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Custom Jewelry For Every Occasion


One of the biggest issues for people looking at buying fine jewelry today is that there seems to be a lot of the same. In today’s market, chainstore are more prevalent, which means the selection is going to be limited to what they offer. That’s why having a creative and independent jeweler, like Ellis Fine Jewelers, is so important. They allow you to do a custom piece. Whether it’s mixing gemstones, settings, and materials they already have to get the desired piece or doing it from scratch. Ellis Fine Jewelers will do its best to make sure it provides the most accurate piece they can based on what you are looking to create. Their goal is your happiness. Let’s take a look at some of the best pieces you can customize.

Engagement Ring

I think this one is obvious but still needs to be mentioned. An engagement ring is a sign of your love and devotion and as such it should represent that. In a way, buying a classic setting is respectable, however, giving the ring a personal touch helps add to the significance and story of your love.

A custom engagement ring can have a custom setting, a custom style, and an affordable diamond or diamonds. One of the advantages of doing custom is that you can select the gemstones that you want to have. Diamonds are traditional but you can select any type that you want that speaks to you and your relationship. You can also select the amount and quality of the gemstones. You aren’t stuck with pre-made rings that often don’t get it quite right or may be out of your price range.

Wedding Band

This is an often overlooked piece of jewelry. Historically is has typically been a simple ring made of precious metal. This is changing, actually, has already changed quite a bit. Many times the ring is something that needs to match the engagement ring. If you have a custom engagement ring then chances are you’ll want to look at customizing the wedding band.

It is also a chance for men to have a custom piece as well. It used to be the custom was to match the men’s and women’s rings, but more often this is not the case. Men want something that speaks to their style. There are so many options now like traditional gold, Sterling Silver, and even titanium.


A classic gift for all occasions is a pair of earrings. Did you know that you can customize this kind of gift? You can select the style of gemstone, design, and even the backings. It’s a gift that can be given on so many different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation. Gemstones are varied in their pricing, but more importantly their meaning. Check out our gemstone page to learn a little more about what the meaning is behind gemstones.


Another classic that you can customize is the pendant. This is a piece that is meant to be worn as a necklace and can be combined with different kinds of chains like gold or silver to give it an authentic look. You can also select the gemstones and materials used to make it. Here are some pendants to give you an idea of what some of the popular styles are now.

Custom Jewelry Is Easier Than You Think

You can essentially customize any type of jewelry that you would like. Whether it is picking a set amount of gemstones to correlate with an anniversary or making a statement with a specific design, Ellis Fine Jewelers can help you. We can take your design and see it through to its creation. You can choose the quality and artistic direction of the piece you are looking to customize. If you want to know more or would like to see some of the custom piece Ellis Jewelry has done in the past make sure to check it out here.

5 Main Pillars of the Custom Design Jewelry

Pillars of the Custom Design Jewelry

Uniqueness & difference in the jewelry come from fresh & new ideas. This art of representing jewelry according to your own imagination is known as Custom Design Jewelry. Thinking about custom ideas is easy, but when it comes to transforming those ideas into a reality, this may take a toll on your pocket & time as well.

So, to solve this problem, Ellis Fine Jewelers has brought 5 main pillars of custom design jewelry that can help you to buy custom design jewelry. This 5 points will allow you to acquire the perfect customized piece without employing extra time and shelling out extra cash from the pocket.

let’s explore the 5 main pillars of the custom design jewelry:



 Every creative & unique thing need a proper planning because an ideal planning creates a way to creative ideas. If you want to add a custom feel to your jewelry piece, then make a detailed plan. This plan comprises the detailed acknowledgment of the type, portion, style of customization you need in your jewelry. This will help you to plan your budget efficiently.


 Next comes the look & appearance of your custom design piece. If you want to achieve that wow element in your jewelry, then you need to focus on its size, shape & setting. These 3 factors determine the appearance of your customized piece.

  • Size – It is an important considering factor while buying or selecting jewelry like an engagement ring, wedding band, and stylish neck piece. While custom designing the piece, this size factor will help you to keep your jewelry safe and secure.

