in which Chris has discussed his design brief with our custom designers and diamontologist.

We have created an outstanding ring that reflects the perfect merge of big diamond look in the vintage style. Both the couple were quite impressed by the ring and client has left an inspiring & lovely review:

“When I first walked through the door at Ellis Jewelers I immediately felt welcome. I was looking to purchase an engagement ring for my now Fiance and had a specific style in mind with a picture of it. Being a male, I had zero knowledge of diamonds and ring styles but Dan led me through the process and it couldn’t have been easier. I worked directly with Dan the entire time, looking to find the exact style I wanted. After a good search, we were not able to find anything that matched so Dan decided to have the ring custom designed and made exactly the way I wanted it.

The results blew me out of the water and the price tag too. It was actually a lot less than I had anticipated. The ring looked absolutely perfect and exactly the way I wanted it to look. Needless to say, my Fiance loves it also. The entire staff at Ellis does an amazing job and you can tell right away they value you as a customer, unlike those box or chain jewelers that will never remember your name. I wouldn’t recommend any other Jeweler other than Ellis Jewelers.”


If you are also looking for professional Custom Design Jewelry, then visit Ellis Fine Jewelers Store located at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025. You can also call us on 704-782-9314 or ping us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Repair your Old Jewelry with Ease

Repair your Old Jewelry with Ease

Do you have old necklaces you need to get rid of? How about broken earrings? If you have pieces that have seen better days and are considering selling them or throwing them out, consider jewelry repair first! Did you know that most broken pieces can be repaired with relative ease? Even repairs that might seem complicated – watches, for example – are usually no problem for a seasoned professional. Not every piece of broken jewelry can be repaired, but if they can be at a low price, why not save the space in your jewelry box? Take your piece in today. Here are some things to know about jewelry repair that can help prepare you for the experience.


First of all, if you’ve never had your pieces brought in to be repaired before, consider going to a local jeweler vs. a big brand name chain store. It does a lot of good to support your local businesses, as they are often more likely to go out of their way to take care of your needs. Reputation is vital in smaller organizations, and it means there is a marked difference in service and quality. Word of mouth is the best endorsement, but online review websites can certainly point you in the right direction.


Also, consider whether or not your piece actually is worth repairing. I know I am guilty of holding onto old jewelry that I really never wore and that I didn’t need, all because I knew the damage was minor and I could easily get it fixed. Well, needless to say, it was just an excuse to indulge my terrible habit of not letting things go. Otherwise, have fun breathing new life into your old pieces!

Visit Ellis Fine Jewelers to repair all your old jewelry.


Custom Design Jewelry: The Miraculous Beauty

Jewelry is every woman’s desire. The miraculous beauty of the jewels uplifts the level of excitement. From earrings to bracelets, to the necklace, she loves it all! There is endless variety to choose from. Yet sometimes, there is a slight possibility for some, that they cannot find something that gratifies their cravings. They cannot find that piece of jewel that equates their mental image! What now? How do they get what they are looking for? The simple answer is- Custom Design Jewelry!


What is Custom Design Jewelry?

For all those who are not much aware of the concept, here is a brief. As stated, when someone has something exceptional in mind, that they cannot find anywhere, they can go for Custom Jewelry. Custom Design Jewelry gives you the freedom to get it designed as per your aspiration. One needs to understand that custom jewelry is different from customized jewelry. Engraving your names on the jewels is a part of customized jewelry. However, custom design jewelry is made from the scratch!

How is it done?

A jewelry designer takes care of all the requirements of his client. One can even show a sketch of a specific design to the designer for a better understanding of what needs to be done. The designer takes care of all the specifications, such as the stone cut, the material, the design, the color, etc. If somebody is looking to get an updated version of a traditional accessory designed, they can show that jewel to the designer and ask him for the necessary changes.


Custom design jewelry adds a great sentimental value to the jewels, because the person puts so much of time and efforts to get it done. Moreover, it’s something that you love, something that you have been wanting desperately. Your passion is reflected in the art!

Although custom design jewelry is a bit expensive and time-consuming, for the obvious reasons, but the end results are absolutely worth the wait! Imagine the moment when your creativity is transformed to reality, won’t the feeling be overwhelming? It definitely would be a lot more than it. A beauty to be preserved for the lifetime!

