Why You Should Love Custom Design Jewelry

Why You Should Love Custom Design Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect accessory that can add extra sparks to an ordinary outfit. The elegance and shine of jewelry can efficiently transform your look into a signature look and represent it in an extraordinary way. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, women always look for unique and offbeat designs. For this, jewelry world has provided us a great option to get our own dream & imaginative jewelry. Yes!! we are talking about Custom Design Jewelry.

Here is today’s blog, we will give you 5 reasons to love Custom Jewelry:


Your Own Creation

When you wish to get personalized jewelry, your jeweler will ask for idea brief in which you have to sketch down your own jewelry idea. This gives you an opportunity to play with your imagination and can freely design your jewelry. Later on, you can also discuss it with your jeweler for the scope of improvement. Thus, this can make your jewelry elegant and you can freely say that it’s your own creation.


No Middleman Involvement

When you purchase instant jewelry from the store, you have to pay the large amount to the middleman as well. Getting custom-built jewelry is the best way to avoid such situation. Designing personalized jewelry involves two people, you and your designer. Thus, this can avoid the involvement of the middlemen. So, with this, you can embrace your innovative idea and share it with your jeweler.


Exude Emotional value

For women, jewelry is not the only accessory to embellish her looks, but more than that, it holds sentimental and emotional value. Sometimes women prefer to buy custom design jewelry or expect it as a gift just to keep them safe throughout their life. This is not because that it is the precious thing, but more because of the sentiments and emotional value they hold. So, if a men wants to express his endless love to his wife, then he should definitely think to purchase customized jewelry.


Focus on the Quality

When you sit with your jeweler and discuss each and every element of your customized jewelry, this, in turn, ensures you with the perfect jewelry. As everything is transparent, so, you can get the assurance of the quality. Furthermore, while designing Custom Design Jewelry, jewelers like Ellis Fine Jewelers will always focus on quality rather than quantity.


Budget-Friendly Option

Custom Design Jewelry is a budget-friendly option that saves your money. Before approaching the designer with your custom requirement, you need to make the detailed budget plan. Check how much custom portion you want and then make your budget plan because the proportion of the customization depends on your budget.


These were the 5 points that exude the benefits of owing Custom Design Jewelry. It is one of the greatest ways to get desirable diamond jewelry without going heavy in your pocket.

If you are seeking experienced & creative Custom Design Jewelry Designer, then visit Ellis Fine Jewelers and get your dream jewelry turned into an awe-inspiring piece.

Tips to Buy Diamond Bracelet as a Christmas Gift

What to Gift this Christmas

When it comes to gifting something special to your loved ones on the eve of the Christmas, you do endless efforts to find the world’s best and useful gift for them. Due to having lack of ideas, you could not able to find any valuable gift. So, if you are searching for something worthy of your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister, then you can consider embellishing their wrists with the elegant Diamond Bracelet. This gift can for sure impress your loved ones and make them feel special.

Gifting a jewelry to someone is like gifting unmatched elegance & quality that make the gift valuable. Thus, to need a perfect merge of shine, elegance, and authenticity in your piece, you need to do some homework.

So, to make your homework easy, here in this article we are compiling top 4 tips to buy Diamond Bracelet:

Budget – The Foundation

Budget is the first & foremost foundation to acquire the best possible thing without going out of the budget. Sometimes, to win the appreciation of their loved one, people buy the most precious and expensive gift by putting themselves in debt. Thus, to avoid such situation, budget planning is the must. In case, if you want to custom design bracelet, in that case, your budget brief plays a crucial role because the customized portion you want depends on your pocket.

Research – An Indispensable Task

Next comes your Research. It is being considered that before making any purchase, it is important for you to gain crucial information about jewelry. This can help you to acquire the professional quality jewelry without being cheated. Research includes following things like:

  • Quality Analysis of diamonds – 4Cs of Diamond
  • Latest style & Trends in Jewelry market
  • Pricing concept of diamond jewelry

Along with these points, you need to do detailed research on the wearer. This will cover the understanding of wearer’s choice, style & fashion sense. If you are considering to buy the colorful bracelet, then take care of the skin tone.