  • Shape – Shape plays a crucial role in custom designing the jewelry. It is the shapes of diamond or stones that bring uniqueness & add a custom element to the jewelry. It is the shape that transforms the simple jewelry into an awe-inspiring piece.

  • Setting – This is the important considering factor while buying an engagement ring or wedding band. Different will be the setting, unique will be the ring or band.



 Metal choice contributes to making your customized jewelry more alluring & unique. When it comes to selecting varieties, numerous options are available including Yellow, White, & Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum, Titanium, and much more. Before selecting an ideal metal type, consider the few important things like wearer’s style & preference, skin tone, and nature of the skin. While assembling custom piece, always prefer the hypoallergenic metal type that is comfortable to wear and does not cause any skin allergy.


Now you need to decide upon that what you want to choose to embellish your piece, diamond, gemstone, or colored stone? To acquire the perfect & authentic diamond/stone jewelry, you need to acknowledge the science of authenticity clearly. To achieve this, you need to go through 4 essential elements of diamond quality – Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color.


The value (credibility & authenticity) of the custom design jewelry is determined by its quality. Thus, to acquire authentic & certified jewelry you need to choose a professional & certified Jewelers, who can ensure you with the certified diamonds that are ethically sourced by GIA and IGI. Always consider keeping your ring safe & secure with the suitable insurance policy.

These are the 5 main pillars of the Custom Design Jewelry that give the better insight into the way of acquiring value for money customized piece.

If you are looking for an exotic collection of the diamond & non-diamond Custom Design Jewelry, then visit us at Ellis Fine Jewelers located at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025. You can also call us at 704-782-9314 or ping us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Why You Should Love Custom Design Jewelry

Why You Should Love Custom Design Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect accessory that can add extra sparks to an ordinary outfit. The elegance and shine of jewelry can efficiently transform your look into a signature look and represent it in an extraordinary way. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, women always look for unique and offbeat designs. For this, jewelry world has provided us a great option to get our own dream & imaginative jewelry. Yes!! we are talking about Custom Design Jewelry.

Here is today’s blog, we will give you 5 reasons to love Custom Jewelry:


Your Own Creation

When you wish to get personalized jewelry, your jeweler will ask for idea brief in which you have to sketch down your own jewelry idea. This gives you an opportunity to play with your imagination and can freely design your jewelry. Later on, you can also discuss it with your jeweler for the scope of improvement. Thus, this can make your jewelry elegant and you can freely say that it’s your own creation.


No Middleman Involvement

When you purchase instant jewelry from the store, you have to pay the large amount to the middleman as well. Getting custom-built jewelry is the best way to avoid such situation. Designing personalized jewelry involves two people, you and your designer. Thus, this can avoid the involvement of the middlemen. So, with this, you can embrace your innovative idea and share it with your jeweler.


Exude Emotional value

For women, jewelry is not the only accessory to embellish her looks, but more than that, it holds sentimental and emotional value. Sometimes women prefer to buy custom design jewelry or expect it as a gift just to keep them safe throughout their life. This is not because that it is the precious thing, but more because of the sentiments and emotional value they hold. So, if a men wants to express his endless love to his wife, then he should definitely think to purchase customized jewelry.


Focus on the Quality

When you sit with your jeweler and discuss each and every element of your customized jewelry, this, in turn, ensures you with the perfect jewelry. As everything is transparent, so, you can get the assurance of the quality. Furthermore, while designing Custom Design Jewelry, jewelers like Ellis Fine Jewelers will always focus on quality rather than quantity.


Budget-Friendly Option

Custom Design Jewelry is a budget-friendly option that saves your money. Before approaching the designer with your custom requirement, you need to make the detailed budget plan. Check how much custom portion you want and then make your budget plan because the proportion of the customization depends on your budget.


These were the 5 points that exude the benefits of owing Custom Design Jewelry. It is one of the greatest ways to get desirable diamond jewelry without going heavy in your pocket.

If you are seeking experienced & creative Custom Design Jewelry Designer, then visit Ellis Fine Jewelers and get your dream jewelry turned into an awe-inspiring piece.