Ellis Jewelers are expert in the field. For more info, visit-



Watch Care 101: Make Your Wristwatch Last a Long Time

So you’ve got a new watch and you’re oh so proud of it. If you want your wrist watch to last, you need to take care of it – simple albeit constant. Just ask yourself why you had to get the new watch in the first place. You DIDN’T take enough care of the last one, did you? It is common for people to avoid taking the little amount of time it takes to preserve good conditions of watches but here are some measures you can take to prolong the life of your favorite wristwatch.

Learn the basic steps of taking care of your watch. Take a look at this article from Watcharoo.

How To Look After Your Wristwatch – A Basic Guide

This little guide to looking after your wristwatch is intended to help answer some of those queries which perhaps we all have from time to time but have never bothered to really find out the answer to. Certain aspects of watch maintenance cause much argument between watch buffs and much merriment to onlookers to such arguments. Many people are of that old adage – if it ain’t bust, then don’t fix it.

I must admit that I used to be the same when it came to cars; I wasn’t really bothered if I changed the oil, didn’t really care about letting the engine warm just a little in the depths of winter before taking off at full pelt and never gave the remotest thought to actually keeping the bits I could see clean. Oh, and as for letting some garage rip me off for full services and the like, well…out of the question. All this was fine, no problem even if the engine did get a little smoky, no problem until one day something called the cam belt snapped – whoops! That turned out to be very expensive and well, it should really have been changed about 30,000 miles before the big snap. A lesson learned. See full post here

In case you’re looking to repair your damaged watch at a price that fits your budget, visit Ellis Fine Jewelers now.


The Ellis Pledge

As we move into our 61st year serving our community in downtown Concord, we’d like to reiterate our dedication to you – our wonderful clients.  We now have come to know three generations of families that have shopped in our store, an amazing fact that we take very pridefully.  We are so grateful to have our past clients’ grandchildren shopping for engagement rings, birthday and anniversary gifts, and allowing us to repair their jewelry as well.  At the same time, we welcome a daily entrance of new people, who have been recommended to us by a friend or have found us on the internet or TV.  To all of you, we thank you and want to remind you why you chose us in the first place.  As a family-owned, hometown, small business, we believe we can offer you so many advantages the moment you walk in our door.

Customer Service

When you come into our store, expect excellent service.  We will make you feel comfortable and at ease, no matter what you came in for.  Whether you are looking for that perfect engagement ring, needing to repair a precious piece of jewelry, or wanting to sell some of your old gold and silver, we will listen and assist you to make sure we help you accordingly.  Even if you just have a question about your jewelry or need some advice on how to handle pieces you’ve inherited, we are glad to take the time.  All of us enjoy the people we meet in the store, and we are here only because you are here.

Guarantees and Warranties

In our store we offer several guarantees and warranties at no cost to you.  It’s our way of showing that we would like to take care of you and your jewelry well after you walk out our door.    If your purchase was not well received or even if you change your mind, bring it back within 30 days in its original condition.  We feel that within our store of thousands of beautiful pieces, we will exchange and find that perfect piece.  If not, we will gladly refund your money.  This holds true whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or a silver charm.  We also offer complimentary ring sizing and yearly rhodium services on white gold rings as well as appraisals and trade-in diamond guarantees.  We are truly appreciative of your business and put it all these writing.

Service Calls

Just like our car, as well as many other treasured things we buy, jewelry does need care and maintenance, especially gold and gemstone rings.  Our hands go through a lot in any given day and if you are wearing rings, they are definitely susceptible to our daily activities.  For that reason, when you purchase these pieces as well as others from us – engagement rings, studs, gemstone necklaces, etc. – we will give you a service call.  We want to have you come in and make sure your new piece is wearing well.  That all the stones are secure and the piece is safe to wear.  We will examine the piece with a loupe or under the microscope and then give it a good cleaning.

It’s easy for us to offer all these advantages because we are in the “happiness” business, as we say.  Dan is “the smile-maker” and his associates are the “dream-makers.”  Besides being beautiful, jewelry evokes so much emotion, and it’s positive emotion.  We want to offer the best experience we can when you are choosing your pieces and well after that.  At Ellis Jewelers, we aim to continue to satisfy all your jewelry needs using the highest standards and integrity, and we aim to keep you coming back!  It is our pledge to you.