Style – The Long-lasting Appearance

The perfection in a jewelry piece can be achieved if it is a leap ahead in terms of the style and design. Usually, women love to accentuate their look with the latest designed & stylish jewelry. So, if you are choosing bracelet for your wife or mother or sister, select the stylish piece that complements their look, age, personality, and skin tone as well. If you are buying the bracelet for your wife, sister, girlfriend you can opt for contemporary style charms or Bangle Bracelet. If your purchase is for your mom, then you can buy vintage-inspired style rings.

Metal Type – All about Comfort

While selecting bracelet You might get confused that what you should choose – White Gold, Yellow Gold, or Silver Sterling? Before choosing the metal type, consider the skin tone of the wearer. If you select the metal type that compliments the wearer’s skin tone, it can enhance the look of the wearer. If your partner is allergic to the specific metal, then avoid such metal or amalgamation of that metal. Always select hypoallergenic bracelet that is skin friendly.

Bracelet is the perfect gift that you can give to your loved one. This elegant piece of jewelry can revamp their look and add sparks to the celebration. Thus, these points can definitely help you to purchase the high-quality bracelet without going heavy in your pocket. On top of all this, don’t forget to insure your bracelet.

5 Different Types of Rings & Its Significance in Our Lives

5 Different Types of Rings amp Its Significance in Our

A ring is not only the jewelry or accessory that can embellish your finger. Along with monetary value, rings also hold great sentimental and traditional value. This makes ring a perfect connotation to symbolize the serenity and purity of love and relationship. The significance of the ring is so indispensable in human life, that designers across the world have designed various types of rings that allow them to celebrate their different major events like Engagement, Wedding, Baby Shower, Birth of the baby, Anniversary, and much more. These different types of rings have their own significance.

So, with regards to providing you with the in-depth knowledge regarding Types of Rings, today we will educate you with the 5 different types of Rings and its significance:



 1.Promise Rings

Promise Rings

As the name suggests, Promise Ring means ring that symbolizes your unceasing commitment you made to your partner before Engagement Ring. Thus, wearing a promise ring is a part of the customary ritual for engaged-to-be couples. Nowadays, Promise rings can be given to the friend as well as a token of unending friendship.

Significance – A Promise Ring is a symbol of timeless commitment and love between two people. This is a romantic symbol that exudes your love efficiently.

2.Engagement Rings

Eng Rings

This is the ring that completes the meaning of Engagement. In fact, a kid knows very well that Engagement means exchanging rings with each other. According to the customary rituals, this ring is exchanged by both the partners to share their engagement vows. This timeless piece has gained immense popularity among couples because of its great sentimental values. In order to embellish their engagement rings with the perfect brilliance, young couples largely prefer Diamond Engagement Ring.

Significance – This traditional “Circle of Trust” symbolize the promise of wedding and commitment to the lifelong association as husband and wife.

3.Wedding Rings/Bands

Wedding Rings

This ring/Band represents that couples have exchanged their wedding vows with each other. Usually, this ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand because it is being believed that vein of the left finger is directly connected to the heart. These rings are available in both diamond and non-diamond form from simple white gold Wedding Band to classic princess cut Wedding Ring.

Significance – Wedding Band/Ring represent the endless circle that works as a perfect symbol of never-ending love and passion.

4.Anniversary Bands

Anni Rings

As the name suggests, Anniversary Band/Ring is specially meant to celebrate the special moments like first, Fifth, Tenth or Twenty-Fifth wedding anniversary. Every anniversary has its own significance in human life. Everyone looks for different gifts that can leave their partners amazed. To achieve this, couples largely prefer Diamond Anniversary Rings/ Bands to share their anniversary vows.

Significance – The ring that will symbolize your love and marriage or the ring that will symbolize your continued love for one another, our anniversary and wedding ring collection is timeless and incredible.


