Month: March 2016

Diamond Engagement Rings

Pairing Rings and Bracelets

Everybody wants to sport the complete look once in a while; dress up in apparel whose every item complements the others. It helps to know how to pair different pieces of jewelry together, and one of the most important parings is the ring and the bracelet. Rings and bracelets lie close to each other when …

Wedding Jewelry

Matching Your Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

So you’re happily engaged to the person of your dreams. It all went smoothly – it was a wonderful surprise, a dream come true and you got the perfect engagement ring! Well, now you’re getting married and it’s time to make the moment even more special. Continue the charm of your engagement and find a …


Walk the Oscars Red Carpet on Your Own Terms

Imagine if you were a celebrity – the most talked about celebrity on the red carpet of the 88th Academy Awards – would you dress in black? Would you braid your hair? What kind of jewelry would you wear? Image – Pinterest Cathleen McCarthy knows exactly what she would flaunt, should she ever get a chance to …