Ellis Fine Jewelers’ Approach to Create Custom Design Jewelry

In the world of fashion & jewelry, Custom Designed Jewelry has become immensely populated among the women. The design of the personalized jewelry is usually inspired by the ideas and imagination of common people, which is being executed by trained jewelry designers. Thus, it has become a preferable trend among women, as the result, more jewelers are involving into creating & designing the wide range of Custom Design Jewelry and handmade jewelry. The best thing about personalized jewelry is that it can provide you with unlimited flexibility to expand your creative ideas.


Being one of the renowned Diamond Jeweler across Concord, we, at Ellis Fine Jewelers are specialized in creating & designing Custom design jewelry. Our staff of professional designers is impeccable in executing the ideas and imagination of customers into a beautiful and an awe-inspiring piece of jewelry that can take their jewelry experience a leap ahead of their imagination. Since our inception, we have delivered many of our clients with beautiful Custom Design Jewelry. The credit goes to our skilled designers and their cutting-edge approach of designing custom jewelry.


In today’s blog, we will highlight step wise approach of Ellis Fine Jewelers that can give you a better insight of our process and approach to create and design Custom Design Jewelry.


Step 1- Sketching of Custom Jewelry Idea

Sketching of Custom Jewelry Idea

This is the initial phase of custom designing jewelry in which one of our skilled designers will sit with you, listen and discuss your jewelry ideas. If necessary, the designer will recommend a few ideas to make your piece more attractive. Finally, our expert will design your sketch on the paper. If in case you want to get something changed in the designed sketch, you are free to do the alteration & changes and it won’t be finalized until and unless we hear from you.


Step 2- Choosing Stones/Diamond

Choosing Stones/Diamond

In the next step, we focus on designing your customized jewelry and the most crucial part of designing personalized jewelry is selecting the perfect stone or diamond for the jewelry. We can also help you in choosing & selecting the Gemstone/Diamond that can perfectly compatible with the proposed design idea. To achieve this, we will first educate you about the stones and its quality.


Step3 – CAD – Computer Aided Design

CAD - Computer Aided Design

After completing idea & conceptualization task, we move on to the CAD (Computer Aided Design) process. In this phase, we create a 3D model that gives you a clear computerized picture of your desired jewelry from all angles. We then mail this CAD model via email, so, that if you wish to make modifications to any element, you can easily do that.


Step 4- Create 3D Wax Molding

Create 3D Wax Molding

Immediately after getting approval on CAD from your side, we start work on to create a 3D wax model.


Step 5- Casting & Finalizing

Casting & Finalizing

In this last stage, our meticulous Diamond setter and Goldsmith will cast out of the 3D wax model into the metal of your choice. After this, we set the diamonds or gemstones to embellish your Custom Design Jewelry. Now your dream jewelry is ready to wear.


Thus, these were our step wise approach that can help you to acquire your dream Custom design jewelry without any efforts. Check out our Custom Design Jewelry samples. Call us at 704-782-9314 to fix your appointment and share your jewelry ideas with us. We love to work with you and deliver you with the stunning piece of jewelry that can leave you happy.

Ultimate Guide to Buy Custom Jewelry

Buying jewelry is one of the kindest, meaningful and romantic gestures.  A special ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings can express your love and commitment for your partner.


Jewelry’s magic, charm and enduring appeal make it a natural gift for special occasions and precious moments in her life. Shopping for the right jewelry for someone special is an interesting experience.  There are a few basic tips that can help you make the right buying decision:


Look into her jewelry box. You will learn about what kind of jewelry she likes by seeing what already wears. You will get a hint about her style, favorite gems and what could be missing from her jewelry box.  For example, if she has a diamond necklace, she’ll love a matching pair of diamond earrings.


Consider her style. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, especially since it’s shiny and sparkles. With the several options, you can choose a sparkling diamond necklace or even a pair of diamond stud earrings.  Gift her something that represents her personality.


Do homework. Ask her mother, sister or best friend. They will point you in the right direction about her needs and desires. If you like an expert opinion, find out where she shops and talk to her jeweler about what has been recently bought and looking at.