5.Birthstone Rings

Birthstone Rings

In the line of Ring varieties, another ring that holds great value as a family jewelry is Birthstone Rings. Usually, birthstone rings can be gifted to anyone. Most of the people prefer to gift Birthstone jewelry including charms & rings on the special occasions like Baby Shower and baby birth.

Significance – Birthstone Rings are made with different color stones that have its own significance in the human life and horoscope. People wore Birthstone Rings with believing that the power of auspicious colors can keep them away from negative vibes.

These were the top 5 types of Rings with its significance. Thus, from the above points, we can conclude that every ring, be it Promise or Wedding or Birthstone Rings plays the crucial role in human life. Thus, shop for the timeless collection of Diamond Rings that add a fine line of elegance to your beauty and make your celebration more special.


Every precious thing & articles need proper repairing & maintenance to maintain it’s look and value as well. Especially, when it comes to jewelry, people are more cautious about it. For this, they look for different ways and techniques to repair and maintain their jewelry efficiently.

In today’s blog titled as Bench Tips: Basic Jewelry Repair And Maintenance , author Lee will enlighten you with a small guide to maintain & repair your jewelry with no money.



By Lee

Jewelry repair may seem like the less glamorous side of a jeweler’s daily grind, but ring repairs–and other forms of jewelry repair work–are important steps to restoring and preserving your jewelry for many years to come.

So, what should you know about jewelry maintenance in order to minimize jewelry repair time and ensure your beloved engagement ring or your grandmother’s antique earrings have a long and happy life? We’ve collected a couple tips and insights about basic jewelry maintenance and repair that any jewelry lover should know.


Jewelry should be serviced every so often

Having someone scrutinize and adjust your treasured opal pendant or mother’s sapphire ring could put you on edge, but just like the dentist, a regular check up can prevent long-term heartache. A yearly cleaning or inspection with your jeweler will allow him or her to look for potential long term problems, such as loose stones, worn prongs, or a thinning band. Along with receiving a bright and shiny cleaned piece of jewelry upon your return, you’ll also get peace of mind knowing that your engagement ring or anniversary band can be worn with confidence for another year.


Proper jewelry storage is your friend

No one is going to have a velvet-lined Fort Knox in their closet. But, figuring out the best storage places for specific types of jewelry can help elongate the life of your pieces and limit your need for jewelry cleaning. For example, silver is naturally going to tarnish over the years due to oxidization. However, if stored in airtight containers, you can actually limit how often you need to shine your silver jewelry. Also, ensuring your jewelry boxes are large enough to set pieces down without touching one another, will cut down on scratching and therefore rebuffing. So, while you may not be able to give every piece special storage treatment, pick out a few you love, do some research about their best possible homes, and find them a cozy spot in which to live.


Soap, water, and a soft cloth works wonders

There are a million fancy jewelry cleaners out there claiming to work better, faster, harder than the others. Some promise to clean your jewelry, but not harm them. Others are “tough on tarnish.” But the reality is, most of the time, they are unnecessary. Strangely enough, for most precious metals — silver, gold, platinum — polishing with a soft cloth and your own arm strength will bring back their shine. If your jewelry is really dirty and set with hard stones –like diamonds or sapphires — that you want to see shimmer, one of the easiest and best things you can clean with is a little soap and water. I’m not kidding. Use a mild hand soap, like Dawn, diluted in a little water…..

Read the full Jewelry Repair Guide at



If you are also looking for more professional jewelry cleaning techniques, then you should for sure visit renowned & experienced jewelers like Ellis Fine Jewelry. They are not only known for their unmatched quality & out-of-the-box Diamond Jewelry, but also for their professional Jewelry Repair services including Repairing, Cleaning, Maintenance, and Insurance as well.

Why Ellis Fine Jewelers is the Trusted Place Across the North Carolina

While purchasing jewelry, buyers not only look for the piece of jewelry, there are many other things that buyers expect like quality, authenticity, and much more. Therefore, people choose reliable and trustworthy stores and experienced jewelers to acquire the authentic and quality-grade piece of jewelry. While buying jewelry, wearers look for different things like quality, carat, authenticity, design & style, and budget. When they spent such a handsome amount on jewelry, they can’t compromise with quality and services.

