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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

It’s always bridal season at Ellis Jewelers!  There are couples always coming in to shop for diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other gifts for their upcoming weddings.  After all, if you think about it, everyday is some wonderful couple’s anniversary!  This is our business, our forte, and what we love to do.  But by thinking outside the “ring” box, we can also start you on your way to some other fine and memory-filled jewelry for your wedding day.  If you recall the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” jewelry can be the perfect item(s) to fulfill all those requirements!

Something Old

There are a several ways that we can help you with “something old.”  We can take stones or mountings that you already have or that have been passed on from family and transform them into other pieces.  Old diamonds can become so many things:  pendants, stud earrings, dangle earrings.  Jewelry that can be worn with your wedding dress and beyond!  And if there’s a special ring that has been passed on to you but it just doesn’t fit, and you’d like to wear it on your right hand or maybe a finger other that your ring finger, we can size it for you!

Something New

On your wedding day, it may be time for a classic, new piece of fine jewelry.  May we suggest pearls.  Pearls are still current.  They still complete the look of any bride’s wardrobe.  At our store, we have a great pearl look for any budget.  Our looks range from modern to classic and include sea and freshwater.  Stop by and describe your dress or show us a picture, and we will match the perfect sized strand or set of stud or dangle pearls earrings to complement your look.

Something Borrowed

This may be the one category where you might think that at Ellis Jewelers may have met our match!  But ha!  There is at least one way that we can help with “something borrowed.”  If there is a jewelry piece that someone special has let you borrow for your special day, we can CLEAN it!! Come in and let us spruce it up for you.  If it’s just needs a simple cleaning, we will just put it in the ultra sonic.  No charge at all for that!!  If the piece needs a little more treatment, our master jeweler will give it a little more attention at a minimal charge.

Something Blue

Recently, one of our sales associates made a beautiful, custom piece for a bride.  It actually encompassed something old and new (her grandmother’s diamonds and a new pendant mounting),  but I am including it under blue, because the piece also included sapphires – something BLUE!  A mother had us make the necklace which she then presented to her daughter (the bride) at the rehearsal dinner.  Truly a meaningful and gorgeous gift.

At Ellis Jewelers, we are always here to help you with your wedding rings, of course, but look forward to helping you create some other pieces as well.  Whether you are in need of something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue for your special day, we have just the expertise and skills you need to make your wedding jewelry dreams come true.  If it’s repairing an old treasured piece passed down for generations to a brand new piece just waiting to attain that “same” status in the family for future generations, we will share our advice to help you purchase or create perfect, fine jewelry pieces.  We aim to make you happy!  After all, that’s what our business is all about.

A Push Gift. What Exactly Is It??

According to, a push gift is a “present a father gives to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child.”  Commemorating the birth of a child with a gift is thought to have begun in England and India.  It first appeared as a “coined” phrase in publication in 1992.  At Ellis Jewelers, we often have a client coming in looking for just the right “push gift” for the mother of his child.  We have such a wonderful selection of fine jewelry and fine fashion jewelry to help you mark this incredible event, and will give you our expert advice and opinion on what the new mom would like.  Once you’ve told us a little bit about her and your new baby, we will show you just the right thing.  We have included below some excellent ideas that we think will be just perfect.

Birthstone Jewelry

Often, it is a great idea to mark the occasion with a piece of jewelry that has the birthstone of the month that the new baby is born.  For this, the month of October, the birthstone of the month is the gorgeous opal.  We have a wonderful collection of opal jewelry online as well as in our store. You can find earrings, rings, and necklaces.  Whatever your favorite!  And you might even come in to look at our stunning new fire opal ring.  It’s red in color surrounded by diamonds!  Truly a one of a kind piece!

Diamond Anniversary Band

What an incredible and unexpected surprise it would be to be given an anniversary band for the birth of a child!   I know that it happened to me!  Check out our huge selection of diamond anniversary bands which we also have online and in our store.  Choose from any number of stones you’d like in any color of gold to match your beloved’s wedding set; yellow, white, or even rose.  If you’d prefer platinum, we also have those.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Another special idea that we have for a push gift is our timeless fingerprint jewelry.  It’s actually an easy process to help you get the fingerprint of your newborn.  Call the store or come on in for details.  And once we have the fingerprint, simply choose the type of jewelry that you would like to imprint; from a pendant for a necklace to a charm for a charm bracelet.  We will have it made for you in a week’s time.  It’s a unique and heartfelt gift that the new mom will be sure to love and preserve her child’s fingerprint forever.

The birth of a child is such a joyous and momentous occasion.  If you think a “push gift” is something you’d like to surprise the new mom with, please come in to Ellis Jewelers. Let us help you find just the perfect fine jewelry gift.  And as always, let us wrap it for you.  Have you seen those incredible bows that Carolyn makes?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s October, and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Most of us know that, because it is so widely publicized and so widely supported. Yeah! That is such a positive.  At Ellis Jewelers we pay tribute to those whose lives have been forever changed from the devastating effects of breast cancer.  That encompasses just about all of us, unfortunately….But fortunately, dedicating a month to awareness of this horrible disease does strengthen our fight against it and brings us all together as a community battling an all too common enemy.

