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The 2013 Emmy Awards – Did you see those fine jewels??

Most Americans seem to love to watch an entertaining Hollywood awards show.  At Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord, we are no exception.  And we were very interested in the Emmy Awards held on Sunday night.  Sure we love the televisions shows the ceremony acknowledges, the stars, the entertainment, and the dresses.  But you know what else we tune in to watch?  Yes, of course!  All that fine, and can we say “fine” again jewelry.  And the 2013 Emmy awards did not disappoint us.  Jewelry was definitely part of the forefront of the evening, and some of that jewelry was absolutely spectacular.  The diamonds, the gemstones, the gold – what a feast for the eyes!  This year for sure, the bling WAS the thing!

Oh the earrings!

Sofia’s Earrings

Look at these gorgeous earrings on Sofia Vergara, Clare Danes, and Sarah Hyland.  The photos are courtesy of  This website says that those Lorraine Schwartz platinum, ruby, sapphire, and Colombian emerald earrings totaled 100 carats.  And this jewelry along with a ring were valued at seven million dollars!  Now it’s true we do not have any jewels quite that large at Ellis Jewelers, but should you ever entertain the thought of owning something so, so spectacular we can surely find you some!!

And what about the unexpected little creatures?

Anna Faris’ Brooch

This piece of jewelry on Anna Faris’ dress is so trendy and gorgeous.  The photo is courtesy of Lainey Gossip and information from  The brooch is diamond and emerald from Fred Leighton.  Every so often at Ellis Jewelers we get in an amazing brooch.  We can’t wait to tell our clients another possiblity of a place to wear it!

And who could ever forget diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds!

Carrie’s Diamonds!

Oh my!  Look at this unbelievable bling on the beautiful Carrie Underwood.  This photo and information is courtesy of  Quoting from the website, “Underwood was draped in more than 152 carats of Johnathan Arndt diamonds at the red carpet event of the year.  According to reps from Jonathan Arndt, Underwood wore an $18 million diamond necklace, as well as a matching pair of $3.2 million diamond studs.  The high-end jeweler also designed a $4 million pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring of Underwood’s right hand.”  Wow!

We like to keep our eyes on what the stars are wearing.  That way we stay current with trends and what we think you would like to see us carry in our store.  You can always let us know as well what trends in fine jewelry you would like to see in the store.  Stop by, call, or drop us an email.  We love hearing from you.  After all, you are why we have been in business for more than 60 years!  And if you have a hankering to look at some more beautiful bling from the big Emmy show from Sunday night, one of the best sites can be found by clicking here!

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring


So it’s time. Time to take the next step in your relationship and seal your love with that diamond engagement ring! And it’s still true…nothing says forever and lasts forever like that diamond on her finger. Choosing that diamond need not be daunting. At Ellis Jewelers in Concord, we are here to help you enjoy the exciting search for that ring. Our team’s knowledge and sincere friendliness, as well as our extensive selection of diamonds and engagement rings, make it fun and easy to find that perfect ring. We aim to put a smile on your face and make your dreams come true.

Here are some simple tips to help you narrow in on your search for that perfect ring.

White or Yellow or Even Rose?

Knowing the color of the gold or the type of metal (gold, platinum or palladium) is a great starting place. While white gold is still the most popular for an engagement ring, we have seen more interest in yellow gold and also rose gold. Platinum and palladium are white metals and are possible choices for your ring.

Diamond Shape?

Diamonds come in many different shapes with a round brilliant and princess cut being the most popular. Other shapes known as fancy shapes are the emerald, radiant, asscher, cushion, oval, and pear. Knowing the shape you like or even the shape that you don’t like can give you a giant head start when picking your diamond engagement ring. And we have all these beautiful shapes available to show you, so even if you’re not sure of the shape we are happy to show you our selection to help you choose your favorite.

Simple or Decorative Diamonds?