Ellis Fine Jewelers

When it comes to buying jewelry across North Carolina, People worth the value of Ellis Fine Jewelers in gold. Why? We have penned down the top 5 reasons that why Ellis Fine Jewelers is the most trusted jewelers in the North Carolina:

Ellis Fine Jewelers


We, at Ellis Jewelers, have an extensive experience of 60 years in providing the unmatched collection of diamond jewelry and high-end jewelry services across the globe. Since our inception in July 1953, we are committed to helping our customers by providing the world’s best and unique jewelry collections that can make their special moments more special and unforgettable. It’s our craftsmanship skills and engaging customer service, that inspire us to provide certified jewelry and quality-grade timepieces.



We strive to provide the quality and trust in the form of our jewelry and all the credit goes to our dynamic team of goldsmiths, silversmiths, certified diamontologists, experienced designers. With the help of our extensive knowledge and craftsmanship skills, we have not only turned many dream jewelry into awe-inspiring pieces but have also successfully transformed the jewelry experience. To assure you with the complete protection on your Diamond jewelry, we provide Diamond Quality Grade Report and other government-issued documents.


Pre-owned Rolex

Along with the awe-inspiring collection of men & women Diamond Jewelry, we are also reckoned for having an unmatched collection of pre-owned Rolex. Our every piece of Pre-owned Rolex has been accurately serviced to provide you with the quality-grade product along with professional-grade experience. Our extensive array of Rolex collections includes both prior and current models which are available at a competitive price. Our finest Rolex services are available for a 2 Year Warranty.


Design & Style

When it comes to jewelry, women prefer the most stylish and latest design jewelry. Be it Engagement Ring or Wedding Necklace, design & style is the first priority of every woman. Keeping this in mind, we own offbeat collection of Bridal and Fashion Jewelry that is exclusively designed by the renowned designers of North Carolina. If we talk about our style range of Engagement Ring, we have Classic, Halo, Vintage, Infinity, and Nostalgically inspired rings. Along with this, we have a wide range of Wedding Bands for both men & women, Ring Wraps, Ring guards and much more.


Custom Design

Wearing your own created jewelry is no more a daunting task with Ellis Fine Jewelers. Our experienced and professional custom designers have the potential to transform your dream ideas into the beautiful piece of jewelry. We are proficient in executing the ideas and imagination of customers into an awe-inspiring custom design jewelry that can take their jewelry experience a leap ahead of their imagination. It is our unmatched level of skill and Cutting-Edge Approach that inspire us to create premium-quality Customized Jewelry.


These were the few reasons due to which we have earned an enviable reputation in the jewelry world across the North Carolina. If you want to own stylish and trending Wedding Jewelry or Engagement Ring, visit Ellis Fine Jewelers at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025 or call us on 704-782-9314.


Repair your Old Jewelry with Ease

Repair your Old Jewelry with Ease

Do you have old necklaces you need to get rid of? How about broken earrings? If you have pieces that have seen better days and are considering selling them or throwing them out, consider jewelry repair first! Did you know that most broken pieces can be repaired with relative ease? Even repairs that might seem complicated – watches, for example – are usually no problem for a seasoned professional. Not every piece of broken jewelry can be repaired, but if they can be at a low price, why not save the space in your jewelry box? Take your piece in today. Here are some things to know about jewelry repair that can help prepare you for the experience.


First of all, if you’ve never had your pieces brought in to be repaired before, consider going to a local jeweler vs. a big brand name chain store. It does a lot of good to support your local businesses, as they are often more likely to go out of their way to take care of your needs. Reputation is vital in smaller organizations, and it means there is a marked difference in service and quality. Word of mouth is the best endorsement, but online review websites can certainly point you in the right direction.


Also, consider whether or not your piece actually is worth repairing. I know I am guilty of holding onto old jewelry that I really never wore and that I didn’t need, all because I knew the damage was minor and I could easily get it fixed. Well, needless to say, it was just an excuse to indulge my terrible habit of not letting things go. Otherwise, have fun breathing new life into your old pieces!