Taking our stand in the breast cancer battle, at Ellis Jewelers we offer a lovely rose gold pendant in our store.  It is a beautiful piece and makes a clear statement…survivor.  When we purchased the item, the manufacturer made a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a leader in raising awareness and money in the search for the cure.  The necklace sits proudly in our window this month for all to admire.  We also have a selection of other pink ribbon jewelry to inspire you to keep up the fight and the awareness.  Please visit us at the store so we can show you.

This month take extra time to hug those special women in your life and encourage them to educate themselves and take care of themselves.  Take time to offer a lending hand to those family members coping to care for someone with breast cancer.  Maybe offer a meal, a night out, a ride to the doctor, whatever may ease the burden.  For those courageously battling against the disease, we offer our support and want you to keep forging ahead.  A cure is near.   For those we’ve lost, please rest in peace.  The fight continues in your honor.


No Worries! We Have Diamonds for All Budgets!

Have you heard about all high profile fine diamonds purchases made throughout the world in the past several months?  These gems are definitely spectacular, and their price tags have been nothing short of spectacular as well!

According to a post on an oval shaped flawless diamond that is 118 carats sold in Hong Kong for an amazing $30.6 million!

118 Carat Oval Shaped Diamond

And in May, 101 carat pear shaped flawless diamond went for  $26.7 million in Geneva.

101 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond

And if that doesn’t impress you, a fancy 5.3 carat blue diamond was purchased at auction in London for $9.6 million.  The highest price per carat record ever!

5.3 Carat Blue Diamond

At Ellis Jewelers, we marvel at these beautiful gems and enjoy hearing about the details of these incredible purchases.  It increases our knowledge of diamond industry and helps us to make sure that we offer what you, the true client, really wants in a loose diamond or diamond engagement ring?  And please realize that despite for how much these high profile gorgeous diamonds sell, we definitely have a diamond for every budget.  You don’t need to break the record on price per carat when you come into our store.  We will listen to your needs and your budget and help you choose a beautiful diamond that puts a smile on your face.

Loose Diamonds

If you’d like to build your own diamond engagement ring, we have just about every size loose diamond in our store.  Sizes start at about a quarter carat and move up.  We select only the finest diamonds for our clients but if you need to alter your diamond quality to keep within your budget, we have access to all diamond qualities.  We believe in letting you look at each diamond individually, so that you can find the one that appeals to you most.  We want to make sure you see the life of your diamond i.e. the way the light comes into that diamond and dances around.  Then once you’ve selected the correct diamond for you, choose from our huge selection of mountings to place it in.  Then voilá, you have created your own custom diamond engagement ring!

Our Engagement Ring Creations

In our store, we also pride ourselves in having an eye for jewelry design.  Very often we will come across a mounting that is so special that we want to pick the perfect stone for it ourselves.  We look through our beautiful selection and choose the perfect gemstone match for the mounting.  Most of the time we select white diamonds of the correct shape and size.  Occasionally, we have also been know to select other gemstones as well.  We have mounted rhodolite garnets, sapphires, and rubies in these mountings.  These rings with a diamond appeal to most budget, and if you are willing to move outside the box just a little a colored gemstone engagement ring will be even more appealing.

Estate Diamond Engagement Rings

We have an extensive and magnificent Estate diamond engagement ring case in our store.  We purchase only the finest pieces for others to enjoy.  These pieces are unique and unlike any others we have in our current, new selection of rings.  And because these have been previously owned, we offer them at terrific prices.  There is definitely something in this collection of rings for every budget.

At Ellis Jewelers we want you to feel comfortable with the budget you have for your diamond engagement ring.  There are not many who can turn up at an international auction and purchase the largest diamonds ever made!  We are happy to show you the different options of diamond engagement rings from which to choose.  Whether it be creating your own custom ring, choosing one of our own Ellis creations, or selecting a one of a kind Estate ring, there is sure to be a ring just right for you wear to symbolize your love.

What’s the Occasion? The Occasion is “just because!”

Recently, we had a young man come in to the store to sell some gold.  When he was done, he moseyed over to our Sweetheart sterling silver necklaces.  He told me that he was looking for a gift for his girlfriend.  When I asked him what the occasion was – something I normally ask to offer the best advice to our clients, he said that there was no occasion.  He just wanted to tell her that he loved her and had appreciated her support for him in the past few months.  I was tickled to help him, and he chose a cute pink heart pendant that said “love” on it.  I wrapped it up for him, and he left all smiles, eager to present the gift.