This part of your ring may be, in fact, the hardest feature to choose. At Ellis Jewelers we have so, so many mountings waiting for loose diamonds as well as a wide selection of diamond engagement rings already put together. We have simple, polished gold mountings, mountings with diamonds along the band and several “halo” styled mountings and even more! And we usually suggest that you don’t rule any mountings out until you’ve put a beautiful diamond in it. We are happy to show you our extensive collection right within our store and how to choose a look that’s right for you.

Classic or Vintage?

One of the hot new trends in diamond engagement rings is detailed engraving on the mountings and wedding bands. It is a beautiful look and really gives the engagement ring a vintage feel. We offer so many different styles that you’re bound to find one just perfect for your diamond. And, of course, we also have so many of the classics – from Tiffany style solitaire mountings to the round halo style to the channel set diamond engagement.

Always remember you have love on your side when choosing your diamond engagement ring so you really can’t go wrong. Knowing all the answers to the above tips is not a must but simply meant to be a guideline. Our team at Ellis Jewelers will help you find the perfect engagement ring to fit your taste and lifestyle. And if by some chance the ring you choose isn’t just right, we will always stand by our guarantee – we will take that ring back and start again to make sure you leave with the piece of your dreams. After all, we pride ourselves in being in the happiness business.




Turning Your Old Diamond Rings and Gold into Cash or Maybe Something Else!

At Ellis Jewelers in downtown Concord, we have been been buying diamonds, gold, and sterling silver for over four years now.  We use the utmost care and expertise to sort your jewelry pieces.  Whether they are old diamond engagement rings, broken gold or sterling silver items or just pieces that you don’t wear anymore, we can help you decide what to do.  Sure, we offer cash for these items but have you ever thought of remaking or redesigning an old piece?  How about trading them for a new piece?  Our expert associates are happy to assist you to find the best choices for the jewelry that you bring in.

Remaking Your Jewelry

A woman had come into Ellis Jewelers recently and was unsure about what to do with her old diamond wedding set.  Sadly, her husband had passed away, time had gone by, and she was ready to stop wearing the set on her wedding finger.  She considered selling the set but was unsure.  In this case the sentimental value of her rings ended up being so much greater than the cash value that could be offered.  After listening to her and offering advice, together she and one of our knowledgeable associates designed a necklace out of the set. Then upon delivering it to our jeweler, the gold bands were cut off her ring (which she was able to sell back to us for cash), and the diamond portion of the ring was soldered to a gold chain that she had chosen.  The piece was polished and cleaned, and looked wonderful.  Our client was thrilled with the results and now proudly and honorably wears the jewelry around her neck.

Trading Your Jewelry for a New Piece

Many times we have clients come in with pieces of fine jewelry that they are JUST NOT WEARING.  Necklace people who have been given a bracelet or two over the years or sometimes an inheritance of gold and gemstone rings from a relative who has passed that just are not the taste of the client.  There are also those who have pieces that are broken, or that they think are just plain out of style.  They LOVE jewelry but just not the jewelry that they’ve brought in.  Typically they are looking to sell their pieces.  But when we tell them about our trade-in policy, suddenly their eyes light up.  At Ellis Jewelers we offer a client the cash value PLUS 50% toward the purchase of a piece of fine jewelry in our store.  In other words, $200 cash becomes $300 towards a purchase.  This gives our clients options to choose a new and fresh piece of jewelry for themselves.  So the necklace person can leave wearing a necklace, and the client with the outdated jewelry can leave wearing a new piece.

Selling Your Jewelry for Cash

Of course, if your main objective is to receive cash for your diamonds, gold, and silver, we are happy offer this option.  Come in at any time during our normal store hours.

Don’t hesitate to bring in your old jewelry.  Even if you’re not sure if your pieces are real diamond engagement rings or real gold or silver, we are more than happy to carefully look through your treasures to determine what you have; testing them for authenticity as we go.  No appointment is needed, and all of our associates are experts to help you decide the path you would like to take; whether it be the cash value, designing a new piece, or trading for a piece of fine jewelry that you’ve always wanted from our store selection.