Visit Ellis Fine Jewelers to repair all your old jewelry.


Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned Rolex from Ellis Fine Jewelers

Pre-Owned Rolex

Gone are the days when people wore watches to know the time, but nowadays this timeless piece has become a style symbol among youngsters. Normally people are very selective about watches, especially when it comes to Pre-Owned Rolex. Many buyers thought that investing in the pre-owned watch is nothing but a waste of money. But, the fact is that owning a pre-owned watch is the wisest and budget-friendly option.


It has been 64 years that we, at Ellis Fine Jewelers are dedicated to providing the comprehensive range of the premium-quality Diamond Jewelry and the large collection of pre-owned Rolex. Our experts with their technical skills and extensive experience have able to ensure you with the pre-owned watches that cannot only accentuate your wrist but also save your pocket.


So, without taking much of your time, we will highlight a few advantages of buying pre-owned Rolex from our store:


  • Quality & Durability

Most of the people buy new things and avoid pre-owned just because of its quality & durability. But, here we provide premium-quality and durable pre-owned Rolex watch that can ensure you with unmatched quality and durability. This can definitely refine your shopping experience and add a vibe of audacity to your style and personality.


  • Budget-Friendly Option

One of the noticeable advantages of buying a pre-owned Rolex is that you can get it at a great discount price that cannot put any adverse effect on your budget. In fact, it is considered as the budget-friendly option that can make an ample saving for you.


  • Great Investment Value

Most people think that purchasing a Pre-owned Rolex watch is better than buying a new luxury watch. Pre-owned watch ensures you with great investment value because luxury Rolex manufacturers’ model acquires low depreciation on buying pre-owned Rolex.


  • Discounts

When you purchased new Rolex from the authorized dealer, they depreciate it about 10% to 11%, which is a huge amount. Buying a Pre-owned Rolex is a perfect way to avoid such situation. Make sure that purchase pre-owned Rolex from reliable and renowned providers like Ellis. Along with quality and value, we ensure you with great discount.


  • 2 Years Warranty

We strive to ensure you with the highest level of the performance piece and to achieve this, we sell meticulously serviced pre-owned Rolex with a Two Year Warranty.


Hope these 5 points can help you to realize the importance of buying Pre-owned Rolex instead of a new luxury Rolex. Explore the fresh collection of Pre-owned Rolex at Ellis Fine Jewelers.

Different Types of GOLD Used to Make Jewelry

If we dive into the world of the Gold jewelry, there are many things that may new to us, one among them is variety of Gold available to make the jewelry. There are different types of gold available that is amalgamated with different metals to make it to make stylish jewelry.


Today Benji Margolese will give you the in-depth understanding of Gold types and color through this informative blog.


Understanding Gold Types and Colors

By Benji Margolese


Gold is a complex material that is often used in jewelry, along with platinum and silver. However, different kinds of Gold are used in jewelry depending on the type of piece it is used in, the diamonds that are being set, and the taste of the person who is wearing the piece.


Dissecting Gold

First, let us look at gold from a chemical standpoint, for after all, it is a chemical element. The chemical symbol of gold is Au. Gold is a ductile metal whose properties remain when exposed to air or water.

Next, let us analyze its appearance. Unlike other metals, which are mostly gray, silver, or silvery white, gold in its natural form is yellow. This factor sets gold apart from other metals, and makes its unique. While gold is considered a very strong metal, it is also impressionable, more so than any other precious metal. That makes it ideal for jewelry.


Gold Karats

Gold is measured in karats, similar to the way in which diamonds are defined by the 4 Cs. The karats for measuring Gold are different than the carats that diamonds are measured in. Gold is defined by how pure it is, which is a ratio that is divided into 24 parts. Pure gold, which is100% natural gold, is considered 24 karats, or 24K. Though this type of gold may be the purest, it is too soft to be used for jewelry, as is 22K gold. The types of gold used most commonly for jewelry are 18K gold, comprised of 75% gold, and 14K gold, which contains 58.3% gold. Gold with a very low percentage of actual gold, such as 10K gold (41.7% gold), is also used for jewelry. Since pure gold is too soft to construct jewelry, it is combined with additional metals such as silver, copper, zinc, and nickel.