Jewelry is an emotional purchase for you. Increase the impact of your gift by giving it to her in a romantic setting. You will definitely create a memory that she will cherish forever. Head on over to Ellis Jewelers to know more about rings, diamond pendants, bracelets, pins and brooches. Visit or call 704-782-9314.


Top 5 Personalized Jewelry Gift Ideas for your Mother

Gifting a personalized jewelry to your mother can be the best and most cherished gift for her. Now, finding that type of a gift can be a little prosaic if some intriguing options are not considered, but, we are here to relieve you of all the stress that you have been experiencing while hunting for the best gift ideas for her. Here, is our little list of best-personalized jewelry gift ideas for your mother.

  1. Birthstone Family Tree Necklace
    A family tree necklace in rose gold adorned with lucky birthstones of all the family members is the best gift for a doting mother. One can also get the necklace engraved with a sweet little message or initials of mother’s name as this family tree necklace comes with a circular disc orbiting the tree on which the name of the children or a message can be easily engraved. It looks extremely beautiful in a box chain of 18-inch length that rests just a little down the throat to give a full view of the pendant.
  1. Bracelet:
    An elegant customized bracelet in sterling silver embedded with three heart shaped birthstone is an ideal gift for a grandmom or an aging mother who has witnessed all the glories of past is living her present to the fullest and is very hopeful of a love filled future. This bracelet is an everyday wear jewelry that she can elegantly sport at all events all the time. The three stones on the bracelet are the indication of your unending love and respect towards your mom.
  1. Infinity knot:
    A customized infinity knot ring in yellow gold adorned with the initials of your mother’s name and a little message of gratitude on the inside of  the ring is sure to make your mom, the proudest of all mom’s as this will be the most special gift to her on this mother’s day showing your love and gratitude at the same time displaying your infinite love and respect for your mother that no words can ever tell her.
  1. Birthstone locket ring:
    The key to this birthstone locket ring will open all the locks of emotions that a mom keeps safe in her heart. You can customize the ring with the choice of metal and also add the birthstone of your mother for enhancing her lady luck and make her smile wide.
  1. Platinum heart earrings:
    Make your mom feel loved with these beautiful platinum heart earrings adorned with cluster diamonds. These diamonds engraved in heart shape together signifies the pure and unconditional love of a mom towards her family.

So, this was our little list of the Top 5 personalized gift ideas for your mother. So, what are you waiting for, Visit Ellis Fine Jewelers to get one soon and express your love to her in the most profound way?

Custom Design Jewelry: The Miraculous Beauty

Jewelry is every woman’s desire. The miraculous beauty of the jewels uplifts the level of excitement. From earrings to bracelets, to the necklace, she loves it all! There is endless variety to choose from. Yet sometimes, there is a slight possibility for some, that they cannot find something that gratifies their cravings. They cannot find that piece of jewel that equates their mental image! What now? How do they get what they are looking for? The simple answer is- Custom Design Jewelry!


What is Custom Design Jewelry?

For all those who are not much aware of the concept, here is a brief. As stated, when someone has something exceptional in mind, that they cannot find anywhere, they can go for Custom Jewelry. Custom Design Jewelry gives you the freedom to get it designed as per your aspiration. One needs to understand that custom jewelry is different from customized jewelry. Engraving your names on the jewels is a part of customized jewelry. However, custom design jewelry is made from the scratch!

How is it done?

A jewelry designer takes care of all the requirements of his client. One can even show a sketch of a specific design to the designer for a better understanding of what needs to be done. The designer takes care of all the specifications, such as the stone cut, the material, the design, the color, etc. If somebody is looking to get an updated version of a traditional accessory designed, they can show that jewel to the designer and ask him for the necessary changes.


Custom design jewelry adds a great sentimental value to the jewels, because the person puts so much of time and efforts to get it done. Moreover, it’s something that you love, something that you have been wanting desperately. Your passion is reflected in the art!

Although custom design jewelry is a bit expensive and time-consuming, for the obvious reasons, but the end results are absolutely worth the wait! Imagine the moment when your creativity is transformed to reality, won’t the feeling be overwhelming? It definitely would be a lot more than it. A beauty to be preserved for the lifetime!

Ellis Jewelers are expert in the field. For more info, visit-