As we move into 2014, we would like to thank all of our clients who have helped mold and shape  what Ellis Jewelers is today.  Your support and loyalty has proudly allowed us to celebrate a milestone sixty years as your hometown jewelry store in downtown Concord.

We have clients coming in on a regular basis letting us know that they, their parents or even their grandparents bought their wedding rings at our store oh so many years ago.  Some even remember the price they paid for their wedding set – $40 we have heard some people tell us was the price back in the day.  Who would have realized that the price of gold would soar so high today?  We also have clients who bake for us!  Thank you so much for bringing in those delicious goodies!  Our stomachs appreciate it, too!  We also receive many visits from people asking about our founder, Ellis, who started the business in 1953.  We are pleased for you to know that he is retired now and leading a happy and healthy life .

Today, we believe that our strong customer service allows us continued success.  We strive to listen, recommend, and follow through on all of your jewelry needs.  Our best form of advertisement is your testimonials to others.  Thank you for continuing to recommend us to others for your jewelry needs.  We will continue to be a full service fine jewelery store, specializing in diamond engagement rings, custom design, and jewelry repair.  Yes, we have moved into the high technological age with Facebook, Twitter, mobile texts, blogging (ha!), but we always maintain our small town store face to face interaction as well.  You will find us in the store wanting to hear about your day and what’s new in your life.  We love our relationships with you!  You will also find us out in the community, supporting other local businesses and charities.

Over the years our store’s look and store’s selection have surely changed, but the one thing that will never change is our continued commitment to our clients.  We will always strive for you.  As we always say “we are in the happiness business.” – Dan is the “Smile Maker” and our sales associates are the “Dream Makers.”  As we approach the next sixty years, we feel humbled, and would again like to thank you again for continuing to choose Ellis Jewelers as your fine jewelry store.  We will be here when you need us and all the best for 2014.