When we talk about loose diamonds, usually our first thought is an image of a beautiful engagement ring. While it is true, most loose diamonds at Ellis Jewelers in Concord do go straight into a beautiful mounting and then onto a bride-to-be’s finger. But we’d love to stretch your imagination outside of that engagement ring “box.”

Loose diamonds can be made into pendants, earrings, right hand fashion rings or even bracelets. These pieces can represent “forever” in a different sense, whether it’s using stones inherited from a loved to create a new piece to honor them or making something unique for a future generation to cherish. We can offer excellent design advice to help you create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry with your loose diamonds or ours.

Creating a Pendant

Over the weekend, a client visited looking for a simple and classic pendant for her daughter’s 26 birthday. She had a budget, so keeping that in mind, I showed her what we had in the store. I also had pulled some loose diamonds to show her that we could create her a beautiful custom piece for her daughter. She liked one of the loose stones I showed her. After trying to find a finding that she thought her daughter would like, something else triggered in her mind. When we were all said and done, she actually left the store to bring back some of her smaller loose diamonds and her late mother-in-law’s smaller ones as well that had been taken out of some other rings. Now we are creating a one of a kind piece with two generations of stones and using our loose stone as the center. My client is now so excited to present this precious gift, and it is something her daughter will cherish forever.


Last month my coworker helped a mother and her daughter create a beautiful pair of diamond earrings for her daughter’s wedding out of some loose diamonds. The mother brought in her Ceylon blue sapphire mother’s ring that had two diamonds on each side. We removed these stones, the daughter chose a beautiful white gold dangle mounting to house the loose diamonds, and voila a keepsake pair of earrings to represent “something old” and “something new” for the bride-to-be! And not only that, her mother designed a new ring with the loose sapphire as well for the wedding!

Right Hand or Middle Finger Ring

Late last year, a woman came in with two rings that she had inherited from her grandmother. Wanting to honor her grandmother’s memory and keep her close, we helped the woman design a new right hand. We took out several stones and used the loose diamonds and also some sapphires to make her a gorgeous new ring.

So if you’re one of our many clients with loose diamonds waiting for homes in a custom piece or want to create one with any of our Loose Diamonds, our staff is experienced in custom design and would love to help you. No appointment is needed. Come in at any time.