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Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned Rolex from Ellis Fine Jewelers

Pre-Owned Rolex

Gone are the days when people wore watches to know the time, but nowadays this timeless piece has become a style symbol among youngsters. Normally people are very selective about watches, especially when it comes to Pre-Owned Rolex. Many buyers thought that investing in the pre-owned watch is nothing but a waste of money. But, the fact is that owning a pre-owned watch is the wisest and budget-friendly option.


It has been 64 years that we, at Ellis Fine Jewelers are dedicated to providing the comprehensive range of the premium-quality Diamond Jewelry and the large collection of pre-owned Rolex. Our experts with their technical skills and extensive experience have able to ensure you with the pre-owned watches that cannot only accentuate your wrist but also save your pocket.


So, without taking much of your time, we will highlight a few advantages of buying pre-owned Rolex from our store:


  • Quality & Durability

Most of the people buy new things and avoid pre-owned just because of its quality & durability. But, here we provide premium-quality and durable pre-owned Rolex watch that can ensure you with unmatched quality and durability. This can definitely refine your shopping experience and add a vibe of audacity to your style and personality.


  • Budget-Friendly Option

One of the noticeable advantages of buying a pre-owned Rolex is that you can get it at a great discount price that cannot put any adverse effect on your budget. In fact, it is considered as the budget-friendly option that can make an ample saving for you.


  • Great Investment Value

Most people think that purchasing a Pre-owned Rolex watch is better than buying a new luxury watch. Pre-owned watch ensures you with great investment value because luxury Rolex manufacturers’ model acquires low depreciation on buying pre-owned Rolex.


  • Discounts

When you purchased new Rolex from the authorized dealer, they depreciate it about 10% to 11%, which is a huge amount. Buying a Pre-owned Rolex is a perfect way to avoid such situation. Make sure that purchase pre-owned Rolex from reliable and renowned providers like Ellis. Along with quality and value, we ensure you with great discount.


  • 2 Years Warranty

We strive to ensure you with the highest level of the performance piece and to achieve this, we sell meticulously serviced pre-owned Rolex with a Two Year Warranty.


Hope these 5 points can help you to realize the importance of buying Pre-owned Rolex instead of a new luxury Rolex. Explore the fresh collection of Pre-owned Rolex at Ellis Fine Jewelers.

Different Types of GOLD Used to Make Jewelry

If we dive into the world of the Gold jewelry, there are many things that may new to us, one among them is variety of Gold available to make the jewelry. There are different types of gold available that is amalgamated with different metals to make it to make stylish jewelry.


Today Benji Margolese will give you the in-depth understanding of Gold types and color through this informative blog.


Understanding Gold Types and Colors

By Benji Margolese


Gold is a complex material that is often used in jewelry, along with platinum and silver. However, different kinds of Gold are used in jewelry depending on the type of piece it is used in, the diamonds that are being set, and the taste of the person who is wearing the piece.


Dissecting Gold

First, let us look at gold from a chemical standpoint, for after all, it is a chemical element. The chemical symbol of gold is Au. Gold is a ductile metal whose properties remain when exposed to air or water.

Next, let us analyze its appearance. Unlike other metals, which are mostly gray, silver, or silvery white, gold in its natural form is yellow. This factor sets gold apart from other metals, and makes its unique. While gold is considered a very strong metal, it is also impressionable, more so than any other precious metal. That makes it ideal for jewelry.


Gold Karats

Gold is measured in karats, similar to the way in which diamonds are defined by the 4 Cs. The karats for measuring Gold are different than the carats that diamonds are measured in. Gold is defined by how pure it is, which is a ratio that is divided into 24 parts. Pure gold, which is100% natural gold, is considered 24 karats, or 24K. Though this type of gold may be the purest, it is too soft to be used for jewelry, as is 22K gold. The types of gold used most commonly for jewelry are 18K gold, comprised of 75% gold, and 14K gold, which contains 58.3% gold. Gold with a very low percentage of actual gold, such as 10K gold (41.7% gold), is also used for jewelry. Since pure gold is too soft to construct jewelry, it is combined with additional metals such as silver, copper, zinc, and nickel.

These metals provide the gold with the necessary strength and sturdiness to be crafted into jewelry pieces. The percentage of genuine gold present within the gold alloy not only accounts for the level of prestige and price, but for its color as well. The amount of each metal alloy, paired with the type of alloy used, is responsible for the final color of the gold. 24K Gold can only be yellow, but other karat amounts be either white, rose, or yellow gold. There have also been other colors of gold developed, such as green gold and black gold, which are alloys that contain gold in them and other, additional elements to produce the color.


Gold Colors

The term gold brings instant images of the color yellow to one’s mind, but in reality, gold jewelry comes in far more colors than the standard yellow. Jewelry stores around the world have their display shelves lined with yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold jewelry.


Yellow Gold – As mentioned before, natural gold is yellow. In order to maintain the yellow color when adding alloys for the gold’s strength, copper, and silver with a green tint, are used. When successfully combined, a bright and deep shade of yellow gold is created.Yellow Gold


White Gold – White gold is currently very popular, as it has been for decades. The advantage of white gold is that it has the clean and simple beauty of silver, but the strength and prestige of gold. Pure gold is combined with alloys such as silver and nickel, and plated in a material called rhodium, before it is transformed into white gold. Although quite durable, the rhodium coating can rub off from time to time. It can easily be restored with a quick rhodium treatment at the jewelry store.

White Gold

Rose Gold – Rose gold is a different and really beautiful alternative to the more common colors of gold. This gold color comes about when natural yellow gold is mixed with a copper alloy. The reddish metal gives the gold a stunning pink hue, turning it into what we know as rose gold.Rose Gold

Like all things precious, gold can be pricey. However, prices do fluctuate depending on the market, gold purity, weight, and intricacy of the piece. Luckily, old gold can always be sold, exchanged, or melted down in order to create a new piece. Gold is a luxurious commodity that is not only valuable but can be worn and enjoyed as a jewelry piece and passed down for generations.


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Where to Buy Gold Jewelry?

As we all know that purchasing a Gold jewelry is the biggest investment, so, you need to be careful while buying gold. To achieve this, always choose a reputable jewelry store, reliable and trustworthy jeweler. Certified jewelers like Ellis Fine Jewelers will always provide you with the certification for your purchased piece to make jewelry experience more authentic.