These metals provide the gold with the necessary strength and sturdiness to be crafted into jewelry pieces. The percentage of genuine gold present within the gold alloy not only accounts for the level of prestige and price, but for its color as well. The amount of each metal alloy, paired with the type of alloy used, is responsible for the final color of the gold. 24K Gold can only be yellow, but other karat amounts be either white, rose, or yellow gold. There have also been other colors of gold developed, such as green gold and black gold, which are alloys that contain gold in them and other, additional elements to produce the color.


Gold Colors

The term gold brings instant images of the color yellow to one’s mind, but in reality, gold jewelry comes in far more colors than the standard yellow. Jewelry stores around the world have their display shelves lined with yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold jewelry.


Yellow Gold – As mentioned before, natural gold is yellow. In order to maintain the yellow color when adding alloys for the gold’s strength, copper, and silver with a green tint, are used. When successfully combined, a bright and deep shade of yellow gold is created.Yellow Gold


White Gold – White gold is currently very popular, as it has been for decades. The advantage of white gold is that it has the clean and simple beauty of silver, but the strength and prestige of gold. Pure gold is combined with alloys such as silver and nickel, and plated in a material called rhodium, before it is transformed into white gold. Although quite durable, the rhodium coating can rub off from time to time. It can easily be restored with a quick rhodium treatment at the jewelry store.

White Gold

Rose Gold – Rose gold is a different and really beautiful alternative to the more common colors of gold. This gold color comes about when natural yellow gold is mixed with a copper alloy. The reddish metal gives the gold a stunning pink hue, turning it into what we know as rose gold.Rose Gold

Like all things precious, gold can be pricey. However, prices do fluctuate depending on the market, gold purity, weight, and intricacy of the piece. Luckily, old gold can always be sold, exchanged, or melted down in order to create a new piece. Gold is a luxurious commodity that is not only valuable but can be worn and enjoyed as a jewelry piece and passed down for generations.


Article Sourcehttps://www.leibish.com/what-are-the-types-of-gold-article-1048


Where to Buy Gold Jewelry?

As we all know that purchasing a Gold jewelry is the biggest investment, so, you need to be careful while buying gold. To achieve this, always choose a reputable jewelry store, reliable and trustworthy jeweler. Certified jewelers like Ellis Fine Jewelers will always provide you with the certification for your purchased piece to make jewelry experience more authentic.

Beautiful Collection of Wedding & Anniversary Jewelry

Wedding and Anniversary are considered to be the most important occasions in the couple’s life because both offer a chance to celebrate the spirit of love and togetherness. To make this moment more special and worthy, various renowned jeweler like Ellis Fine Jewelers design awe-inspiring jewelry that can work as a perfect gift. But finding a perfect jewelry can be a little stressful task, but with us at Ellis Fine Jewelers, finding an elegant piece for your partner is not a tough nut to crack. Our jewelry collection can not only provide you with the world’s unique and elegant jewelry, but can also ensure you with the world class jewelry experience.


Our bride and groom jewelry collections are divided into several categories that cover the wide range of wedding & anniversary accessories including Anniversary Band, Contour Band, Eternity bands, Straight Bands, Two Stone Rings, Men’s Band, and exotic collection of Ring wraps & guards. Today we will highlight top 3 wedding & anniversary jewelry:


Anniversary Band

Anniversary Band is considered to be the most valuable gift and remarkable way to celebrate the day of your wedlock. Various modern couples are now shifting their gift choice from perfume, cosmetics, photo frame to diamond jewelry. This is the reason that we design every piece with the aim to bring life to jewelry and to your special occasion. When it comes to providing best to you, we never compromise on style & design. Our jewelry designs are inspired by latest jewelry trends. Not only this, we also provide vintage style inspired jewelry that can make embellish your finger and let your style speak about your boldness.

