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Pairing Rings and Bracelets

Everybody wants to sport the complete look once in a while; dress up in apparel whose every item complements the others. It helps to know how to pair different pieces of jewelry together, and one of the most important parings is the ring and the bracelet.

Rings and bracelets lie close to each other when worn, and it’s important that they complement each other in order to avoid an incoherent look.

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Designer Mark Schneider shares some tips on pairing rings with bracelets.

How to Pair Statement Rings and Bracelets

It can be challenging to create a cohesive look. From choosing a blouse that matches your shoes and earrings that complement your necklace, there are a lot of different elements to consider when creating an outfit. One of the most overlooked yet crucial combinations in an outfit is rings and bracelets. Because rings and bracelets share the same space on your body, it’s even particularly important to pay attention to the nuances of constructing a unified look. After all, your outfit is often your first impression. So why not make it fabulous?

1)Keep it Light

The key to wearing bracelets and rings is to keep it light. Avoid jewelry overload by being selective about your bracelets. Statement rings are bold and beautiful, and because of that they deserve to be the center of attention. Even beyond that, it’s important to allow them to be the center of attention. In other words, let your gemstone ring truly shine by choosing bracelets that are thin, subdued and complementary. Such choices will ensure that your hand and wrist don’t appear overwhelmed by accessories. View full post


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Matching Your Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

So you’re happily engaged to the person of your dreams. It all went smoothly – it was a wonderful surprise, a dream come true and you got the perfect engagement ring! Well, now you’re getting married and it’s time to make the moment even more special. Continue the charm of your engagement and find a wedding band that compliments your engagement ring – just like your wedding compliments your engagement.


Stephanie Chan from Brilliant Earth with her two cents on matching your wedding band with your beautiful engagement ring:


Today, jewelry specialist Stephanie Chan shares the advice she gives Brilliant Earth customers who are trying to decide how their engagement rings and wedding rings should complement each other, and whether to custom design a wedding ring:

Choosing an engagement ring that embodies your unique style, feels timeless, and suits the kinds of activities you engage in on a daily basis can be challenging enough; on top of these considerations, I also see ring shoppers worry about whether they will find a wedding band that sits flush with the engagement ring. When my customers get brow-furrowingly concerned about it, I like to remind them that this decision is like any other they have made in their relationship: Be true to your style and values, and the rest always falls into place. Choose the engagement ring of your dreams, and the wedding ring will work itself out—and we’re here to make sure of it!

The first step to choosing a closely fitted wedding band is determining whether your engagement ring can sit flush with a straight wedding ring. Many classic engagement ring styles are already designed to sit flush with a straight band. Look for an elevated head that allows the center gemstone to sit above the band. See full post here


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Walk the Oscars Red Carpet on Your Own Terms

Imagine if you were a celebrity – the most talked about celebrity on the red carpet of the 88th Academy Awards – would you dress in black? Would you braid your hair? What kind of jewelry would you wear?

Statement Earrings - Dallas Wardrobe:

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Cathleen McCarthy knows exactly what she would flaunt, should she ever get a chance to walk the red carpet:

Oscar jewelry: what I would wear on the red carpet

I don’t hold out much hope of tripping down a red carpet in this lifetime – did I say trip? That’s probably exactly what would happen. Hollywood is not calling my name and it wouldn’t matter anyway. In my fantasy world, I’d be up for something unglamorous like writing a script or producing a documentary. Let’s face it, the Oscar spotlight is on the actresses.

But man, what I would give to have their pick of jewels for the big night! How many times have you watched the red carpet coverage and thought, “Really. That’s the best you could do?” That invisible diamond stud? Where is the lariat necklace for that plunging neckline! Where is the bracelet stack on those lovely slender arms? See full post here

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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How much do you agree with her choices? Have jewelry of your own that you would like to show off? Tell us about it in the comments.

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