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There is no Jewelry Like Vintage Jewelry: Bring Nostalgic Vibes to Your Style

Owing decades of elegance can make you feel like a queen of the era. Vintage Jewelry is not only the style, but it is a vibe or feels that take you closer to the home memories. In this antique pieces, you can see the most beautiful merge of stylish look and classic designing. Carrying a bold form of the style of 80’s and 70’s can help you to add a score of nostalgic vibes to the style.


So, if you want to own the most inspiring jewelry, then you need to acknowledge the few important things. First of all, you need to understand the science of styles, various types of vintage jewelry are available in the market.


Below are the 5 different types of vintage jewelry that can leave you with the tones of the option to embellish your look:

 1.Art Decor Jewelry


This style of vintage art was evolved in 1915 and last up to 1935. Be it brooch, ring, timepiece, or pendant, it reflects the aura of vintage beauty to its extent. This art decor style was totally inspired by South American and African art concept of cubism and fauvism. This concept of art exudes geometric lines and figurative art in jewelry.

2.Estate Jewelry


Estate Jewelry is the piece that has been previously owned by someone. These types of pieces cannot be categorized exclusively into the specific era. It is basically a pre-owned jewelry that showcases the style & design of the era in which wearer owned it.

For instance – If you are looking to buying jewelry for your wedding ring and you decided to wear a diamond pendant of your grandmother, such jewelry is classified into estate jewelry.

3.Retro Jewelry


It was 1945 to 1960s when wearers inspired their couture and jewelry styles from their Hollywood celebs and movie stars. It was the scenario when a large number of the audience loved to accentuate their ordinary style with the glamorous creation of rose gold. Cocktail rings and rose gold bracelets were the popular items at that time.

4.Signed or Stamped Jewelry


This type of vintage jewelry will definitely leave you with the custom design option and limitless possibilities to make it more personalized. Stamped and signed jewelry include metal or bronze strip pieces on which you can easily express your love expression. Be it, pendant, charm or bracelet, you can easily transform it into signed or stamped jewelry.

 5.Costume Jewelry


If you want to own the brilliance of vintage jewelry without shelling out some serious cash from your pocket, then Costume Vintage Jewelry is the great option for you. This type of jewelry is created to complement the style and design of the real jewelry. Costume jewelry is made up of affordable metals and gemstone that will not go heavy in your pocket. Nowadays, costume vintage pieces are fabricated with the affordable materials including crystals, cubic zirconia, gold & silver plated bronze.


These were the 5 popular types of Vintage Jewelry ideas that you can think to incorporate into your wedding jewelry. This can help you to add a flavor of nostalgia to your every piece so that it gives you the feel of your home.


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The Ultimate Revelation of Metal Education

Choosing a precious metal for a jewelry is as precious as choosing Diamond Jewelry. Metal is basically a centerpiece that adds a value to the overall look of the jewelry. Contemporary designer jewelry is crafted with the different precious metals including White Gold, Palladium, Platinum, and Sterling Silver. These metals have their own significant value and thus when merged with the diamond/stones it significantly increases the value of jewelry.

While choosing a precious metal, you need to consider few things including, Quality, Price, Maintenance & care, and much more. To get perfect metal for your jewelry, you need to ascertain more about Metals. With regards to this, we have brought the ultimate guide of Metal Education that can help you to choose the perfect metal type for your jewelry.

Gold – A Class of its Own

Gold - A Class of its Own

Undoubtedly, Gold is the precious metal that will never go out of the trend and has always been used to make gorgeous jewelry. There are majorly three types of gold is available in the market are Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. These types of gold are used in every type of jewelry. Be it ring, bracelet, earring, or pendants, it looks amazing in every form. To acquire a quality-grade gold jewelry, you need to understand the measurement of gold.

Platinum – Newness & Freshness Forever

 Platinum - Newness & Freshness Forever

Every girl dream to achieve perfect shine and durability in her jewelry, thus, Platinum is the best way to achieve it. Platinum is not known only for its value and hardness, but also for its perfect durability. Platinum is beautiful smooth & shiny metal that silver in color and works well with both diamond and gemstone. As compared to gold, platinum is quite in the rate. Platinum promises you with the ultimate level of durability because it is resistant to tarnishing. Another thing that you must consider while buying Platinum is the Certification. A certified platinum will make it more authentic and will save you from any kind of fouls play and scams.

Palladium – Admirable as Decor

 Palladium - Admirable as Decor (2)

Palladium is the material that included in the group of platinum and holds the same properties. It is the silver-white metal that was founded in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. The specialty of Palladium Jewelry is that it is hypoallergenic and will not cause any rashes or skin problems including allergies. It is been suggested that avoid wearing palladium jewelry in a swimming pool because chlorine present in pool water may mar the look of the metal. To maintain the shine & newness of the palladium jewelry, you need to store it very carefully. How? store your palladium jewelry in a soft cloth. This will keep metal safe from any kind of scratches. he versatility of the metal and its durability make it an ideal option for the coming younger generation.

These were the 3 major metals that have gained immense popularity among couples. They largely prefer to buy the jewelry crafted from white gold, platinum, or gemstone Palladium ring.

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What Diamond Jewelry will you Give Her this valentine’s Day

The day to celebrate love is just around the corner and the whole world is ready to engage themselves in the cute conspiracy of the love. So, If you have decided to team up the orchids and chocolate with Diamond Jewelry, then you are going in right direction. This will definitely make your ladylove happy and your valentine’s day memorable. But not decided yet which diamond jewelry you will gift her? Worry not, Ellis Fine Jewelers has brought a guiding catalogue that exudes the different jewelry ideas for Valentine’s day.

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Romantic Style Earrings

To exude her perfect looks embellished with the great confidence, a lady needs an elegant pair of Earrings. This gorgeous piece can not only add a value to your facial features but also complete your overall personality. For buying perfect diamond earrings for your wife, you need to do few things like considering her style and design taste, skin tone, and last but not least ear shapes. Choose the style and size of earrings that complement the overall style and face of the wearer.

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Chick Style Bracelet

If you are less with the ideas, then you can consider to treat her with a beautiful sleek diamond bracelet. Women love to carry a symbol of love and when it comes exuding brilliance of the love, women prefer to wear a diamond bracelet. There are various factors that are responsible for buying a perfect diamond bracelet including quality of diamonds, metal type, style & design and much more. It is being suggested that always choose jewelry that is perfectly created by premium-quality diamond which is ethically sourced from leading gemological institute.

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Gorgeous Pendants

The pendant is the indispensable part of the jewelry collection that helps a woman to accentuate her most sensual part that is Neck. So, this valentine’s day you can surprise your valentine with the gorgeous Pendants. When it comes to selecting style & design, you have limitless possibilities. Be it heart-shaped, cross-shaped, or pear-shaped, diamond pendants are available in any shape & size. Make sure whatever metal type you are selecting that should be premium-quality and skin-friendly.

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Stylish Rings

Ring is one of the known symbols of the endless love. The enclosed figure of the ring signifies the never-ending story of your endless love and unceasing trust. Women always expected to upgrade their existing ring or buy new rings. So, you can also consider gifting gorgeous stackable rings or stylish diamond rings that can efficiently accentuate her finger. If you want to go beyond uniqueness along with the simplicity, then you can also ponder to buy colored stones ring.

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