That got us thinking at Ellis Jewelers … have you ever thought of giving your lady or man a beautiful gift of fine jewelry “just because?”  Outside of the birthday, anniversary, or holiday reason?  Sure we all love to receive those thoughtful pieces for special occasions.  They make that special time even more marked and memorable.  But what about such a gift for no reason at?  Simply one just to say, “I love you.”   You can run the gamut in your choice of jewelry – from a ladies right hand diamond ring to a cute Hershey Kiss Sterling Silver Necklace.  And typically it’s the ladies we think of when giving that jewelry, but don’t forget, men are no exception to the “just because” rule.  Even ladies can can reap the benefits and treat their man to some wonderful jewelry gifts.  How about a right hand signet ring with his initials or some trendy stainless steel cuff links?  The choice is yours to decide just how extravagant your “just because” gift should be.  We can show you around the store at a price range that’s comfortable for, and below are a couple of other ideas to get you thinking about a gift for no occasion at all!

Ellis Brand or Citizen Watch

Although a watch can work for the ladies, to, for the “just because gift, we are thinking a stylish watch for the men.  We offer our own brand of watch – the Ellis Watch.  These watches are made of Swiss components and assembled in the United States.  They come in a variety of handsome styles – from leather to stainless with various features.  They are imprinted with the Ellis name and are battery driven.  Or choose our Citizen Brand watch.  Most are EcoDrive which do not require a battery and operate on light sources.  These, too, come in a variety of styles.  Either choice would make a fantastic “just because” gift for your man!

Estate Jewelry

For ladies, a gift from our estate case can just add to that “just because” feeling.  These are pieces that I like to call “previously loved,” meaning that they have been owned and enjoyed before.  They are gorgeous pieces that are old but have such appeal even today.  Our estate changes weekly, so you never know what you might find, just that they are one of a kind.  The selection is extensive, and we have everything from earrings to necklaces to rings and even the occasional brooch.  A fine jewelry piece from this case is sure to please!

No matter your choice, big or small, giving a “just because” gift is such a wonderful thing to do for the one you love.  You’re sure to make your love feel incredibly special and grateful and you’ll get all kinds of kudos and be the talk of the town!  And once you choose your “just because” gift, we will wrap it up for you with just the right paper and bow.  At Ellis Jewelers we do pride ourselves in our bow-making to help you present your wonderful gift with just a little something extra for your beloved.  We want you to enjoy giving your special gift!  We will check up on you to see how the presentation of your gift went, but don’t forget to come back in and let us know.  We love hearing the updates on gift giving!  That way we make sure that we keep providing you the fine jewelry pieces, the advice, the service, and the customer care that you expect.

Do Our Wedding Rings Need to Match??

At Ellis Jewelers in Concord we often are asked if the wedding rings of a couple should match.  Our answer is simple.  If you think that the wedding rings should match, then they should.  However, today, because there are so many different choices today of diamond engagement ring styles for brides, as well as so many metal choices for grooms, we believe that you should explore all options.  A better idea may be to find rings that you love the look of but that also compliment each other’s choice.

Diamond Wedding Rings

If you are looking to match your wedding rings one of the easiest way is to both choose diamond bands!  Some men are a bit gun shy when it comes diamonds in their band, but we say go for it!  Diamond rings look great on a groom’s finger.  They are very handsome and can compliment a bride’s diamond wedding band superbly.

Gold Wedding Rings

If it’s classic and traditional wedding rings that you are looking for, then gold wedding rings can be a perfect match.  Whether it is white gold or yellow gold and even rose gold, our selection is extensive and can be found in all sizes and widths for you.  From the simple polished band and expanding to brushed, satin, or even milgraining, we have it all.

Alternative Metal Wedding Rings

In the past few years, the choice for gentleman’s bands has grown tremendously largely due to alternative metals.  Tungsten, titanium, and silver have all become choices in wedding bands that men now have.  Their popularity has increased both because of their look, durability and price point.  These metals can even be engraved now on the inside with personal messages and dates, which is a tradition that many couples still like to do for each other.

Custom Wedding Rings

If matching wedding rings are something you feel strongly about, and you have an idea that doesn’t match what we have in our store, it’s no problem at all.  We will help you custom design matching bands.  If you can imagine it, we can make it!  We have master jewelers that can turn your ideas into beautiful his and her wedding rings.  Simply come in tell us what you envision, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Keep in mind that sometimes the bride’s engagement ring is of a very specific shape.  And there may be only a few wedding bands that will match the engagement ring itself if custom design is not an option.  In this case there may be no “perfect” match for wedding bands.  But we always say not to rule anything out until you’ve tried on several.  You’d be surprised how many of our clients were “sure” that they wanted matching bands but then were happy to agree on rings that were in the same color family.  Come in our downtown Concord store and try on as many bands as you like until you find the ones that’s are right for you both.  We are happy to give you advice and help you find the best look for you as a couple.