Shop Our Exclusive Collection of Anniversary Band


Contour Band

If you want to match your band with ring without compromising style, then Contour band works best. It is worn on the same finger as another ring. Therefore, it is essential that your contour band should complement your engagement ring.

Explore the exotic collection of Contour Band


Eternity Band

If you are looking for one ring and many diamond options, then Eternity Band is the perfect gift that you can give to your partner. This band is immensely populated among couples not only because of its gorgeous look, but it also gives them a chance to express their romantic feelings, infinite love in an extraordinary way. The classic and alluring appearance of eternity ring enhances the brilliance of the diamond that strengthens your relationship. Eternity Band symbolizes the infinity of your love.

Shop our awe-inspiring collection of Eternity Band


These were the top three beautiful collections of Wedding & Anniversary jewelry that you can gift your partner and express your endless love. And of course don’t forget to keep your partner’s preference and lifestyle while selecting jewelry.

Visit our store located at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025 to own the exciting collection of diamond jewelry at a competitive price.

Jewelry Repair Tools & Techniques

The Jewelry is very important for women, they find it as the perfect way to express themselves, their styles and of course endless beauty. Along with this, they are also particular about jewelry care and to achieve this, they seek different methods and remedies to repair and do best possible care of it. But jewelry repair is a tough nut to crack.

So, in today’s blog, eBay has compiled a few Jewelry repair tools and techniques to use those tools. These tools and techniques can make jewelry repairing a hassle free task.

Jewelry Repair Tools and Tips

By ebay

Jewelry repair can be such a hassle! Whether it’s fixing chains or modifying beads there are many tools that can take the frustration out of it and make it fun! Having the proper tools to repair jewelry will also save loads of time and anyone can do it! Be sure to grab these products before your next jewelry project.

Eye Loupe

An eye loupe is crucial when it comes to jewelry repair to see small details closely. Hands-free eye loupes with LED are the best option because they allow you to get a closer look and use both hands while you repair. The Hands-Free LED Eye Loupe comes with an adjustable head strap, 6x magnifying lens, and an LED light for ultimate precision and visibility. The Hands-Free LED Double Eye Loupe is also perfect for jewelry work. Simply put them on like glasses and the dual loupes feature a magnification power of 10x. The loupe locations are adjustable to fit person to person. Be sure to grab an eye loupe so you can pay close attention to detail while you repair your pieces.

Heavy Duty Shears

Having a durable pair of shears is important when it comes to jewelry repair. When you want to repair the formation of beads you will have to cut the piece of jewelry. Find a durable pair of stainless steel shears strong enough to cut through string or thin chain with ease.


Stainless steel pliers are great for picking up beads. Snifter squeeze bottles are also useful for picking up jewelry and other small pieces as well but pliers will help you get into those difficult to reach spots. You can use them to work with fine wire or to make small loops and curves. Mini pliers are about 3” long and are perfect for jewelry repair and other craft projects. Larger pliers can be extremely bulky and throw off precision. This mini pliers set comes with 5 different styles of pliers: needle nose, the combination with cutter, split ring, flat bent nose, and round nose pliers. These pliers will handle a lot of your jewelry repair needs and it comes with a plastic case for storage.

Bead Tubes

When you have thousands of beads to keep track of, bead tubes are a life saver! Get organized by assorting beads by color, style, pattern, whatever you wish! It’ll cut your bead browsing time in half! If you have a piece in mind, you can store its contents in a bead tube and come back to it later to complete or tweak it.

Read Full Post at: http://www.ebay.com/gds/Jewelry-Repair-Tools-and-Tips-/10000000178535322/g.html

You can’t repair your jewelry yourself and are looking for professional Jewelry Repair services? Visit us at Ellis Fine Jewelers today! We have a team of certified jewelers, diamontologists, and experienced goldsmiths, who can easily repair your jewelry easily. Our jewelry services include a wide range of activities like re-cutting a gemstone, polishing, fix ring bands, and much more. To explore more about our jewelry collection & services, visit our store located at 29 Union Street South, Concord, NC, 28025 or you can also give us a call at 704-782-9314.